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Right is better than left
Finland petemeister 
You can see it in the names. Right is right, whereas left is what's left.
2019-12-06 19:37
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Brazil JMB_17 
+1 we should ban communism from HLTV
2019-12-06 19:38
It's right-wing and wrong-wing
2019-12-08 15:01
The usual retard arguments from the right, lol.
2019-12-06 19:42
easy to bait as ever
2019-12-06 20:07
2019-12-06 20:09
Iceland cracker132456 
left always falling for the easiest bait, lighten up, dont take everything so serious
2019-12-06 20:09
You do know what "lol" means, right?
2019-12-06 20:26
Iceland cracker132456 
means laugh out loud
2019-12-06 21:15
United Kingdom alcazar4 
worst sense of humour combination: german and left wing. do you even know how to laugh?
2019-12-06 20:31
2019-12-06 20:36
Your flag 100% checks out.
2019-12-06 20:34
Both teams suck
2019-12-06 19:43
+1 Agreed.
2019-12-06 20:36
I can confirm that right winged politics have better benefits for a developing and modern country.
2019-12-06 19:49
Norway Maximilianmus 
Hordes of immigrants is better for the economy tho
2019-12-06 20:08
Depends on the economy. If you have a large demand for low-skilled labour, I guess yayyy. Norway not so much I would think. Germany also overdid it recently, but just wait until the economy slows down and the additional cost really starts taking a toll, then the "mainstream politics" will be against uncontrolled/unqualified immigration as well. Just a matter of time.
2019-12-06 20:21
mass immigration just good for the rich.... - masses of low skilled labour = more unemployed = lower wages - while plebs talk about migrants all the time, the rich and all their abuses go unnoticed and they keep getting richer bonus: the retarded leftists are the icing on the cake: they support mass migration even if it has 0 benefits for anyone else aside the rich.
2019-12-06 20:25
"the retarded leftists are the icing on the cake: they support mass migration even if it has 0 benefits for anyone else aside the rich." What I have been saying for years. But being immigration friendly is part of the "new" progressive-leftists ideology. I have been making fun of those retards since middle school. Also their whole "Islam friendly" mentality is bs, leftists were always against religion playing a large role, now all of a sudden it's great although Islam is worse than the other ones?! Gotta love that logic.
2019-12-06 22:00
omg smart hltv user spotted
2019-12-08 14:59
Of course, you need to be too delusional to be a leftist
2019-12-06 19:52
front,back and side to side
2019-12-06 20:06
Germany D3RPyyy 
Right stands for differences between rich and poor while left stands for equal rights. Right stands for conservatism while left stands for progressivism. Right stands for egoism while left stands for solidarity. Right stands for wars while left stands for peace. Right helps the rich people while left helps the workers. Right stands for uncultured people while left stands for cultured people. Probably rn if you watch to your right there is a wall and if you watch to your left you will see your clothes your bed or more objetcs becouse its psychological you believe more on your left than on your right. Cheers
2019-12-06 20:17
United States PH4RMA 
Right thinks about the world rationally while left thinks about the world with emotions. Left says let's give everyone free food and money while right asks how are we going to pay for it Left says let's treat everyone equally while right says how do you reward those who take risks to innovate and create a better world Left says let's unite in our outrage because the world should be clouds and rainbows while the right says the world isn't a fair place and evil exists so grow up and don't be naive.
2019-12-06 20:28
flusha | 
Argentina MuraDPS 
2019-12-06 20:29
Germany D3RPyyy 
Well, as you present us, left is clearly better, mister trupmer goblin :)
2019-12-06 20:29
2019-12-06 20:30
If the right is so good, why do we use the left mouse button to click?
2019-12-06 20:38
Canada ZHF 
9999 IQ
2019-12-08 15:03
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