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Dev1ce top 1?
coldzera | 
Ukraine SandiGOD 
If astralis win one or two of the next few tourneys dev1ce has a good chance of being number 1. He is only 0.04 rating less than s1mple and zywoo at big events and is tied with zywoo past 3 months in terms of rating. He also has 3 mvps including a major MVP, a major EVP and 5 more EVPs.
2019-12-02 02:30
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Australia WombatAU 
honestly i think device has top 1 iin the bag already
2019-12-02 02:31
2019-12-02 02:33
if its not stolen again
2019-12-02 03:00
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Ninjz 
2019-12-02 03:22
What a player, 5 years in a row in top5
2019-12-02 16:03
it wasn't stolen, it was well deserved by god performance, mate :)
2019-12-02 17:07
Latvia tibr0 
lmao how stolen if s1mple better than him lmfao
2019-12-02 18:54
wow , nice one but i think s1mple deserved it last year
2019-12-03 15:46
I agree
2019-12-03 18:28
2019-12-03 19:15
s1mple deserved it last year, but it was probably really close considering dev1ce's achievements. this year there is no doubt dev1ce will get it, zyw0o would get close to top1 if vitality somehow win a couple trophies before the end of year, but that seems unlikely with their new line up.
2019-12-04 03:08
Europe thaifinnen 
And you're telling me Device is already #1 for 2019?? smh if he does good enough his last 2 events then maybe but atm he is not in the lead for #1 spot of 2019 2019 stats S1mple 1.30 Lan Zywoo 1.29 Lan Device 1.24 Lan S1mple 1.29 Big events Zywoo 1.29 Big events Device1.25 Big events S1mple 1.24 Majors Zywoo 1.17 Majors Device 1.28 Majors Device 3 MVP (1 major mvp) S1mple 1 MVP Zywoo 4 MVP
2019-12-02 17:05
how about maps played? s1mple already out of this race (even elige should be highr this year) but i think zywoo closed to #1 than devve atm
2019-12-02 22:07
Tbh those stats kinda verify he is top 1. Best in majors, almost equal in other meaningless events.
2019-12-02 22:41
if he gets 1 more MVP he becomes the top 1 100%
2019-12-02 22:43
s1mple having +0.03/0.04 over device is meaningless imo when s1mple's team consists of 3 decoys and he's doing most of the fragging imo
2019-12-03 19:19
This is only because Astralis gets further into the tournaments and therefor have to play more maps and his rating goes down
2019-12-04 13:36
Tbh he should have.
2019-12-02 22:40
he is already #1 bro relaxa unless hltv rob him again
2019-12-02 02:31
why do you say "again"?
2019-12-02 02:57
last year they've changed the ranking method or just got scared of s1mple fans because if they had the same method #1 should've been dev1ce, but considering the last year ranking #1 hltv of 2014 should've been flusha or kenny and #1 of 2015 guardian or dev1ce
2019-12-02 03:05
ehhh fake flagger? i cant imagine russians saying "s1mple should not have been top1".
2019-12-02 03:05
s1mple is good player but imo he didnt deserve #1 spot just yet
2019-12-02 03:06
True. Device played versus much harder opponents on finals.
2019-12-02 04:15
Europe sn00b_d0gg 
he played vs s1mple, who is no1 so device no1. wait, what? my point was this: .
2019-12-02 04:18
200 iq russian. Absolutely right, they changed their method and criteria for #1, so individual stats is a lot more important than winning tournaments. Would have been device if they had used same system. Tbh s1mple might have just been so outstanding that they felt they needed to pick him, or the hltv community succeeded with their constant "danish bias" spam
2019-12-02 03:28
I mean, last year, to me, was 50-50, S1mple was a monster, i understand the fuzz about the change of criteria, but it could have gone either way. This year, it has to be Device..
2019-12-02 04:00
That's exactly how top #1 individually should be calculated. I don't understand people who claim someone should be best player because of their achievements. While it has some impact definitely, you still shouldn't forget that 4 other players were there on that journey. And that's exactly why it was deserved for s1. Best player of the best team doesnt always equal top 1 individually in the world.
2019-12-02 04:01
+a lot It's top20 players, not top 20 teammates or some other bullcrap.
2019-12-02 13:49
teammates or not, if you dont win trophies and show you can perform (and dominate) finals at the most important tournament, how the fuck can you be the best player ROFL
2019-12-02 15:42
S1mple got MVPs despite losing finals last year, which I'm pretty sure never happened before him. Saying he "didn't perform" is just not true.
2019-12-02 15:56
i said "didnt perform in GRAND FINALS". Obviously he has performed overall or his stats wouldnt be the best??? S1mple made history by getting mvp awards without being in the final.
2019-12-02 16:11
I dont understand people who claim someone should be best player without winning big events.... Isnt being part of the best to be able to perform in grand finals when it matters most? on the biggest stages vs the best teams?? S1mple and zywoo have better stats because they play lower tournaments and teams and we never see them perform in finals because they never reach them. So yeah, winning 10 tournaments including 2 majors and being the best performer at these events should mean A LOT more than doing well in group stages and never or rarely winning a trophy. By the old system which they have always used until 2018, device should have been #1. This year they cant deny him when he has both the stats and trophies.
2019-12-02 15:41
Strange how few players in really bad teams can perform well, while most of the top players come from the top teams. It's almost like there's a correlation. Also, if a football player scores 5 goals a game, but his team loses 6:5 every round, does that mean that he's one of the worst 11 players of the league, cause he never won a game? Just because the old system was bad, it doesn't mean the new one can't be better.
2019-12-02 16:02
For all your dribble you still dont address the most critical point: Did s1mple perform well in the most important games (grand finals of big events) ? - no, because he barely reached any. End of discussion.
2019-12-02 16:12
Did the football player reach any finals?
2019-12-02 17:09
Yes. Player of the year 2018 was Modric who got it because he did well on Real Madrid AND reached the final of the world cup. Anyone with a clue knows he isnt the #1 best football player, but his achievements that year ment he got #1. Do you understand now my little low iq friend or should we use more examples?
2019-12-02 17:39
I see that the football reference just confused you even more. Whatever. If Thorin can't convince idiots, I shall pass too.
2019-12-02 20:40
LOL WUT? You made a fool of yourself by comparing this situation to football, and even when using your example and comparison it just confirmed my conclusion while it completely owned your logic and point. Nt silver logic.
2019-12-03 17:56
If you follow this logic, at least pick a situation where it proves your point, and not contradicts it. Modric got it because he dragged Croatia's ass to the finals, while they had no business being there. Did they win the world cup? No. But without him, they probably couldn't even get to the playoffs. Same situation as s1mple's. And if we're sticking to the football reference, Messi/Ronaldo were selected as best players even when they couldn't reach the finals of the CL. But all this doesn't matter, because any of these examples don't compare to the one I said, which is much more extreme, just like s1mple's case. The reason why I said I'll bail from the argument though is that you clearly can't understand metrics. And if you think my logic is bad when I say that the best performing player should be named as the best player, then idk what to tell you about your logic.
2019-12-03 18:26
Hiko | 
North America onionmesh 
If its a T1 event final, no way in hell can you hard carry a team through without being #1. s0mple would always put very good numbers at worst when he'd lose
2019-12-02 16:21
and no way you can be #1 if you never prove you are able to have great impact in the most important matches. Device had a reputation of choking exactly because he went missing in the most important games! he was a monster in group stages etc but failed in the finals. Now he has reached a level of consistency even in grand finals that is unprecedented in history of cs (any iteration). So no, s1mple can not carry his teams to wins by himself but then he can never prove his impact and cosistency in the most important matches = how the fuck can you biased highlight fanboys be so sure he is #1 ??
2019-12-02 16:49
mate. he showed up 85% of the time when navi lost
2019-12-02 21:38
read #142 pls, cba to repeat myself for the 10th time because yet another low iq retard has the reading ability of a 9 year old and can't comprehend the logic and point of a discussion.
2019-12-03 17:43
LUL my iq is 9 get it right next time and reading ability of a 6 year old! How can I trust your response if you cant get basic shit right? Jk; Let me say this: astralis as a team in 2018 is most likely GOAT status. navi is not. s0mple hard carries them and electronic will a bit (this is 2018.) but nonetheless, s0mple is held back. despite this, he has played top teams in all corners. bo1 doesnt really matter, but he has done well in most best of 3s. device and s0mple are also very different players. s0mple is agressive on both sides. device will play the classic awp style which is hold, get a pick, and fall back. individually, s0mple will win this against all teams. device will hit his shots. device will get more kills, because they trade s0mple after he kills one of them. no doubt in my mind device is a smarter, safer player. but s0mple still will get the frags device won't. 2019 device is proven to be #1, and s0mple hasnt played that much. in. fucking. conclusion: s0mple earned his 2018 #1. astralis was navis, and every other teams, kryptonite. 2019 device > s0mple mainly because s0mple hasn't proven himself this year. epl finals and whatever other matches he has can get him into top 20. We're now 1/2 on the same page. as of now, device > s0mple. s0mple hasnt been as good this year.
2019-12-04 03:02
Your first and second statement validate arguments you've been having with others. When a team loses a match, Navi and Vitality in this case, the star player can put up monstrous numbers as we've seen however it still doesn't grant the team a victory. Perhaps you've heard of a saying a team is as good as their last player. Device's teammates are all top 15 or on the brink of that. Those of others in question, top50 optimistcally?
2019-12-03 15:45
Aaaaaaaaaand another low iq kid who completely misses the most important point..... Teammates or not, HAS S1MPLE REACHED A BIG NUMBER OF GRAND FINALS AND DONE WELL IN THOSE??? NOO????? THEN HOW CAN YOU RATE HIM AS A PLAYER IN THE MOST IMPORTANT MATCHES VS THE BEST TEAMS? he probably would do well in those games, but we have no way of knowing, because his team rarely ever reaches a final. DO YOU UNDERSTAND OR SHOULD I USE MORE CAPS AND SIMPLE ENGLISH TO EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU? i am NOT talking about teammates, im not talking about CARRYING IN LOSSES OR DOING WELL WHILE UR TEAM IS ELIMINATED. I am talking about DOING WELL AND PROVING URSELF IN GRAND FINALS OF BIG EVENTS. Do. you. understand?
2019-12-03 17:41
I understand entirely, and it's honestly tiring to explain to a fellow estonian (guess those pisa results don't matter huh) how common sense works in these cases. When top 1 this year is anyone other than device than that just proves my point, you'll see. Bye
2019-12-03 18:29
KennyS had zero achievements and wasn’t NEARLY as dominant as s1mple, this guy alone would win entire tourneaments for Na’vi, KennyS was pretty good, but 2018’s s1mple was just a monster different to anything he ever saw in CS history
2019-12-02 22:45
dude you clearly are a newfag kennyS back then was a fucking god he also didn't really bait his teammates and had a 1.27 rating in 1.0 system which is really nice also he won only one tournament because he didn't have someone like electronic
2019-12-03 11:53
+1 KennyS was the definiton of carrying and winning games for his shit team. wcyd when arguing with a br tho, probably shouldnt even try.
2019-12-03 17:44
Europe thaifinnen 
2019-12-02 17:06
Portugal phosphoor 
*zywoo left the chat*
2019-12-02 02:31
When zywoo eats a burger s1mple grows another pimple. I swear to god.
2019-12-02 02:31
Finland Tertzi 
Incoming "HLTV is Danish and biased" if he gets no.1 spot
2019-12-02 02:31
Denmark QBE_ 
2019-12-02 02:32
nah, he deserves it this year
2019-12-02 02:39
Spain elskio 
The life is so hard for devv, he needs to win everything to compete with these statspadders ;(
2019-12-02 02:32
no man, you work for champions, not for some random "reddit champions".
2019-12-02 03:07
Agree. Device could win 10 majors in a row, and still people will put Zywoo and S1mple above him. Isn't the game about winning? What aspects are people looking into when naming the best player? Cool flicks or actually making the team win?
2019-12-02 03:53
s1mple | 
Australia lo0u 
Teams achievements are different from individual achievements. That's the point. S1mple and Zywoo hard carry their teams, which Dev1ce could never do if he was in their places.
2019-12-02 04:25
How can you assume that Dev1ce can't do the same? By that logic, I can also assume that Zywoo + S1mple could never play for the best team and perform in every event they attend. Also, team achivements are created by their players. Device is the best player, of the best team. How is it that every time Astralis faces NaVi/Vitality, he outshines S1mple and Zywoo? Which games matters the most to you: Astralis vs Vitality/NaVi or Vitality/NaVi vs some tier2-3 team?
2019-12-02 04:27
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Astralis is 1W 1L vs Vitality tho. But yeah I agree for the rest
2019-12-02 15:57
Also, don't get me wrong. Zywoo is insane, and I'd put him as 2nd any day of the week. He might become the best player ever. But this year, Device deserves #1.
2019-12-02 16:54
You are so fcking clueless. Device couldn’t do the same like s1mple and Zywoo. You know how ? I didn’t start watching cs a day ago unlike you. When he didn’t have top20 teammates all around him from 2013-2017 he like won 1 Major in which device was carried by kjaerbye on the last map of the grand final. Device was dead last on that map. Happens to him every time when he faces a legit competition. Couldn’t carry in 2017. Couldn’t put up good numbers when his team wasn’t so good which happened in 2017. You would knew that if you actually watched cs back then. Yes, team achievements created by 5 players. And guess what every single Astralis player is far more skilled than device will ever be. That’s a fact. But it is called top20 players list. Not teams list, you deranged fanboi. He never outshines them, his team outshines theirs you deluded bandwagoner. You are so deluded, but this thread is basically filled with them spamming DeViCe iS tOp 1, hE gOt RoBbEd.
2019-12-02 17:07
What is this pms rant? LMAO But yes, what we can conclude from this whiny ass text is: 1) Device is the worst player of Astralis 2) Device was bad in 2013-2017 so therefore he can't be the best player of 2019 3) I'm apparently an Astralis fan? Sadly, I'm not, I support Fnatic, but I can stay unbiased, unlike others. 4) ''Device was dead last on that map. Happens to him every time when he faces a legit competition.'' Is this a joke? He literally played a final yesterday against the second best team in the world, and topfragged + had the best rating (which apparently is all that matters) These insults are just sad, but what can you expect from a dumb fucker on hltv that won't accomplish shit in life haha
2019-12-02 17:11
hahahahaha what a delusional and ignorant post. One of your first sentences shows that you are indeed a newfag with no clue about the history of the scene and you owned your own logic with this argument: "When he didn’t have top20 teammates all around him from 2013-2017 " Device has been top20 every year since 2014 and top5 since 2015 DESPITE NOT HAVING "TOP 20 TEAMMATES ALL AROUND HIM". hahahaha actually laughing here at how clueless you are and how you literally destroyed your own logic :D
2019-12-03 17:50
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
ur just a delusional hater
2019-12-04 03:14
Lol newfag.
2019-12-04 12:52
cba to write another reply to another low iq clueless newfag, so ill just copy my previous: and no way you can be #1 if you never prove you are able to have great impact in the most important matches. Device had a reputation of choking exactly because he went missing in the most important games! he was a monster in group stages etc but failed in the finals. Now he has reached a level of consistency even in grand finals that is unprecedented in history of cs (any iteration). So no, s1mple can not carry his teams to wins by himself but then he can never prove his impact and cosistency in the most important matches = how the fuck can you biased highlight fanboys be so sure he is #1 ??
2019-12-02 16:51
Europe thaifinnen 
2019-12-02 17:07
ZywOo | 
France milw0ky 
the zywoo's performance at Epicenter will tell us the truth
2019-12-02 02:32
Yes Cus apparently if zywoo performance well in 1 lan means more than device’s performance in 5. Good fucking logic
2019-12-02 02:43
Zywoo already has I think 4 mvps this year and has the better stats than device. If he gets one more mvp and make a great run in epiccenter he can easily be top1
2019-12-02 02:48
Which is bullshit in first place, u shouldn’t even be mvp when u didn’t finish 1st
2019-12-02 02:52
Yea. That's the logic of these dumb HLTV kids. They see Zywooo/S1mple make one cool flick and they go nuts. Also, claiming zywoo should be above device because he has better rating is the dumbest shit ever. By that logic, Astralis should stop going to T1 events, and only go to lower-tier events and statspad, since apparently that's what makes a player great? Obviously playing semifinals/finals in literally every event you attend will most likely lower your stats, since it means you have tougher opponents than Vitality / NaVi that tend to go out in groups (but hey, at least zywooo frags 30 and still loses)
2019-12-02 03:55
ZywOo | 
France milw0ky 
that's sad but it's like that, this prize rewards the player effort not a team effort. When a kid wins a mvp award and still doesn't win the tournament, it's huge. This is the logic of this prize, sorry that you do not like it
2019-12-02 13:35
Zywoo won one MVP in an event his team didn't even win, and therefore he deserves HLTV #1 of 2019, or what are you implying?
2019-12-02 16:53
ZywOo | 
France milw0ky 
2 in reality, try to follow the cs go pro scene to be credible on this subject :)
2019-12-02 19:03
I was basically just trying to comprehend what the fuck you were saying. Go learn to express yourself before you enter an international forum.
2019-12-02 22:24
ZywOo | 
France milw0ky 
no arguments, blame the english :) typical stupid kiddo
2019-12-02 22:38
he deserves #1 this year if they win EPL or Blast
2019-12-02 02:32
ZywOo | 
France MrWowo 
Probably, first year for Zywoo np ahah
2019-12-02 02:34
Argentina fedezera 
Already #1. He won almost everything while s1mple and zywho have won nothing but a couple of tier 34 tournaments
2019-12-02 02:36
S1mple isnt even top 3 worthy.
2019-12-02 13:54
Nah, Elige, Magisk, maybe even Brehze & NAF should be above him
2019-12-02 15:45
For sure this is the list above S1mple: DevveKING Zywoo Elige, I would also put Magisk and NAF above him, but knowing HLTV they wont.
2019-12-02 17:09
Europe thaifinnen 
s1MpLe IsNt EvEn ToP 3 WoRtHy S1mple 1.30 Lan Elige 1.22 Lan S1mple 1.29 Big events Elige 1.21 Big events
2019-12-02 17:13
Slovakia sanjuro 
it is easy to win everything when u play in the team that is not based on individual performances but on teamwork. Top ratings are and should be based on individual performance. So no he is not 1.
2019-12-03 10:10
And ECS8 MVP now. He just doesn't stop performing. Simple is simply out of the race. It's between the Z and Dev. And it would be theft not giving the #1 spot to Dev.
2019-12-02 02:37
Indonesia lukerey 
He is already #1 for sure. Coming from NA fan.
2019-12-02 02:46
goat will get it ez vs baguette who has 4 bots throwing flashes for him every map cus his teams so washed that all they can do is help zywoo
2019-12-02 02:47
ZywOo | 
France Qaze 
Won't happen cuz device has little Impact compared to zywoo.
2019-12-02 02:51
Yeah zywoo is great blablabla 4 players are setting him up, that doesnt happen in astralis. When everyone frags in a team its obviously harder. Also device goes deeper in tournemants.
2019-12-02 03:04
ZywOo | 
France Qaze 
obviously they go deeper because device has better teammates.
2019-12-02 03:13
Zywoo fan
2019-12-02 13:55
Device fan
2019-12-02 18:53
Better then a new fag like Zywoo. DevveKING is the GOAT. DevveKING will be #1 this year.
2019-12-02 19:01
How come is he a GOAT if he couldn’t win anything during the so-called weak era 2013-2017 ? How come a GOAT still doesn’t have a top1 ? How come he has a team full of top 20 teammates ? Another deluded ecovice fanboi, so out of touch with reality. Any cs:go legend worst year = ecovice peak. Deal with it, dumb bandwagoner.
2019-12-03 08:26
You dont need a HLTV ranking #1 to be a goat lmao. Look at what he achieved. More then GTR, Forest, Olof or Coldzera lmao.
2019-12-03 10:07
Yeah, but funny how “hE wAs iN tOp5 fOr sO mAnY yEaRs” is relevant but lack of top1 is okay since it is hltv ranking. Hypocrisy at its finest from the most deluded fanbase. It’s funny how he achieved absolutely fucking nothing when Olof, cold, GTR and f0rest were playing at their peak, your stat-padding idol was choking hard. Until his teammates level rose significantly :) Easy to stat-pad when you play in the weakest cs:go era :)
2019-12-04 17:48
Obviously zywoo will perform better when the whole game plan is set around him and his teammates can’t do a shit On the other side device is surrounded by exceptional players and still manages to put great stats and impact
2019-12-02 17:17
Boo | 
France mbl4 
it's exactly the opposite but nt
2019-12-02 15:58
Flag checks out
2019-12-02 16:18
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Yeah you can say what you want but it's much easier to have a better rating in a good team with 5 good players than in a team where you're the only good one. It's so obvious I don't even know how you don't realize it
2019-12-02 16:19
You do realise that some of Astralis plays are just setting device up with the awp in the correct positioning, right? The rest of Astralis players play around device for sure.
2019-12-02 22:03
You clearly dont see vitality doing literally everything for zywoo, even dropping him an hero ak or awp while the others have to eco Device just plays passive awp. There is no setting up all the time. Both players are strong on the t-side entrying all the time, but I would say Device gets more impact with each kill then zywoo does Zywoo is just a god who needs to carry every time Devica doesnt have to
2019-12-03 08:00
no. still zyw0o top1 and s1mple top2. hltv rate players by rating 2.0, on which zyw0o and s1mple have a big lead to dev1ce.
2019-12-02 02:56
S1mple is lucky when he gets top3 S1mple this year is washed up, you cant be top2 without playing tournemants and make good runs, even when u are the best skilled player, you have to make achievements
2019-12-02 03:05
rating 2.0 on LAN matches in 2019: s1mple 1.30 ZywOo 1.29 device 1.24 Jame 1.22 EliGE 1.22 electronic 1.20 rating 2.0 on big events in 2019: ZywOo 1.29 s1mple 1.29 device 1.25 electronic 1.21 EliGE 1.21 a huge gap between s1mple and dev1ce. hltv rates players by rating, so obviously zyw0o and s1mple top 1&2, and dev1ce top3. after him, EliGE top4 and electronic top5.
2019-12-02 03:08
2019-12-02 03:12
huge gap omegalul braindead s1mple fanboy you want to know huge gap? look at 2018 s1mple vs device this year is nowhere near a huge gap considering s1mple doesnt have achievements to back him up this time (last year he had 6 mvps and tournament wins) and rating wise it isn't a huge gap at all
2019-12-02 03:22
United States IdolaMochi 
#1 ZyWoo #2 EliGE #3 dev3ce
2019-12-02 03:20
1. zywon/dev1ce 2. zytwo/dev2ce 3. 3lig3 4. s4mple imo rn hope s1mple doesnt get 3rd
2019-12-02 03:22
United States IdolaMochi 
EliGE had 5 months where him and zywoo where just dominating device #3 at best this year
2019-12-02 03:26
5 months doesnt account for whole year tho
2019-12-02 03:27
its overall average rating on hundreds of maps, so 0.05 IS a huge gap. and if you dont know, the difference between #6(electronic) and #11(brehze) is also 0.05 this year on all LAN games. and, you need to know that HLTV IS A BUNCH OF FANBOYS WHO RATE PLAYERS ONLY BY RATING.
2019-12-02 04:00
>and, you need to know that HLTV IS A BUNCH OF FANBOYS WHO RATE PLAYERS ONLY BY RATING. are you new to hltv rankings?
2019-12-02 04:02
Hltv is also including mvps and evps, also tournemant wins. They include playoffs ratings which we cant even see. So many factos favours device besides the rating. He has the most mvps and also evps and went to every playoff this year except 1. If hltv doesnt give this to device than you can@ med again I will pay you 20 bucks. Electronic wont be #5 either, he has like 0 accomplishments this year.
2019-12-02 03:22
How many matches for each player though? S1mple isnt even in the conversation for #1 anymore, cause he has a 1.29 rating in 81 LAN maps played at big events. How the hell does that compare to ZywOo with 109 and Devve with 110 who have about the same rating? Devve and ZywOo have shown far higher consistency than S1mple this year, winning events, going deeper in tourneys and having about the same or higher stats with 20+ more maps played.
2019-12-02 03:32
+1. Zyw0o is play well but s1mple is disappeared. I think he is out of top 20 in 2019.
2019-12-02 03:11
Gtfo, S1mple aint top 3 worthy let. Let alone #1 LMAO
2019-12-02 13:55
If device not getting top 1 this year, hltv is retard
2019-12-02 03:02
Don't need 1 more
2019-12-02 03:16
Tunisia Sk1zo10 
he is already top 1
2019-12-02 03:22
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
you did your research well young men, great work!
2019-12-02 03:22
3 MVPs, only one event beneath 1.05 rating, insane KPR and impact rating. I mean there is no way he doesn't get it
2019-12-02 03:24
New Zealand black0ut 
easy top 1, vitality and navi have won fuck all this year? how can simple or zywoo be the best?
2019-12-02 03:27
Dumb ass fanboys only cares about watching cool flicks rather than caring about who actually wins trophies, and is a beast in every playoff.
2019-12-02 03:51
2019-12-02 13:56
Indonesia EvilPolish 
1. device 2 zywoo 3. simple/elige
2019-12-02 03:30
If device isn't #1 this year, HLTV as a forum will lose all their credability. Isn't the game about winning? Device is the best player of the by far best team in the world. He always delivers, and he destroys any good team. What kind of rating players has is kinda irrelevant in my eyes, since it depends on your opponents. Obviously you can statpad against worse t2-t3 teams; the best players performs in the big games. Compare device rating vs the top5 teams, and compare it to Zywoo + S1mple. 1. Device 2. Zywoo 3. Elige 4. S1mple 5. Magisk (Tbh, there's alot of contenders for this spot)
2019-12-02 03:50
He deserves it anyway
2019-12-02 13:38
device is the most complete player ever
2019-12-02 13:39
1. dev2ce 2. ZyWho? 3. s0mple 4. Elige 5. NAF/Magisk. - most likely NAF If s0mple is 1. this year then hltv is rigged like all iBP matches
2019-12-02 13:43
S1mple has no chance, DOnt worryyyyyy
2019-12-02 13:57
s1mple | 
Lithuania Gigska 
Relax dude, boombla doing everything for not let s1mple to top3.
2019-12-02 13:59
s1mple | 
Lithuania Gigska 
Seems will be first top1 danish player even if astarlis not win epl, device still have big chance on blast mvp. for zywoo left only epicenter where fatality will get play off stage that max. Navi waiting on huge reshuffle after epicenter cuz boombla worse igl in cs history, will be amazing if s1mple claim even one mvp with boombla in squad.
2019-12-02 13:49
shox | 
India iejesus 
Nope simple and zywoo way too ahead of him individually
2019-12-02 13:51
s1mple | 
Lithuania Gigska 
Yes, that right, but why than need all this mvps if individually we have only two skilled monsters s1mple zywoo?
2019-12-02 14:01
shox | 
India iejesus 
Mvp is ofcourse most of the times given to the best player of the winning team and astralis always wins so device gets away with it all the time. He's a great player but not certainly at the level of simple and probably in form zywoo
2019-12-02 21:44
s1mple | 
Lithuania Gigska 
hmm. at least last ecs was amazing from device
2019-12-02 21:48
shox | 
India iejesus 
Yeah he was great. Deserved mvp. But clearly shouldn't be top 2 this year.
2019-12-02 21:49
s1mple | 
Lithuania Gigska 
idk, my opinion if s1mple will be at least evp of epl and mvp of epicenter and if after than navi will overtake fatality in ranking than s1mple can overtake zywwo in ranking also .
2019-12-02 21:52
shox | 
India iejesus 
No chance for simple this year mate. Zywoo will be the 1st.
2019-12-03 11:07
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
dafuq are u smoking?
2019-12-04 03:19
Georgia Broozman 
From the bottom? Yes
2019-12-02 15:47
Without a question #1
2019-12-02 15:58
For me, #1 is being the best player and that is not device. He is not the best player in the world. Simple and Zywoo are fighting for that. However, HLTV takes into consideration team achievements as well. This is where Simple and Na'Vi did not do enough to keep simple in the conversation. However, Zywoo is still in the running and this is a two man race. I think this year will go to device, but he is certainly not the best player in the game. And he was definitely not robbed last year as Simple was far too dominant to not get #1. People saying he did not win anything should go back and look at the tournaments....
2019-12-02 19:20
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu 
Yes, he is top-1... In Astralis.... MB even in Denmark :)
2019-12-02 20:42
I dont feel of him being 1st he is surely 2nd,but zywoo is the one who deserve it, he was insane this year
2019-12-02 20:52
ZywOo is insane, i agree on that but imo device has better chance to get it. Because he won 2 majors in this year and they are back to their old dominant form. He has 3 mvps including a major and so many impact on winning some other trophies. Also he has some EVPs as well. Even his stats are not that worse than ZywOo
2019-12-03 15:52
another youtube kid who doesnt understand the difference between tier3 event highlights and winning majors and big events. Hope you will develop your intellect and logic asap :)
2019-12-03 17:53
Youtube kid? thats all what you got? you are a fucking idiot,Why didnt device won last year? he also won a major and got a lot of mvp? I said I dont feel of him being 1st FEEL.Sadly I cant communicate with you man. flag checks out
2019-12-03 17:56
"but zywoo is the one who deserve it, he was insane this year" this proves you just watched highlight and have no idea how to rate performances the right way (at big events vs top teams). Not gonna try arguing with you either, been spending too much time on low iq clueless kids already.
2019-12-03 17:58
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
"only 0.04 rating less than s1mple" Funny how ppl keep bringing s0mple to the convo while he was mia for 80% of the year and was goin out in groups for the another 20%.
2019-12-02 21:51
Device #1 or hltv has only brainded employees.
2019-12-02 22:55
Of couse devise must win #1 this year. Simple has achieved jackshit in 2019
2019-12-03 08:26
2019-12-03 19:14
Finland Sotilas12 
my peepee hole is my poopoo hole
2019-12-03 10:09
just shows how unfair the world is. a bot like device gets his ass carried and his stats boosted by people around him while incredibly skilled cs gods are struggling with bad teammates. lesson: working hard and and being talented isnt everything. LUCK is a deciding factor.
2019-12-03 11:57
Flag checks out. He is the most consistent player ever and the closest pro to be the best player ever
2019-12-03 15:47
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
dumbest shit ive read in a while
2019-12-04 03:20
ITT: an extreme amount of s1mple and zywoo fangays who does not understand the difference between doing well while ur team loses and is elimnated and winning finals while being the best. Even for HLTV standard you are pathetically ignorant and clueless.
2019-12-03 17:51
I agree, people keep thinking this is the same 2018 NaVi that was a top3 team of the year. This year NaVi has been average and s1mple is still amazing but not as good as last year, doesnt have the same MVPs and tournament wins and EVPs to justify him being 1 ZywOo and device are very close, they have both been insane this year and its really gonna come down to this month to see who gets the top spot.
2019-12-03 18:32
We at valve believe the top 4 is close but should be 1. ZywOo 2. dev1ce 3. EliGE 4. s1mple but this can literally shuffle in anyway very quickly depending on how everyone performs in the next month
2019-12-03 17:53
Myanmar ZywooScream 
Top 1 player =/ Top 1 team Idiots still think he's better than zywoo and s1mple. Sad.
2019-12-03 19:17
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
he is better, at least in 2019 youre actually the idiot here
2019-12-04 03:21
Myanmar ZywooScream 
Please , start use brain
2019-12-04 12:35
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
i do. let me repeat: device was better than s1mple and zywoo in 2019...thats why he will be #1 in 2019
2019-12-04 13:33
Yes number 1 even if they don't win those tournaments
2019-12-04 03:19
zywoo > device
2019-12-04 13:35
Yes! Without a doubt.
2019-12-04 13:38
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