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ATK fluke team?
ZywOo | 
France bad_englando_dont_laugh 
or actually good ?? i didnt watched them. so i want your opinions
2019-12-06 03:45
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erkaSt | 
United States NA_LULW 
T2 NA team, never breaking top 10 maybe top 15 if lucky in major
2019-12-06 03:46
oh okay ty mens
2019-12-06 03:48
erkaSt | 
United States NA_LULW 
Good fraggers tho
2019-12-06 03:48
Argentina Joedash 
so individual players have future?
2019-12-06 04:19
qikert | 
Canada cherryy 
floppy could have been on a bigger org like CoL or C9 had the cards fell differently. He will have a bright future no doubt. Same with Sonic and JT IMO. Motm and oSee - we'll see of they can remain at this level for awhile.
2019-12-06 05:28
they have a couple good t2/3 players and one player that looks to have potential
2019-12-06 03:57
We will see I hope they arent satisfied with their good placing here
2019-12-06 04:03
Argentina [Darkaren] 
They are pretty bad tbh, it was quite the upset but you'll never see this particular roster reaching deep into any tournament.
2019-12-06 04:06
syrsoN | 
Germany Ducarius 
2019-12-06 04:10
qikert | 
Canada cherryy 
Not a usual upset team IMO. They have great structure with a solid upcoming IGL (JT), good coach (T.C) and analyst (m1cks). If players like motm and oSee can continue to keep it up I have no doubt they'll move to top of NA regional scene below Liquid and EG - though CoL is looking scary so we'll have to see, and Gen.G is coming in soon as well.
2019-12-06 05:31
Canada ZHF 
most likely fluke
2019-12-06 04:16
Ofcourse they are
2019-12-06 04:45
INS | 
Australia CLEGGY 
There's literally no fluke with their run at pro league at all. They just haven't had any chances to show how good of a team they are until now. They are definetly a top 20/25 team potentially top 15 and will do good in further tournaments.
2019-12-06 04:53
United States Who_cars_mens 
Who team ?
2019-12-06 04:53
they didn't even beat any good teams... how could this be a fluke even? they did ok
2019-12-06 05:11
United States TrashPanda 
I don’t see why they would be considered a “fluke.” They’ve been on the rise for awhile now. I don’t see why it’s unfeasible to believe they can’t get top 15 eventually. They’re super young also.
2019-12-06 05:14
good individual skills and decisive tactics. so when they are on good form they really had some power. but then they meet some slow play style team like mouz/navi/fnatic i dont think they can handle probably.
2019-12-06 05:26
oBo | 
United States FrothaJuan 
LMAO they kept picking their 47% Winrate vertigo
2019-12-06 05:31
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