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why no cs_hostage in PRO
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
why did the hostage game mode never take off even a bit? not even new maps or tiny $100 tournements? surely it's possible to make more balanced hostage maps?
2019-12-07 01:54
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2019-12-07 01:56
Australia g00sey 
The economy is balanced in T favour because CT has positional advantage on most maps. If you give T all advantage it is very one sided
2019-12-07 01:57
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
truly a test of skill and breaching tactics i guess
2019-12-07 02:08
not like 1.6 nuke wasnt hilariously ct sided or something
2019-12-07 02:14
Australia g00sey 
Oh yeah of course, but imagine if that was a hostage map? It would be even worse.
2019-12-07 05:45
+1 I'd love to see the strats in hostage maps #BringBackcs_rio
2019-12-07 01:58
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
bring back militia ! !
2019-12-07 02:03
Australia g00sey 
assault > militia
2019-12-07 02:04
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
assault > csgo milita but . . css militia > assault
2019-12-07 02:06
Australia g00sey 
CSS militia was really fun. I still prefer all versions of assault over it (dont think ive played assault on csgo though)
2019-12-07 05:44
Militia and Rio are very related kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2019-12-07 02:05
Serbia Niddzaa 
Could work wirt some effort
2019-12-07 02:21
China SwooksarV2 
Would be interesting
2019-12-07 05:58
Lithuania arres 
because you would need to make cs maps more difficult for T side to hold. In competetive it would be heavily T sided. To work in comp maps should have more entrances to hostage rooms, make hostages further appart, make more exits, etc. Now even in matchmaking all the rounds end up after one team kills other, people can't manage to rescue hostages unless enemies don't know the map or are complete noobs. So imagine what a shit show would be happening in competetive.
2019-12-07 06:08
747 bestest.
2019-12-07 06:08
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