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Faster rapper than Eminem
Canada YankeeM 
2019-12-03 21:10
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United Kingdom aight_dontbet 
french canadian.
2019-12-03 21:11
Canada ZHF 
Even for french canadians he talks way too fast
2019-12-03 21:58
Ivory Coast WaldhuterHanz 
who cars about this crying baby
2019-12-03 21:11
Canada YankeeM 
wtf are u want dude
2019-12-03 21:12
Ivory Coast WaldhuterHanz 
to have holidays already
2019-12-03 21:12
2019-12-03 21:14
Im better bro Azfrtcdzfdcvztyfizegbferuyhoghnerijgobneryufghvn,zou;jqzeu,hvqe,ç!uvfj;zei,p,vqhfuji;good
2019-12-03 21:12
Brazil Impulsionista 
i can mumble faster than that
2019-12-03 21:12
Canada YankeeM 
Prove it or I'll...
2019-12-03 21:12
2019-12-03 21:13
he is just stuttering
2019-12-03 21:13
Canada YankeeM 
i aren't think that
2019-12-03 21:13
lol since when is eminem the basis for fast
2019-12-03 21:15
Canada YankeeM 
since rap god (song about kanye)
2019-12-03 21:16
2019-12-03 21:17
France LeDiplomate 
Well rn French rappers bigflo & Oli rapped faster than him (with distinguishable words).
2019-12-03 22:13
lol serious question how old are you? did you listen to hiphop around 1998/2003? plz type in youtube "eminem fastest verses" and check all the examples and analyses from knowledgeable figures from the hiphop scene about his style and his skill. everybody agreed that he was the best fast rapper ever. there are obviously some gimmick rappers that have some fast songs and nobody hears what they say but eminem was always regarded as a standard for fast verses with actual meaningful content and lyrical class. it's so zoomer to hate on eminem cause most of his new albums suck but he was indeed the standard and can obviously rightfully so still be used as such.
2019-12-03 21:52 Uhh ok dude. First of all, pretty sure I'm older than you. Second of all, never heard of Eminem being regarded as fast. Twista was more or less the mainstream benchmark in the 2000s, and tech n9ne was always the underground benchmark. On Eminem's only two good albums, there was no speed involved, so not sure how that comment is even relevant, especially in the time period you brought up. White suburban kids sound like AZR talking about s1mple when they talk about Eminem with rap. Uhh who's the best? probs Eminem right... Who's the fastest? I'm gonna have to say Eminem... Who's the most skillful? I think Eminem... Who's the goat? Well, hard to look past Eminem... Who's the most versatile? Gee, Eminem I think... Stupidity.
2019-12-03 22:11
yea i guess you misunderstood more than 1 of my points...... when somebody starts with "serious question" that means they are in fact NOT mocking your opinion because of age but are genuinely interested in knowing your perspective/background to better understand your points/thoughts. im 30 btw. imagine countering my point with underground benchmarks and then talking only about 2 eminem albums. like he didn't make any music that was not released on an album.. hello? im talking about making good hiphop and still being a fast style rapper. i even said i dont talk about gimmick rappers etc. did you even type in the youtube search suggestion i gave? do you see the ppl in those videos commenting on him? do you think they are not knowledgeable? now here you actually made a big effort to discredit my point and failed like NA CS. we just both said we are old... plus i lived in a 1milion plus city center for my entire life.... so the suburb and the kid remarks are wayyyy off.. why did you even go through this effort when you already should know that doesn't apply to me? kinda funny actually. ps. this is a new account so i can only reply to you again tomorrow at the earliest
2019-12-03 23:03
I gave you the widely accepted mainstream and underground benchmarks for rapping speed. It wasn't a counter to anything other than the notion of Eminem ever being widely considered as "fast". He was not. The list I gave you was presented on one of the more well-recognised and accepted hip hop websites in terms of lyrical analysis, and he's not even there as an honorable mention. So "everybody" did not agree on it, and certainly most did not. It was not to say Eminem didn't have music outside of the two albums. I brought up those two albums simply because they are some of the few pieces of work and the best pieces of work produced by Eminem which could be considered at a high level in the consideration of "greatness". Neither of them feature anything remotely fast. Furthermore, none of the rappers I mentioned are gimmick rappers. The fact that you would even say that in reply to my comment makes me seriously consider if you actually listen to hip hop outside of Eminem (which was the basis of my final paragraph, not to nit-pick whether you're actually suburban or not- it is merely a caricature of most Eminem fans). You jumped in on a thread clearly made by one of those people.
2019-12-03 23:19
Bone thugs & harmony Twista Tech N9ne Busta Rhymes What is this^? It's a list how 4 artists/groups who were known as the benchmark around late 90s-early 2000s. Eminem was never known to be a fast rapper.
2019-12-03 22:20
who and who
2019-12-03 21:53
2019-12-03 22:00
United States ferric 
Is he having a stroke?
2019-12-03 22:02
Billy | 
United States Russso 
im faster rap
2019-12-03 22:04
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