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United Kingdom ivolong 
what is he up to now? after he left c9, i assumed he retired for good thinking he was 29 but he's only 26 - still a potential he doesn't seem to stream that much and i haven't seen him elsewhere so what is he doing?
2019-12-10 21:18
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Other Montgolfier 
He retired. The End.
2019-12-10 21:19
Finland Cloud9_1_Major description Are you done with CSGO? No.
2019-12-10 21:19
Finland Smoonah 
he should edit it to Yes.
2019-12-10 21:52
well, he hasn't yet :)
2019-12-10 22:04
Finland Smoonah 
tell him to do it for me please.
2019-12-10 22:04
2019-12-10 22:15
still potential OMEGALUL, he retired and he not coming bacc ever
2019-12-10 21:19
United States brbsyt 
Dont blame him no1 wants to be forced playing a toxic old game like this
2019-12-10 21:52
Where did i blame him americano
2019-12-10 21:53
United States brbsyt 
Back to africa you go
2019-12-10 21:55
Racist cuz africa outsmart usa xaxaxaaaxxxxxaxxaxax
2019-12-10 21:57
United States brbsyt 
zulul vivon
2019-12-10 22:38
2019-12-11 03:55
Ukraine zCainee 
2019-12-11 07:18
Even if he comes back to play professionally, would he be able to adapt to the current meta?
2019-12-10 21:23
Depends on which team he hops on to
2019-12-10 21:44
2019-12-11 04:50
Definitely. Like many gamers that go from one fps to another, he's got a natural talent for it. it wouldn't take him long to get the particulars down.
2019-12-10 22:02
+1 but he'll also need teammates willing to put in the same efforts.
2019-12-11 04:51
Asia asianstewie 
R u kidding me he still plays good in his recent streams mens
2019-12-11 03:56
It's not about playing good on streams, the game has changed a lot since he stopped playing. If he wants to go pro again, he'll need to go through all the new strats teams are using. No doubt his individual skill is more than enough, but he'll also need to focus on the tactical side which developed a lot since he left. Else, he would become like tenz, good in streams but shit in pro matches
2019-12-11 04:50
100% He can. He didn't even come from a cs background of any kind when he came to go and started dominating locally. Would take him a while but he could be decent.
2019-12-11 05:50
i think it's possible he may come back in some capacity in the future. in ddk's recent podcast with stewie, stew said that he thinks ska watching cs from the outside for this long has made him hungry to play again. so i think he will come back in some way. either trying to grind his way up again or just play on an advanced team or something. he's still 26 so there's still a chance (even if less likely) for him to find form again
2019-12-10 21:23
2019-12-10 21:27
btw he streams a ton atm. idk why you think he doesnt
2019-12-10 21:28
ah couldnt see that
2019-12-11 02:21
Brazil inv1se 
he is a nanny now
2019-12-10 21:29
I’m calling it now, Skadaddy will be in an top 15 team in the first half of 2020
2019-12-10 21:45
throwing for sand dune skins now
2019-12-10 21:51
Finland Smoonah 
does Shrouds dishes now
2019-12-10 21:53
Poland doxa2137 
He will comeback with n0thing you hear it first
2019-12-10 21:54
woxic | 
Nigeria Blues 
he won major recently
2019-12-10 21:55
He usually stream daily I don't watch his stream because they're boring af, but I see him live often
2019-12-11 03:52
Canada ZHF 
He's become a full time streamer now
2019-12-11 03:56
bring back old ibp! mOE Bloominator Skadoodle FBG Polen
2019-12-11 04:01
lmfao bloominator PedoBear
2019-12-11 04:57
bruh he tried to expose the esea corruption and they spun a story on his ass smh :'(
2019-12-11 05:00
skidaddle skadoodle ur dick is now a noodle
2019-12-11 05:08
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
would love a comeback from 3 na starts together in shroud, ska and n0thing tbh... hope it actually happens)))
2019-12-11 05:12
Nah :/
2019-12-11 05:46
World ZMDR 
shroud LUL never gonna happen
2019-12-11 05:53
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
i literally said hope and you still rejecting it wow... whats wrong with wanting it?
2019-12-11 08:28
Always seemed like little passion and commitment held him back. He always seemed very unmotivated from the outside. What he is doing? Playing other games all day. Pretty much jumps onto every game that comes out and gets nolifed for a couple of weeks. Last time I saw him was on WoW Classic etc. often with shroud.
2019-12-11 07:24
Potential LUL. He was one of the worst awpers even at his peak.
2019-12-11 07:27
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
not really but ok
2019-12-11 08:28
Show your flag, or dont you have eggs?
2019-12-11 08:42
I have a flag, are you blind? But if you want my country: Russia.
2019-12-11 09:05
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