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Russia Groza_Sadika 
He is not even tilted after a game, despite the fact that he was the only impactful player on the map. Imagine losing miserably after contributing so much. He even got up to cheer up guardian, the guy who was dragging them down. So consistent, so mentally strong, even manages to help Boombl4 with coordinating, a perfect player. Easily one of the best riflers in the world and good IGL material imo. Much respect, shame that NAVI literally have monopoly on the best players in CIS
2019-12-07 20:27
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+1 Good guy Electronic.
2019-12-07 20:28
Canada roylin 
2019-12-07 22:34
why tilt when you get 25k/month
2019-12-07 20:29
He got a wife and a daughter tho, bad performances affecting his career can ruin his life
2019-12-07 20:32
he knows he is talented as fuck. there is no way electronic wont have a good career with good performance. he does what he does best and better than most pros.
2019-12-07 20:34
The thing is - Elec doesn't speak english. What will await him? Avangar?
2019-12-07 20:34
he will always play for the most prestigious cis team and his salary will be good. it is very unlikely that in the next 5-8 years cis cant make a decent team.
2019-12-07 20:36
You can't imagine how much I hope so, I'm sick of NAVIs management already
2019-12-07 20:37
yeah, syman/forze/avangar have a lot of promising players. there will be some great shuffles in the next 1-2 years.
2019-12-07 20:42
Whats left to us is believing that navi won't ruin them
2019-12-07 20:45
Sweden LimeyGaming 
He can always learn english. I've seen him speak a little bit. The more and more he plays fpl or whatever without all his cis buddies will help him improve it faster. He's still really young aswell, the future is wideopen for him. Most exciting player to watch in the world imo. Would love to see him lift trophies.
2019-12-07 21:09
Yeah, crossing fingers for him. International teams are not really strong in general imo, but elec should learn english asap. Imagine how high his transfer cost will be.
2019-12-07 21:13
Sweden LimeyGaming 
A lot of the top tier teams got a couple of different nationalities. It opens a lot of different career paths for him, which is never a bad thing. Look at the NA teams, both liquid and EG are multiple nationalities with english speakers. Faze, Mouz are two other teams in EU that can pay good salaries and compete. The CIS scene has some interesting teams and players too, so his career will be fine regardless.
2019-12-07 21:54
United Kingdom Pandify_Denje 
Doesnt mean you have to rage and tilt like s1mple tho. Im more like electroinic - calm and i try , if i lose okay , happens. Dont see anything bad with this. Im more annoyed by players like s1mple that tilt and rage a lot - you tilt the whole team with your bs. Cheering others increases your chances of winning a game instead of tilting them.
2019-12-07 22:50
Kazakhstan Argyn 
yea but better be dj 32k/month
2019-12-07 20:33
Norway AdNiB 
+1 Godtronic deserved better, ez 4 GOAT Russian player
2019-12-07 20:29
but i wonder how long na'vi guys are going to be that supportive, i bet all of them are hungry to win a big title but they are constantly dragged down by useless awper
2019-12-07 20:29
Everyone would get used to losing in a team after 2 years.
2019-12-07 20:30
Navi were pretty stable last year
2019-12-07 20:32
yes, elec is a good guy
2019-12-07 20:31
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
Electronic>s1mple Always was and always will be , both as a player and as a person.
2019-12-07 20:44
2019-12-07 20:57
It seemed the whole team wasn't that upset about defeat, only guardian was really emotional. I didn't like the guardian pick from the beginning, the guy has lost his skill completely, he's not confident in his plays at all. He might still wanting to win some throphies but he realizes that if he doesn't perfrom, he will be punished. I really like the current navi core s1mple,electronic and boombl4 but the rest two are pretty questionable. +jame +qikert its a dream lineup for me, so much firepower, all players are very expirienced. I really wanted them to win this tournament but thats how it is unfortunately. I guess the final decision on the roster will be made after EPICENTER, but knowing navi managment , they will probably give a chance for this roster till the next major and its actually sucks.
2019-12-07 20:46
navi will disband in the end of 2020 trust me. s1mple goes to mibr, electronic to forze to play with another tatars players, flamie goes to pro100 to play under zeus coaching and guardian retires. Boombla also retire cuz he can't walk with his 500kg
2019-12-07 20:52
Jame would be too much imo, sh1ro/xsepower looks more promising Agree with the rest, flamie/guardian are underperforming and should be replaced. Guys should be afraid losing their job, otherwise they won't tryhard, it just looks like boombl4, elec and s1 are the only ones that try to achieve something, not casually receiving monthly payment. Blade should show us his scouting skill once more
2019-12-07 20:52
navi wont take nonamers, s1mple will be back to awping if NaVi won't get Jame. And if NaVi get Jame boombla need to give him IGL role and be just entry fragger
2019-12-07 20:54
Thats why I hate NAVI's management, they just scoop the creamy part from CIS teams. Why not utilising blade's scouting skills? He was the one who raised most players in NAVI, why won't they let him search for more young stars?
2019-12-07 21:01
cuz they scared s1mple will leave if newcomer fails and there is actually big chance he fails. When s1mple was goiing to leave to mibr 1.5 years ago NaVi were planning to get Flarich and Ayivan who were much lower tier
2019-12-07 21:03
Again this guy and his ego. Gosh, s1mple should just join Faze and let navi breathe freely
2019-12-07 21:04
In what sense jame would be too much? Didn't really get that one
2019-12-07 20:54
Jame's game is all about making the most from tactics, positioning and and even sacrifices. Its just not really suitable for a firepower-oriented team like navi. Also, who will be the authority then? S1mples ego is a thing, after all
2019-12-07 20:57
I'm sure jame would easily adapt into the navi system, he's inredibly talented player and its not a big deal for him to change approach to the game. Have you seen him playing FPL? He does good there too even without structured tactics and other things that avangar do. I mean its not like he's useless without all team playing from him.
2019-12-07 21:05
Why convert such a good player with unique style into an ordinary fragger? Would be a disaster for both Avangar and the whole CIS imo. Navi surely have enough resources to buy him, but won't buying someone less significant be more effective? Avangar won't let their captain that easily, the price would be really significant. Even if they agree to do sell him, this will probably be the biggest deal in CIS CS history.
2019-12-07 21:14
''guys should be afraid of losing their jobs'' and what the fuck are you think their doing? do you think they dont care? whats this? seriously you russians are so braindamaged sometimes that it hurts.
2019-12-07 21:40
why are you so salty? Ofc they won't be afraid of losing their jobs with navi's policy, "give them more chances", "will get 'em next time". I've been navi fan for long enough to realise that these players should get out of their comfortable zone.
2019-12-07 21:43
did you see that fucking video or are you just really so braindamaged from living in poverty for your whole life
2019-12-07 21:45
streamable not accessible in russia, banned due to copyright issues. mirror it somewhere if u really want me to watch it. Btw guardian should really bring himself together for epicenter, and I would be the first to celebrate if he does so. And cz guy is not to speak about poverty, you don't know anything about me, edgy boy
2019-12-07 21:49
man, I prayed and waited for zeus and edward to leave na'vi not to see another bot take their place, gurdian was shit at every tournament na'vi attended so far, i like the guy, but he dragging his team down
2019-12-07 22:21
yeah, it seems the truth may affect some people's feelings
2019-12-07 22:24
flamie is OK tho, he performed decently on every big event that I watched this year. See no points to kick him right now
2019-12-07 22:57
I suspect GuardiaN will retire soon (or at least I hope so), which would mean someone else will have to join. I think that would make Na'Vi top 5!
2019-12-07 20:54
Austria k1x_ 
they need jame he would fit perfectly
2019-12-07 21:13
That's disgusting...
2019-12-07 21:33
Canada roylin 
+1 <3
2019-12-07 20:55
Hmmm, thats why I stopped eatching COS stream, thank you for reminding m8
2019-12-07 21:06
ur welcome m8
2019-12-07 21:34
Yeah he’s a monster when he’s on form. Just a shame he’s always coughing
2019-12-07 21:07
probably has chronic sore throat or someting, you actually made me feel curious about it
2019-12-07 21:35
Yeah hopefully it’s nothing serious, but it’s odd to cough as much as he does
2019-12-07 22:09
mb smoking too much, hmm
2019-12-07 22:26
he smoked a lot of spice before.
2019-12-07 22:34
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
+1, great guy electronic, unlike toxic rager s0mple, aka chair puncher
2019-12-07 21:12
yea, he got shit attitude, but without him na'vi would be just another average cis team
2019-12-07 22:27
+1 electronic great person and great player aswell much respect for him
2019-12-07 21:15
Poland v1ctorex 
Yeah just ignore all the tournaments where elec was shitting bed and s1mple were miles ahead of him
2019-12-07 21:37
?? He didn't even mention s1mple and electronic was good in every tournament. Haha s0mple fans so jealous of him.
2019-12-07 21:49 good guy electronic, knows that guardian can play better and hes just not in his form, unlike you salty hltv lifeless ragers. and if its going to make you happy, until major guardian will retire.
2019-12-07 21:40
2019-12-07 22:27
guardian can play better, but somehow didn't show it on any of the tournaments Na'Vi have attended
2019-12-07 22:29
Real top 1 in Na'vi by attitude and by performance.
2019-12-07 21:47
+1 actual hard-worker from Navi to bad he won't achieve anything with this team btw what does your nickname mean?
2019-12-07 21:52
they improved, now need to kick guardian and get some decent player
2019-12-07 22:32
You can translate urself mate, my nickname is simple enough
2019-12-07 22:36
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Cos he's not a typical toxic ruski from mm. He knows it doesn't help anyone to rage.
2019-12-07 21:57
he played good, everyone knows hes good, he has good future ahead. Doesnt give a shit about winning or losing, its all about building hes own character and hes done his part. he happy. its all business baby
2019-12-07 22:29
One of the best CIS players
2019-12-07 22:35
United States No0bZ57 
I like electronic. He seems dedicated to the game and has a good attitude while having a kid. If anyone on NaVi deserves to win, it's him.
2019-12-07 22:36
Yeah, one literally can't think of a reason to hate him, its really hard to find people genuinely hating him.
2019-12-07 22:44
-guardian +jame
2019-12-07 22:53
See now problems with s1, he is just more emotional than cold blooded tatartronic.
2019-12-07 23:01
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