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Advantages - CSmoney v steam market
Romania MM_bestest 
Is it me or CSMONEY really offers no advantages to steam market. We know steam market takes a 15% commission on every item you sell. So obviously people are more inclined to trade their items on csmoney or other trading websites. However, looking at CSMONEY, it actually the same shit. They value your own inventory at much lower price than the steam one and they value their own inventory at higher price than steam one. Basically if you have a Bowie Tiger Tooth that costs 180 on steam CSMONEY -> values your Bowie at 160 -> values their own Bowie at 190. You lose more with trading than if you would pay steam 15%. A fucking scam
2019-12-09 12:15
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skinbaron is bestest mens)))
2019-12-09 12:17
Skinbaron do not have trading I believe. I know its a good site to sell or buy skins though
2019-12-09 12:19
North America sickdeadgle 
raise prices :( bad service
2019-12-13 09:12
What can you even expect from third parties leeching off from steam market?
2019-12-09 12:22
You would expect them to at least ask less than steam market and still make tons of money. Instead they just fool you with the "trading is 0% fee" bullshit and inflate their prices. Meh
2019-12-09 12:25
-ask less than steam market -still make tons of money You're bad at math, aren't you? How do you expect for such site to be profitable here?
2019-12-09 12:30
Dude. Trades don't cost money on steam market. Are you retarded? So instead of the 15% we lost on steam market maybe they could make a margin of 10%? So far they ask much more for their inventory and ask much less from yours which comes to more than 15%. Which in fact makes steam market less expensive including their 15% commission. Expected from Latvia brain
2019-12-09 13:22
Right, there was option to trade on steam, I forgot. :D
2019-12-09 13:23
Derkeps | 
CIS Venchek 
Have you ever seen this thing on steam market? I'm talking about the buy order (or requests idk) So, csmoney use deposit and withdraw formulas: the deposit formula would be like - "request price - k" ; ("k" = 0.03 - 0.08*request (order) price) withdraw formula = "request price + k" But still, i can make some mistakes at the multipliers for "k" upd. multipliers can even be like 0.11- 0.145 for some expensive items like M4 Howl ST, Dopplers BP, etc. Plus, sometimes, csmoney can rise the price on 15% just for skin status (duped or non-duped (original))
2019-12-09 12:35
2019-12-13 09:13
North America sickdeadgle 
Here is a price comparison SKINBARON - (NOT HOLD) CS.MONEY - (NOT HOLD) SKINBAY - (NOT HOLD) and you advise other sites...
2019-12-13 09:19
Finland Qurko 
don't use these sites please just sell the skins on fucking facebook forum or something. i dunno how valve hasn't shut them down yet
2019-12-13 09:21
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