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TACO top 1 2019
Brazil NahT_ 
2019-12-06 03:04
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Brazil NiceBrazilian 
2019-12-06 03:14
Italy Jureg 
primo vaco
2019-12-06 21:35
Brazil MommyStealer 
best player on mibr
2019-12-06 03:19
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
best player of all teams in 2019*
2019-12-06 03:25
Brazil MommyStealer 
best human to ever touch a mouse and keyboard*
2019-12-06 03:28
although its troll i think he is doing good in mibr rn
2019-12-06 03:28
Brazil NahT_ 
2019-12-06 16:55
Italy bennyhana 
Why does he still have braces
2019-12-06 03:38
Estonia whosmans 
to straighten his teeth
2019-12-06 03:41
a lot of people get braces later on. nitr0 just got his removed in 2018, he had braces for a couple years before that too as a pro. some people either dont get them when they are younger or do a poor job of keeping them on without breaking them so they just get it as adults.
2019-12-06 16:56
Italy bennyhana 
And but at that age for that long? I think he had them for as long as he had been in the pro scene so like 4 years? Just kills ur looks and confidence and is such a burden just to straighten teeth a little? And then wear a retainer after for years all while cost many money fuck that
2019-12-06 20:46
That money is nothing to a pro.
2019-12-06 21:06
Italy bennyhana 
Haha what? These guys arent that rich money is money and i think it could go to something that doesnt make u look like an awkward fuck who is afraid to smile, like TACO.
2019-12-06 21:34
This is either an awful bait, or stupidity. Braces cost $6,000 without insurance. These guys make 6 figures (in USD) every year.
2019-12-06 21:43
Italy bennyhana 
until your tens of millions balls deep rich, 6 grand is still 6 grand all day. Can always have more money to give it to his family or some shit I just find it hilarious he wastes money for something no one rly gives a fuck about as long as ur teeth arent brit status then dont waste time + money looking awkward just my two cents. I think TACO could look level up if he just got the metal weights off the teeth
2019-12-06 22:22
Russia Ypp1 
2019-12-06 16:57
+1 agreed ez for Epitacio
2019-12-06 16:59
Taco is really good at support role
2019-12-06 17:57
2019-12-06 21:35
8/8 good bait.
2019-12-06 22:22
Brazil NahT_ 
Not a bait just facts
2019-12-06 22:29
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