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Israel Hezekiel_Keepo 
I'm a very experienced full stack developer, this is how got where I am through the years: - Wow it compiles - Wow it shows on the screen - Wow there are different ways I can do this - Wow I can make the code more efficient/shorter/faster - Wow there are all these cool design patterns - Wow this design pattern X is the best - Wow I can make these cool one-liners that make me look smart and professional - Wow design pattern X is not the best in every situation - Wow instead of smart tricks I can make code that can be read by other people - Wow careful naming is actually important - Wow simplicity and readability is better than my previous cool one-liners - Wow I can make code that is easy to read, easy to maintain, smart and efficient - Wow my code is so good it basically documents itself - Wow I can write a module, leave the company, and someone I don't know can continue and think "dis good, yo"
2019-12-05 23:58
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s1mple | 
Poland Lepand 
ty, you must be rich from being so good at programming
2019-12-06 00:00
Israel Hezekiel_Keepo 
well depends what you call rich.. upper middle class
2019-12-06 00:04
s1mple | 
Poland Lepand 
you recommend career in programming?
2019-12-06 00:06
Israel Hezekiel_Keepo 
Yes, one of the jobs we are sure to have in the next decades. There is always work if you know what you are doing. Plus at least for me the job is great, I love doing it. Better than being some sales person in my opinion. Good for introverts. Just be humble and willing to learn.
2019-12-06 00:11
Denmark OscarGF 
Nice men))
2019-12-06 00:01
How long had you been learning programming before you got your first jiob?
2019-12-06 00:03
Israel Hezekiel_Keepo 
Wwell it started as a hobby when i was very young, like 12 or 13 or 14. We started a company when I was 19. I guess everyone has their own path.
2019-12-06 15:07
Kuwait Onlytruth3 
im at the cool one-liner part, but usually do comment it
2019-12-06 00:04
Sweden Sw4de 
i'm on line 4 or 5 atm
2019-12-06 00:07
Poland Hanse 
They are basicaly teaching in school how to get to, like, step 11?
2019-12-06 22:32
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