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sweden violence
Sweden dyzto 
two murders today, pretty much been a murder daily for a week now and there havent been huge noise in media about it. it's like small shit in sweden now i dont recognize this country xD
2019-12-05 23:01
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2019-12-05 23:02
I literally see something happening in news almost every week. Explosions, stabbings, shootings etc. Latest one I saw today: Translation: "Two shot dead in front of the nightclub in Norrköping"
2019-12-05 23:16
sad to hear
2019-12-05 23:17
EliGE | 
United States USATOP1 
Sad to hear is a stupid thing to say in this case. Sweden has these issues since a long time now. Maybe do something against it instead of saying "sad to hear" everytime something like this happens.
2019-12-06 00:38
What do u expect him to do? It’s beyond his control and nothing you say on hltv matters in this case. All u rly can say is sad to hear
2019-12-06 01:13
normal day in sweden after the "migrant crisis" basically sweden is ruined by migrant terrorists and criminals
2019-12-06 01:55
Wait. It is only the beginning.
2019-12-05 23:03
Sweden dyzto 
there will probably be conservative block next election. i live in pretty much the best possible area with no violence but even here ppl are turning against the left
2019-12-05 23:05
United States PsychoLogical 
not really a surprise. The European Left really fucked up hard if the European Right actually rapidly surged in just 4 years and counting, all because of their negligence especially on immigration where the refugee crisis was the final nail to the coffin.
2019-12-05 23:08
Moldova Tobianski 
yes, in sweden is camel countery now. only criminals, people war in streets like its brazil or turkey level chaos. i feel bad for the swedish people
2019-12-05 23:07
Sweden dyzto 
not really but it's starting to get bad!
2019-12-05 23:11
Very sad bro :( I wish you could elect SD faster
2019-12-05 23:13
United States PsychoLogical 
but wait, that's only the beginning of what's yet to come :d
2019-12-05 23:04
Sweden dyzto 
2019-12-05 23:05
I think people get muredered every single day in every country except maybe iceland
2019-12-05 23:05
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
2019-12-05 23:06
Sweden dyzto 
simply not true
2019-12-05 23:06
There were approximately 17,000 murders in the USA in 2017 according to FBI statistics. That works out to about 46 per day out of a total population of 330 million. America has a murder rate lower than the global average, measured as murders per 100k or per capita. If usa has 46 killed every day with a population with 330 million and their murder rate is lower than the global average, then it wouldn't be crazy at all to claim that in most countries there is atleast 1 murder every day.
2019-12-05 23:11
Sweden dyzto 
first of all you didn't say most countries (you said pretty much all but iceland) infact in UNODC's global study we can see 142 out of 230 countries have a daily murder rate that's <1 even after changing your statement you couldnt get it right, unluko kid :)
2019-12-05 23:17
Germany SL3ID3R 
Sweden had 108 fatal crime cases in 2018 and im pretty sure once the 2019 stats come out its not gonna be far off the 100 either
2019-12-05 23:39
Japan 0x0$ 
Excluding micronations and small territories with little population Bahrain, 7 murders in 2014 Cyprus, 7 murders in 2017 Qatar, 9 murders in 2014 Singapore, 11 murders in 2017 Bhutan, 13 murders in 2017 Montenegro, 17 murders in 2017 Slovenia, 19 murders in 2017 Hong Kong, 24 murders in 2017 Oman, 24 murders in 2017 Norway, 27 murders in 2017 Estonia, 29 murders in 2017 New Zealand, 35 murders in 2017 Georgia, 39 murders in 2016 Ireland, 41 murders in 2017 Switzerland, 45 murders in 2017 Croatia, 46 murders in 2017 Austria, 56 murders in 2016 Scotland, 59 murders in 2017 Czechia, 66 murders in 2017 Albania, 68 murders in 2017 Finland, 69 murders in 2017 :DD Armenia, 70 murders in 2017 Denmark, 71 murders in 2017 Portugal, 76 murders in 2017 Slovakia, 80 murders in 2017 Latvia, 81 murders in 2017 Greece, 82 murders in 2017 Serbia, 94 murders in 2017 Bulgaria, 103 murders in 2017 Sweden, 113 murders in 2017 Netherlands, 132 murders in 2017 Jordan, 133 murders in 2017 Taiwan, 192 murders in 2015 Belgium, 193 murders in 2017 Australia, 203 murders in 2017 Hungary, 240 murders in 2017 Romania, 286 murders in 2017 Poland, 287 murders in 2017 South Korea, 301 murders in 2017 Japan, 306 murders in 2017 Spain, 307 murders in 2017 I didn't include a bunch of African/Asian countries too that qualified
2019-12-05 23:20
2019-12-06 01:56
2019-12-05 23:06
Sweden shakti 
It's true, sadly.
2019-12-05 23:12
valde | 
Denmark Thastum 
Hurry. Send your ladies over the Øresund Bridge to Denmark, we'll take care of them
2019-12-05 23:10
What was the average murders per week before that? It's sad bro, hope everything git gud soon
2019-12-05 23:18
Japan 0x0$ 
Sweden had 113 murders in 2017
2019-12-05 23:21
Holy, thats super low
2019-12-05 23:23
Japan 0x0$ 
It is actually on the higher end
2019-12-05 23:25
Sweden dyzto 
i can't remember, you get numb eventually. before when i was a kid a murder maybe happened once a week and it was like really big news. but now it's not a big deal, it's because gang members are the ones getting killed. other types of murders gets more attenion i guess
2019-12-05 23:21
I know how it is. I live in a city that most of the murders are gang related, so we get used to it. Actually, Brazil murders are gang related, basically
2019-12-05 23:26
still a lot of innocent people get affected too so just because gang members target other gang members doesnt mean that it doesnt affect the general popualtions
2019-12-06 00:08
Yes, of course, didn't meant to say that
2019-12-06 01:50
yea ik its just that alot of people think that gang crimes only affect actual gang members and not other
2019-12-06 02:12
Expected from the Swedish cuck media to cover up the truth.
2019-12-05 23:32
Sweden dyzto 
it's not that they cover up theres just no news value in it anymore because everyone knows what its about
2019-12-05 23:54
mc gang muders always existed in sweden xD
2019-12-06 00:12
lmao its not that bad in sweden you are either misinformed or lying
2019-12-06 00:44
Last night in sweden
2019-12-06 01:14
Wow isn't it weird how if you bring Africans into your country it becomes closer to Africa
2019-12-06 01:53
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