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Operation Shattered Web is the best..
Denmark muggge 
.. operation ever change my mind
2019-12-05 19:00
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oldfags coming to complain about player models imcoming
2019-12-05 19:00
Lithuania arres 
2019-12-05 19:06
old people eyes cant see
2019-12-05 19:06
Lithuania arres 
2019-12-05 19:07
ok zoomer
2019-12-06 10:29
Russia ZippSluvik 
compared to other competitive shooters where the problem about player models happened much earlier, in CSGO it's not even close to being a problem actually
2019-12-05 20:00
Lithuania arres 
did you watch the video? How is that not a problem?
2019-12-05 20:06
Russia ZippSluvik 
yes I did but the main point of my reply was to move you and other people who will see it to compare this situation in CSGO with the same situations in R6S or PUBG for example Also, I mean that every1 now complains about it only bcz of this feature is new for CSGO. In time CSGO player base evolves and being more attentive while playing will become a common thing
2019-12-05 20:18
Lithuania arres 
yeah... And if some radom dude with a huge cock would rape you everyday from today you would also get used to it after some time. However it does not mean that its ok
2019-12-05 20:24
Russia ZippSluvik 
Ehhh, it's not a good thing to compare with, I think. I mean I compare CSGO with other popular and more complicated Esports, but you compare CSGO with a... dude with a... .... huge ... cock(????)
2019-12-05 20:30
Lithuania arres 
the treatment model is the same and it is a good analogy lol. You get fucked, you get used to it and then you think this is normal - that's not how it should go. In cs figuratevly in my example literaly. In other games you mentioned users are already fucked and they got used to it. So I just noted that you are right - csgo players will also get used to it. Just like you would get used to being raped. In any of these situations this is not ok. You are normalizing fuckery.
2019-12-05 20:44
Russia ZippSluvik 
So, I got your point and thought that it would be worth to point out that this player model skins should be available for everyone and not for only those who paid real money to a steam market or a whole battle pass. Then it would be a question of overcoming your opponent in equal conditions as it should be and not one raping other xD
2019-12-05 20:56
Lithuania arres 
I just don't get why they changed, colours and shape. New models are cool but don't mess with competitive side of it. The colours and shapes are a variable that messes with the competitive side of the game in a wrong way. The skill and strategy are now the main things you compete on. With these new model you add new things to watch out. You need to know where cunts hunting for easy kills might camp if they spent money to buy new models. Easy kills from a spot where others can't see you should not be in cs. Then you need to give more attention than you usually do to these spots because it is just harder to spot players there and it becomes a bigger and bigger mess and not fun to play.
2019-12-05 21:08
World Beard43 
2019-12-06 08:46
NBK- | 
Germany S0rceress 
2019-12-06 08:55
why are people watching his stretched 10+min videos?
2019-12-05 20:28
Iraq DuncanAK 
i'm proudly an old fag then xDD
2019-12-05 20:08
ZywOo | 
United States 7RU7H 
Old fag here whats the pb ? We dont want the best multiplayer game ever to turn into fortnite or call of duty... You fucking kids dont get it coz kids nowadays are dumb as hell... Go back playing fortnite or cod kid We will try and fight to preserve CS !
2019-12-06 10:25
kennyS | 
India shankman 
I just wish there were more coop missions, one every week
2019-12-05 19:01
Nepal askyee 
overall its should be more mission cuz 6 per week is kinda not enough
2019-12-05 20:26
Tru that, but I guess it isn't surprising considering they stretched this out to 4 fucking months lmao
2019-12-06 07:12
Nepal askyee 
Yeah thats right but u can do this mission in 1h and then u have to wait week. IMO they should be harder or overall more
2019-12-06 07:54
Yep agreed definitely, we have waited over 2 years for this
2019-12-06 08:28
Nepal askyee 
Like i rember 1 mission in bloodhound (5 hosts in assault) i was raging af and i wasted more than 1h to make that one. Whereas the hardest in this i was doing for 15min
2019-12-06 09:25
United States syrup_god 
2019-12-05 20:58
Germany owjdb 
i think it's kinda boring cuz you can finish the missions on one day and you have to wait 6 days for the next missions. and im missing the coop missions from the book like in the last operations
2019-12-05 19:02
United States WindyInu 
I just don't like how it's a glorified battlepass with missions you can complete in a few hours of playing, then you have to wait a whole week to do the next ones
2019-12-05 19:02
Denmark Rottefar93 
it kinda sucks tbh...
2019-12-05 19:05
Denmark muggge 
How is that? It has unique missions and skins
2019-12-05 19:07
Denmark Rottefar93 
i just dont like the missions i guess
2019-12-05 19:15
Phoenix, Bloodhound >>
2019-12-05 19:07
Denmark muggge 
Phoenix case ye, bloodhound tho shit tbh
2019-12-05 19:08
Yes, if you just want som skins. But essentially it's just random missions that to be honest makes mess of matchmaking servers. All of the players that are trying to turn them into farming grounds instead of doing missions legitimately.
2019-12-05 19:08
Denmark nrth_LUL 
I agree I have never had to do any of the missions in non comp legit. Almost everyone just comes to a truce to complete the mission whether its tieing in wingman or not shooting to place grafiti.
2019-12-05 20:21
I can't cheese the missions because the russians are relentless 😩
2019-12-06 09:31
i really wish there were more scenario missions... so far we've only had the 1 in the first week last night i played danger zone for the first time since it came out and i was astonished at how many cheaters there were. blatantly obvious aim and wall hacks clearly seen from the kill cams.... danger zone hackers???? really??? i barely ever come across cheaters in competitive games and i ended up reporting >5 people in danger zone last night lol
2019-12-05 19:09
Operation is really something fresh in this game, and i like it alot, rewards are good. Only challenges are really quick to do, bascially u can do all of them in 2-3 hours, and wait whole week for new ones. But yeah HUGE PLUS for valve for this operation.
2019-12-05 19:34
nah hydra was better cuz back then i had friends
2019-12-05 19:43
Canada Lahym 
I kiss ass CSGO at every moment possible, but this operation is such a slap in the face, nothing but a tool to farm money from unsuspecting players. It's really sad our game is treated as an ATM.
2019-12-05 19:55
Ukraine efsiz1 
first week is goat 2nd and 3rd week have no coop mission. im disappointed for coop
2019-12-05 20:11
JW | 
Czech Republic Sten42 
+co op
2019-12-05 20:36
it is a really good operation, but it took time to get used to it, as we've always been given more duo guardian missions where you get your drops right afterwards in game. i kinda miss that though.
2019-12-05 20:38
World Beard43 
I reckon one guy spent half an afternoon creating it. The missions are basic. Extremely quick and easy. I've played every single operation and this is the least interesting by far, which is really disappointing considering how long we had to wait for it. They obviously didn't even think for a second before making the player models too. Aside from potential profit that is.
2019-12-06 08:52
2019-12-06 10:43
What's there to change in your mind, if you haven't played previous operations? It's just new skins. As for missions, people rigs servers to farm them, instead of doing them properly. Some great missions when people are trying to get them of them the fastest way possible.
2019-12-06 09:04
I can't argue cuz I only played Hydra and Shattered Web. And even Hydra I didn't do much
2019-12-06 09:29
!!newfag spotted!!
2019-12-06 10:32
Been playing since 2015. Never really got into cs until beginning 2017. Tried to do the operation but was too shit to do it so stopped. Now I am doing the operation because I regret the decision of buying the Hydra pass and wanna make up for it.
2019-12-06 13:00
Serbia K4bby 
If we had co op missions every 2 weeks at least it would be cool... but only 1 for now.
2019-12-06 13:02
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