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plant based diet!
Malta worstplayerr 
so ever since my sister is doing plant based diet, she never had to visit a doctor anymore. coincidence?
2019-12-05 16:04
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good for her, any pictures?
2019-12-05 16:06
God | 
Poland henlo 
no the doctor cured her so she doesnt need to anymore
2019-12-05 16:07
Going vegan is the best thing a human can do. Eating meat gives you cancer, its pumped with steroids, antibiotics and hormons. Smart people go vegan, dumb people eat shit (meat).
2019-12-05 16:08
African Union 2011 
bad bait even for your standards.
2019-12-05 16:13
Prove me wrong if you are such a goodperson
2019-12-05 16:14
African Union 2011 
nvm you got two already
2019-12-05 16:15
You know there is also meat that does not have antibiotics? and steroids are hormones and it's completely natural to eat it
2019-12-05 16:14
Australia IonWarrior 
Excessive anything can kill you, the cases where meat gives people cancer is when people eat too much. Now if meat had antibiotics pumped into them like you say, eating meat would be the healthiest thing you could eat. It would literally cure diseases. I don't think you understand what steroids, hormones and antibiotics do, they all have very beneficial affects on the body.
2019-12-05 16:14
Is this a bait? LOL
2019-12-05 16:15
Australia IonWarrior 
No, you may enter your rebuttal below
2019-12-05 16:28
The high volume of antibiotics in food-producing animals contributes to the development of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, particularly in settings of intensive animal production. In some countries, the total amount of antibiotics used in animals is 4 times larger than the amount used in humans. In many countries much of the antibiotics used in animals are for growth promotion and prevention of disease, not to treat sick animals. These bacteria can be transmitted from animals to humans via direct contact between animals and humans, or through the food chain and the environment. Antimicrobial-resistant infections in humans can cause longer illnesses, increased frequency of hospitalization, and treatment failures that can result in death. Some types of bacteria that cause serious infections in humans have already developed resistance to most or all of the available treatments and we are running out of treatment options for some types of infection. WHO recommends an overall reduction in use of antibiotics in food-producing animals to help preserve their effectiveness for human medicine.
2019-12-05 16:56
We're still waiting on your rebuttal
2019-12-05 16:45
#53 (#49)
2019-12-05 16:56
Wat? Antibiotics destroy your natural gut microbiome.
2019-12-05 16:49
Probably destroyed his brain as well. Some people are just dumb af
2019-12-05 16:53
2019-12-05 17:00
JaCkz | 
France Bubuche 
Depends on the meat you eat .... Choose your supplier and that's alright. Human eat meat since ALWAYS so it is more counter nature to stop eating meat i guess..
2019-12-05 16:29
Australia IonWarrior 
I don't go on a plant based diet, I haven't needed to see the doctor's for more than two years, the last three trips to the doctor's were all injuries related either with sports or being stabbed. CoInCeDEnce??
2019-12-05 16:09
ok, im curios. how did you get stabbed?
2019-12-05 16:16
must be defusing in smoke
2019-12-05 16:17
if you stop eating meat you'll stop getting sports injury and if you get stabbed knife will be sent to hospital not you
2019-12-05 16:17
well my sister was suffering 10 years from Type 1 diabetic, every 2 months has to visit a doctor and get some injections, ever since she on plant based, she doesn't need anymore. so its good i guess.
2019-12-05 16:17
Bad bait. Type 1 diabetes is incurable
2019-12-05 16:21
Australia IonWarrior 
Well first off, most links to dieting cures for type 1 are actually due to a large reduction in calorie intake (i.e fasting) Secondly, the vast majority of people are not diabetic, this works for your sister, sure, good for her. But for the rest of us, we're fine.
2019-12-05 16:21
Considering your comment in #10 you should go see a doctor cause you might have braindamage.
2019-12-05 16:40
Australia IonWarrior 
Tell me please oh enlightened one what I said that makes me sound so stupid, and please describe why what I said is stupid.
2019-12-05 16:44
"Now if meat had antibiotics pumped into them like you say, eating meat would be the healthiest thing you could eat. It would literally cure diseases." sorry but what a fucking retard you are
2019-12-05 16:52
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
cows eat grass, i eat cows, ergo i eat grass, aka plant diet
2019-12-05 16:10
loli | 
Libya animeTRASH 
world's iq in his hed
2019-12-05 16:11
So original
2019-12-05 16:18
I love hunting meat myself.
2019-12-05 16:16
Vegetarian diet is the way to go. I stopped eating meat 8 years ago and since that I've lost about 10kg which was mostly fat and my overall energy levels are a lot higher all the time.
2019-12-05 16:18
but dairy is bad asf. always have full throat full of mucus after eating cheese or drinking milk or cream.
2019-12-05 16:20
Each one their own, no question about it. I'm not a vegan myself, I eat eggs, dairy products and fish. It's the absence of red meat that made the difference for me, cuts down junk foods like kebab, sausages etc. Are you sure you don't have some sort of a milk allergy?
2019-12-05 16:22
+1. Better eat meat than dairy.
2019-12-05 16:42
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
What makes you struggle can be great for others. Food reaction differs accordingly to blood type and other factors.
2019-12-05 16:54
Finland Qurko 
i lost 10kg this year alone after starting gym, energy levels higher and still eat meat, checkmate
2019-12-05 16:32
This is not a competition. I'm happy that you feel better than before.
2019-12-05 16:43
Finland Qurko 
was a shit attempt at a bait but yeah guess vegan would be good but i just personally can't do it. also wouldn't date a vegan propably because of how hard it would be to make food etc.
2019-12-05 16:45
It's just as easy as cooking with meat, just a little practise and that's it. I think everyone should eat how they please, but also look what they consume. Just as vegans can go low on some certain vitamins, meat eaters are more vulnerable to colon cancer for example. Find the good balance somewhere in between, eat healthy and be happy. Have a good Thursday man.
2019-12-05 16:57
Day 70 after I stopped eating meat: I can hear colors now, I got superpowers no man has ever seen before.
2019-12-05 16:18
You can get that with a week of no fap
2019-12-05 16:18
Lol, imagine I did that as well. I could probably destroy whole cities with my farts then.
2019-12-05 16:20
I wish I could sniff those farts
2019-12-05 16:22
Coincidence? How you take it. If you eat all shits and start eating healthier it really doesn't matter what a diet it is and it will help you.
2019-12-05 16:22
vanity | 
United Kingdom camzh 
my wifes boyfriend told me i should try vegan diet its working really great im only deficient in 15 nutrients so i think im doing it right
2019-12-05 16:25
you are doing something wrong if your wife has a other boyfriend, lul
2019-12-05 16:39
Brazil NukebRS 
I eat cows and cows eat plants, so that means i eat plants
2019-12-05 16:31
United States Globebuster 
shes dead now or what?
2019-12-05 16:33
Send pics
2019-12-05 16:46
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
shes dead now or what?
2019-12-05 16:48
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
Coz she dead?
2019-12-05 16:49
Thats good, only women should use diets like that : )
2019-12-05 16:53
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