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Boxing or muay thai?
Philippines 1zzyLiks 
I'm planning to go to the gym and enroll either one of this two. Pls help me choose
2019-12-08 04:18
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Muay thai, because its more applicable to real life situations and it does more damage/effort spent
2019-12-08 04:23
2019-12-08 04:37
rain | 
African Union Bruce U 
is he going street fighting? maybe he just wants to exercise
2019-12-09 06:44
Canada ProvexPyker 
Why wouldn't boxing be applicable? What's the difference even
2019-12-09 07:45
Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, huh? More applicable. Ergo, more useful. Because, you know, hands and feet are superior to only using hands. It's not rocket science, it's simple science.
2019-12-09 23:06
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
may be true but hardly science
2019-12-09 23:05
Def true. Doesn't really matter though, because both a muay thai and boxer guy would be shit out of luck in a real fight against anyone with jiu jitsu or wrestling knowledge, as majority of real life fights go to the ground after the initial pea-cocking and flexing of biceps with hail marys and weak jabs.
2019-12-09 23:09
"majority of real life fights go to the ground" nah they dont and u say they go to the ground cuz they cant fight ( "hail marys and weak jabs") But a muy thai or "boxer guy" knows how to fight so your reasoning why ground fighting skillls would be superior does not apply, cuz in that scenario there are no weak jabs and hail marys. and most ground fighting techniques do not work in real life scenarios ,not enough space, u can grab things, no rules so you can poke in the eye ,bite,or punsh to the nuts.
2019-12-09 23:54
Totally wrong. As long as there is room to sit down flat on your ass there is room enough to manouver a submission on someone totally oblivious as to how the body works. Most fights that isn't just a punch to the face and thats the end will eventually be going to a clinch and if you aren't totally retarded you will take it to the ground. In the scenario of boxer/muay thai against somene fitted for ground fight, the ground fighter would have the more reasonable odds as his fighting style is desigend around getting you to the ground as quick as possible, whereas, say, a boxer would train to be fighting other boxers. Totally and utterly useless against a guy getting a hold around your body 100% unless you knock him out on the first blow, which is not likely. Real life isn't like in the movies.
2019-12-10 00:20
fighting on the ground in Street fights is the most stupid thing i can think of you are not in a dojo with a sparring partner
2019-12-10 00:24
What the fuck does that matter? If a big fucking muscly guy goes at me I will take the fight where I will make him look like the fucking weak guy.
2019-12-10 00:34
Have fun grappling on concrete. Try to mount or do a lock only to gets your eyes scratched and your balls smashed. Let's not even dwell on the fact anyone can use your head as a football. You NEVER EVER go to the ground in a streetfight.
2019-12-10 01:08
that guy just wants to dry hump you
2019-12-10 01:53
2019-12-10 01:57
Russia cuba_libre10 
bro the only time wrestling/grappling/bjj helps is if you want to down a drunk man at the bar, and keep him down. Most streets fight will end quick and on the feet, i'd much rather be a quick muay thai/kickboxer than a wrestler/jj guy. Especially since I can better gauge distance then. you're not trying to pull an omoplata against a random dude on the streets man)) quick feint and looping swing/kick to the side of the ears and the guy is shook and thrown off balance. Reaction speed and quick thinking > "i wiLL sUbMiT yOu bRo"
2019-12-10 00:36
anyways ur logic is completely flawed u say that the guy who is trained in ground fighting has an advantage against trained " Regular" fighters in a fight THAT DOESNT START AS A GROUND FIGHT wuat i meeaaaaan wuattt ??? U realise u always start at a disadvantage ? that in order fot you to even have a chance u need to get them to the ground first. U realise that ji jitsu fighters are also trained to fight other jiu jitsu fighters ???
2019-12-10 00:59
Hi, just want to say, that in early times of the ufc, bjj Guys were dominating,because every1 was only good at standup. Just saying, bjj is a good weapon if used right.
2019-12-10 01:36
of course it is, no one is denieng that. But its not superior in a street fight against Boxeing/muay thai
2019-12-10 14:34
United Kingdom Megamo10 
2019-12-31 05:54
clown. sitting in the nursery and talking the applicability of martial arts in rl, as an adult, I tell you now: there is no relevance for any martial arts in rl if you dont see your future as a bouncer in your village club.
2019-12-10 00:30
Ramblings of an utter fool.
2019-12-10 03:15
he's right tho gives confidence and makes you fit but that's all
2019-12-10 14:35
Brazil ricabieber 
krav maga
2019-12-08 04:25
Greenland BrutallyHonest 
2019-12-08 04:26
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
thai food pretty good
2019-12-08 04:27
Yellow curry hella lit.
2019-12-09 08:40
I personally think boxing is cooler but man, you gotta decide this for yourself, we can't help you with here.
2019-12-08 04:33
beer and a gun
2019-12-08 04:43
Just kidding, go for jiu jitsu
2019-12-08 04:45
Korea SugaHyung 
Get in shape and then I'll help you choose.
2019-12-08 04:45
United States blessedMMA_ 
Been doing muay thai for 14 years and there is nothing quite like it. But it really depends on what you're planning to do. If you wanna go pro i'd say boxing is still easier, it's also better to earn money. If you wanna get fit and stay in shape either one will be great for you. For those people who are saying muay thai is better for street fights, i'd say that only partly true, most street fights are usually fist fights, and you'll learn how to use your footwork to your advantage in both sports. You really can't go wrong here. I'd suggest you to check our your local gyms and ask the people if the coaches are actually capable of teaching you valuable things, there is nothing worse than going to/paying for the gym and making no progress because of a terrible coach. good luck
2019-12-08 04:52
Philippines 1zzyLiks 
I already found a gym near me. It costs $70 for unlimited sessions in 30 days. The price is good or nah?
2019-12-08 05:11
United States blessedMMA_ 
sounds like a bit much but if the gym is in good condition and the coaches are competent, its worth the money.
2019-12-08 05:18
Wait 70 is a lot? Shit I pay 100 at mine for MT and BJJ unlimited times per month
2019-12-09 06:16
United States blessedMMA_ 
100 usd? bro you crazy
2019-12-09 06:41
lmfao in fresno it was 120 a month, was Josh Koscheck's gym tho. the one now is under Jack McVicker idk if you know him, he's big in the bjj scene
2019-12-09 06:58
United States blessedMMA_ 
aight bro if you attend big name gyms its obviously gonna be expensive, but i honestly wouldnt pay over 70 as a fresh beginner.
2019-12-09 07:07
i mean the one in fresno was the closest to me and the one in the town i live now is the only bjj gym in the area, so it is what it is
2019-12-09 07:22
Brazil ZlatanIsGod 
Nt,Dupreeh.Nothing will save you here in Brazil.
2019-12-08 04:51
Billy | 
United States Russso 
come to brazil
2019-12-09 07:51
Muay thai is 10/10
2019-12-08 04:56
Muay thai is 10/10
2019-12-08 04:56
Both are really good, and in my experience I personally prefer boxing. Both sports will get you really fit because they'll require you to work your entire body very hard. If you're looking to learn how to fight then boxing may be a good choice because it will teach you to slip punches and attack quickly, however, muay thai will also teach you to use kicks and elbows which is also a benefit. Be warned though, constantly targeting the head in boxing means that long term brain injuries are much more likely in boxing, so you may want to consider that if you ever look to compete. Overall, both are fantastic ways to stay fit, and both will be very effective in teaching you to fight. I personally prefer boxing, but I recommend that you just go with the one that looks like more fun to you.
2019-12-08 05:33
muay thai boxers coming to our gym always get rekt lmao, all goofy kicks n shit
2019-12-09 06:11
Finland qlack_ape_52 
karate. /close
2019-12-09 06:26
kids sport
2019-12-09 08:17
I'd lay you out with just a jab homie, dont play.
2019-12-09 06:49
says the kid who has never worked a single limb in his life at all XD ahahaha nice pretend
2019-12-09 08:15
Clearly ure the one that hasnt sparred a decent boxer
2019-12-09 13:30
Billy | 
United States Russso 
muay thai is shit
2019-12-09 07:50
boxers coping hard with their baby sports axaxa
2019-12-09 08:15
United States blessedMMA_ 
a real thaiboxer wont hate on other martial artist, this is not a competition. get real
2019-12-09 08:17
im not even hating lol i respect each arts alot i just wanna put on my clown mask and trigger people on hltv XD
2019-12-09 08:18
2019-12-09 08:38
United States blessedMMA_ 
I respect you russo, but dont talk shit about muay thai fam
2019-12-09 08:16
Billy | 
United States Russso 
i see u
2019-12-09 08:19
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim 
depends what you want to do? -,..,-
2019-12-09 06:25
2019-12-09 06:38
+1 bjj + MT best combo
2019-12-09 08:20
kick-boxing, karate or muay thai. all others suck why only learn boxing when u can learn kick-boxing ?
2019-12-09 06:39
Canada ProvexPyker 
I'd say boxing, only because it's something I've wanted to pick up. Honestly though just try out something and switch to the other if you don't like it.
2019-12-09 07:46
Canada ProvexPyker 
You don't even need a trainer, just read Hajime No Ippo and you'll be pro at boxing 👍
2019-12-09 08:18
you can be a god at doing drills but when you actually spar is where your technique goes into the trash can if you do combat sports you better start off in the gym with a coach to avoid bad habits and to actually step in a ring
2019-12-09 08:22
Billy | 
United States Russso 
boxing. I've been doing it for a while and it's just awesome
2019-12-09 07:49
if its just on a casual basis i recommend boxing over muay thai, most of their training schedules are fairly similar up until the sparring honestly, (clinching & the leg work are different in muay thai obviously)
2019-12-09 08:22
Romania DoINeedAName 
Boxing no1
2019-12-09 08:26
Billy | 
United States Russso 
2019-12-09 08:27
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
It comes down to personal preference really, i trained muay thai cause its more versatile and loved leg kicks
2019-12-09 08:31
both are great ways to learn how to hurt people really fucking badly, so it's probably best to base your choice off of convenience. the closest, cheapest, highest quality lessons are the ones you're most likely to attend consistently, and the only way to improve at anything is to consistently do it. good luck man.
2019-12-09 08:35
muay thai is more versatile cause you learn how to kick and receive kicks beside punching boxing is easier i guess but if he fights a kick user hes gonna cry in pain cause his legs are not conditioned and might get crippled. im not joking, even if you go to the gym and do leg day u wont have a clue what it feels like to get kicked on your hips, thighs and knees
2019-12-09 13:55
autist | 
Germany Tool_ 
muay thai no doubts
2019-12-09 23:06
muay thai, others are gay
2019-12-09 23:08
Spain akproxx 
wherever u like most but Muay thai feels a better option for life
2019-12-09 23:08
Russia cuba_libre10 
Surprised no one here mentioned judo. Btw any stand up artist will beat ground artist in a street fight most of the time. You fella's dont realize most of the ground martial arts take advantage of the fact that you are enclosed in an octagon/ring or whatever. Irl, the muay thai guy has more room, so he won't get wrestlefucked like khabib vs barboza against the fence. And the initial move for taking someone down is very risky irl, where your opponent could be carrying sharp objects. Do you really want to bullcharge for the single leg takedown when the guy might be holding a knife ? didnt think so.
2019-12-10 00:41
United States blessedMMA_ 
judo has always been left out by casuals, it doesn't look as appealing to most kids, though its absolutely lethal if done properly.
2019-12-10 01:47
United Kingdom Megamo10 
2019-12-31 05:54
Boxing all the way
2019-12-10 01:00
Punching is useless unless your punches can literally destroy people, you want more grappling as if you're going to be fighting someone it could likely be in self defence and they might have a weapon so you want to grapple them and disarm them or get them to the ground and subdue them as quick as possible.
2019-12-10 01:58
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