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nvme installation
Fifflaren | 
Norway StillAwake 
Sup HLTV, can you help me with a nvme installation? I installed my new nvme, it doesn't get detected by my system... I have a Crucial MX500 installed and now want to add a Crucial P1 CT1000P1SSD8. My motherboard is the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO. I'm pretty sure I installed it put it correctly into the bottom M2 slot of the MB ( I used the bottom one because the top one is difficult to access because of the cpu cooler) Amy ideas are very welcome
2019-12-08 15:04
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Maybe try this to make a partition.
2019-12-08 15:06
Russia xtkjdtr01 
2019-12-08 15:08
"If your M.2 drive isn’t recognized by your system’s BIOS when you boot up, shut down your computer and reseat the drive (unplug it from the M.2 socket, then reattach it and fasten it in place using the installation steps noted above). After the drive has been reseated, turn on your computer. The BIOS should recognize the drive. "
2019-12-08 15:15
2019-12-08 15:24
Search for "Create partition" in windows - find the NVME drive and format it.
2019-12-08 15:32
ty yep I did exactly that and it worked. I didn't know you need to format the disks now
2019-12-08 15:34
Bump. I should have clarified a bit more. The NvME is found in the BIOS (seg:bus:dev:func = 00:02:00:00) I use SATA3 for my other SSD. When I boot windows, on my computer I only see the SSD drive as a storage device? wtf
2019-12-08 15:24
can u see it in the driver manager list?
2019-12-08 15:27
Oki I solved the problem (disk wasn't formated in the disk management tool)
2019-12-08 15:31
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