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!serious question
Palestine zwiee 
So i've been having this problem for a while im ashamed to interact with girls closely because of this my dick is really small (below average) and i would like to increase it somehow are there any possible ways to do so besides surgery? cuz i'm afraid of surgery and it probably costs a lot The weirdest thing is that I'm actually really high (in terms of height it's 195cm) so I find it pretty odd
2019-12-03 18:47
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Luz | 
Poland Repo_is_fit 
!serious question btw
2019-12-03 18:48
Palestine zwiee 
yes it's serious to me and no jokes or trolling pls, i’m asking seriously
2019-12-03 18:49
>serious >hltv
2019-12-03 19:01
name checks oiut
2019-12-06 19:58
Slovakia FiiLCS 
don't worry about talking to a girl, she does not see ur lil dicko from the beginning and when she does it's already late. just be calm. Go get 'em!
2019-12-03 18:49
Palestine zwiee 
But that‘s the main thing im upset about. She might have different expectations especially because my height is high and once she sees it she will be disappointed ;((
2019-12-03 18:51
United Kingdom Megamo10 
2019-12-03 18:58
Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it ))
2019-12-03 18:49
Palestine zwiee 
i dont think its actually like that in reality. its a known quote i know but still
2019-12-03 18:52
It depends on how small it is, if its like 10 cm or smth like that it can be an actual problem
2019-12-03 18:53
Palestine zwiee 
yeah its around that while hard if not les😔
2019-12-03 18:55
United Kingdom Megamo10 
what about girth?
2019-12-03 18:58
not wide either 😥
2019-12-03 19:03
United Kingdom Megamo10 
is it classified as micro penis? do you like asians? apparently they have a tight poon so it could work well on them
2019-12-03 19:04
If its less its a problem if its a bit more its not that bad. It shouldn't matter when you're speaking with a girl tho she won't even notice.
2019-12-03 18:59
Bubble is speaking out of experience. You can take his word for it.
2019-12-03 18:54
just use your tongue. girls love that shit otherwise click on one of dem fishy links on pornsites and grow your dick by 10cm with 1 pill
2019-12-03 18:57
United Kingdom Megamo10 
is that a good pick up line? I want to lick your puss?
2019-12-03 18:58
Okay dude we need to know the specs before we can give u accurate information...
2019-12-03 18:58
United Kingdom Megamo10 
preferably a pic too.. hmm
2019-12-03 18:59
2019-12-03 19:05
Atleast tell how big it is lmao maybe it aint even small
2019-12-03 19:01
i can see its really small and wtf im supposed to measure with a ruler or what? i even compared to other dudes in dressing room when i go to the pool and mine is below average so im ashamed even more
2019-12-03 19:07
Yeah go measure it, if its under 10cm you might be fucked. But if its bigger well, if you know what you are doing you can still make it pleasureful for the girl.
2019-12-03 19:27
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
tape a longer dick to yours
2019-12-03 19:06
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