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Who tf is Juice
Czech Republic Cuki_ 
Who is him? I have never heard anything of him and now everywhere are messages about his death. Why didnt you write about him before?
2019-12-08 20:30
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Nertz | 
Turkey Nigotess 
Famous rapper (JW)
2019-12-08 20:31
you never realize the true value of someone/something until you lose it
2019-12-08 20:31
apparently everyone is suddenly a fan of him
2019-12-08 20:32
Canada bbno$ 
Don't think that's it tho is it lad
2019-12-08 20:39
I've been a fan of his for like 10 years
2019-12-08 20:39
since he was 11? hmmm
2019-12-08 20:40
so u have to be 10yo if u listen to music like this
2019-12-08 20:40
I still see your shadows in my room Can't take back the love that I gave you It's to the point where I love and I hate you And I cannot change you so I must replace you
2019-12-08 20:41
ffs men, I see U first time in my life, WTF, sorry but no homo
2019-12-08 21:11
I still love you men
2019-12-08 21:12
United States codgun 
former levitate player
2019-12-08 20:41
Yugoslavia seeeed 
Juice Manne really good rapper. Well at least used to be back in the 90s. Hes medicore as of right now sadly ;(
2019-12-08 20:44
some random rapper, idc about him
2019-12-08 20:42
Juice box?
2019-12-08 20:42
beer education
2019-12-08 20:42
United States RopzIsCute 
He's a former player on Na'Vi:
2019-12-08 20:43
Who tf is Juice
2019-12-08 20:44
NiKo | 
Australia nikofan 
I heard one of his song before.. lucid dreams... Wow really sad that he's gone..
2019-12-08 20:44
some druggie that od'd
2019-12-08 20:45
Shara | 
China |REM1| 
guess he was some zoomer rapist
2019-12-08 21:12
Ireland sexiestuser 
juicy j is kinda outdated rn but idk he is able to make some bangers doe😩👌
2019-12-08 21:12
United States Number1User 
type of drink.
2019-12-08 21:13
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