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Fnatic VS Mousesport
JW | 
Sweden BlixtenMcGregor 
I Think Mousesport will take this Bo5. They are a great team, they just need to get more consistent. I like how close the top 9-10 teams are to each others. I can't wait for next year, it will be so fun and interesting and see how all the teams have developed after some free time and training. Ranking RN imo: #1. Astralis #2. Liquid #3. Fnatic #4. EG #5. 100T #6. Mousesport #7. NaVI #8. Faze #9. NIP #10. Vitality Thoughts?
2019-12-08 18:39
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Georgia Gvprtskvni 
No thoughts
2019-12-08 18:40
tf is that
2019-12-08 18:40
It's the FAKKING list yo.
2019-12-08 18:41
so u think that mouz'll get only 100 points for winning this tournament? 0/8
2019-12-08 18:41
I don't think the teams will be on this ranks after this tournament, I just rated them after what rank I think each team deserves atm.
2019-12-08 18:42
ezly lol.
2019-12-08 18:43
so mouse beat eg every time they played them, but you put them 6th and eg 4th. 2 iq?
2019-12-08 18:41
Then we can't have a list because all teams beats each other atm? 1 IQ? and read #7
2019-12-08 18:44
1. Astralis 2. fnatic 3. Liquid 4. EG/Mousesports (Depends on how cleanly mouz closes the game) 5. Mousesports/EG (Depends on how cleanly mouz closes the game) 6. Na'Vi 7. 100T 8. FaZe 9. Vitality 10. NiP
2019-12-08 18:42
Finland KuKkaa 
That's better ranking but 100T not even top8 imo
2019-12-08 18:44
7 - 10 is pretty unpredictable atm, 100t can def fall even lower though, true.
2019-12-08 18:45
I feel that It is difficult to place all the teams atm when all teams wins against each other. The only spot that is certain imo is Astralis #1.
2019-12-08 18:49
Well, i was right about fnatic at least :)
2019-12-09 20:38
Finland KuKkaa 
Lets see how it look like after 3-4 weeks
2019-12-10 09:05
Liquid so fkn overrated. Havent done anything since like june. 1 grand final and they are #2? Hahahahahaha.
2019-12-08 18:44
Well after owning the first half of the year, I think they have earned atleast the second spot :)
2019-12-08 18:46
First half and now its december. Hahahahahha
2019-12-08 18:48
Name two teams that have achieved more than Liquid this year?
2019-12-08 18:51
"Ranking RN" and you start talking about "this year". Achievements in may/june are irrelevant now in decemeber when they have done nothing since.
2019-12-08 19:00
United States Jack1CS 
" I just rated them after what rank I think each team deserves atm." ATM What has liquid done in the past 3 months? I think that's way more relevant than what they did in April. Fnatic #2
2019-12-08 19:03
I think that tournament placing aint a good reflection of how good the teams are because there is so many factors you need to take in account. Like look at how fnatic plays today compared to when they met Liquid, it a huge difference. If liquid had met todays fnatic roles might have been changed. And I rank Liquid so high because I think that when all teams play their best, only Astralis will beat Liquid. They are just in a slump RN because of everyone is beating everyone, alot of tournaments attended and so on.
2019-12-08 19:23
NIP over vitality? even with only Zywoo Vitality can beat them easily
2019-12-08 18:44
Well the last two times they met, NIP won. So for me NIP was the obvious choice, but you might be right.
2019-12-08 18:53
mantuu | 
Europe R2D2s 
No salty fnatic fan, that's unexpected
2019-12-08 18:45
50% Fnatic + 50% NiP :))
2019-12-08 18:53
1.Astralis 2.Fnatic 3.Mousesports 4.Liquid 5.EG 6.FaZe 7.100T 8.NaVi 9.NiP 10.Vitality
2019-12-08 18:46
Turkey Thunderball 
mouse way better than 100t
2019-12-08 18:54
I agree, when both teams play their best Mousesport wins. But I think Mouse is way more inconsistent than 100T so that's why they got that placing :)
2019-12-08 18:56
Deqac is that
2019-12-08 18:58
It's a list, want me to read it for you? Or maybe you have a thought or an opinion you would like to share? :)
2019-12-08 19:01
Yeah , 2nd one, i mean thats list is shit Thats all, ty
2019-12-08 19:14
whats so bad about it? :)
2019-12-08 19:23
Hhmmmm, mb im gonna say ...... Everything, yeah thats right
2019-12-08 19:28
okey so astralis not #1?
2019-12-08 19:31
Liquid isnt 2nd, fnatic isnt 3rd,eg isnt 4th, 100t isnt 5th, mouz isnt 6th, navi isnt 7th
2019-12-08 19:33
How would you rank them then? :)
2019-12-08 19:33
1 Astr 2 mouz 3 Fnatic 4 Liquid 5 NaVi 6 EG 7 100T 8 Vit 9 Faze 10 g2 (Top according to rn perfomance) P.s i know u wanna make some more com using me so thats why it was my last com
2019-12-08 19:38
The ranking looks good aswell. You might be right, who knows. I respect your opinion and wish you a good night.
2019-12-08 19:42
Argentina Joedash 
vitality doesnt deserve even to be in the top 10, take'em out of there
2019-12-08 19:44
Turkey okokaslan 
w0xic MVP
2019-12-08 19:44
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