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New operation worst thing to happen to csgo
United States fade4182 
Seriously we paid like $15 just to do cs homework wtf is this shit lmao Get 5 ssg08 kills in danger zone Lmao remove that “danger zone” from the game
2019-12-11 02:34
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United States fade4182 
Think about it this is worse than the op r8, tec9, cz, etc. at least it was fun using them. This is just cancer aids
2019-12-11 02:42
Turkey headshotk1ng 
I was thinking the same, back then it was way more fun seriously now you need to wait a week just to get 1-2 stars more and earn 1 drop and you have to wait all the time. In the end if u dont get lucky to get a red drop from collections u'll lose money.
2019-12-11 02:37
Sweden meistr0 
1 drop? You get like 4-5 drops per week except when ur close to getting a skin for your character.
2019-12-11 03:15
Turkey headshotk1ng 
still hurts when u miss drop by 1 star. back then it was sick..
2019-12-11 03:43
5 ssg08 kills in danger zone is easy if u are not a peanut like turok
2019-12-11 02:40
+1 tbh
2019-12-11 02:48
Care to give tips? I am getting so fucking mad because i keep dying. I am so fucking unlucky
2019-12-11 03:01
try to get some early-round kills(i recommend playing with a teammate and tell him to leave money for you from killed enemies),plant explosives to receive money after it explodes,choose get money for surviving a wave perk or money for exploring = easiest way to get 3250$ for ssg,then u go to some spots with a lot of covers(recommend sirocco for it) and make sure you don't have someone close to you,now it's sniper fiesta for you,that's the way i did it :D sorry for bad englando
2019-12-11 03:06
Thanks, I am so tilted and unlucky right now that I keep dying every fucking time to a guy with a weapon when i only have a pistol. literally cant find any fucking thing in this trash gamemode and when I get i get killed from behind, its infuriating. Also what do you mean by plant explosives to receive money after it explodes? ty
2019-12-11 03:07
"Also what do you mean by plant explosives to receive money after it explodes? ty" there are some white-green boxes on the map in random places,when u see one u come close to it and hold "E" to plant the bomb,now u go to a safe distance from it(check on tablet for the range of the explosion) and once it explodes u go back to it and collect the money
2019-12-11 03:09
ohh I saw a lot of them but just ignored, ty for tips
2019-12-11 03:14
np,gl in the mission bro
2019-12-11 03:15
Argentina Baby_Yoda 
looks like you didn't play csgo back to Cobblestone Remake
2019-12-11 02:40
United States fade4182 
You mean pre cobblestone remake?
2019-12-11 02:42
Argentina Baby_Yoda 
I mean Cobblestone Remake is the worst thing that happened to csgo
2019-12-11 02:43
2019-12-11 03:22
My brain is so used to shooting the default skins that it fucks with me when I see these new shitty skins and I absolutely hate the in game voice spamming people do with them valve need to add a cool down for the character call outs
2019-12-11 02:49
United States fade4182 
The fact that the devs haven’t done shit about the new agents in game and that hardly anyone enjoys these missions looking at hltv, reddit, and steam discussions shows that the devs hardly gives a shit about this game
2019-12-11 02:55
The only thing I can think of that they have done is they have brightened some areas so the new models stand out a bit more, like halls aps inferno but it doesn't help and there are some maps where like they just blend right in which wasn't a problem when the map designers only had like five or six models to worry about if that.
2019-12-11 02:57
Brazil gtaube 
the real problems was the characters skins, very very shit
2019-12-11 02:58
OK | 
Peru NotJuan 
How dare they make you play the game 😡😡
2019-12-11 03:02
Brazil edgy_man 
its impossible to do these danger zone without a teammate i dont even try them, i do the other ones, i dont even care for diamond coin at this point.
2019-12-11 03:07
ZywOo | 
Brazil tskvsky 
just respect evolution of the game, everything changes my fella
2019-12-11 03:30
wow thats the worst thing to happen to csgo
2019-12-11 03:31
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