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USA white minority
2019-12-11 22:04
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Malta Yarrak 
who cars skin color except for sexual selection maybe
2019-12-11 22:05
yess, when this happens USA will be great again, chicanos dominate vato #VoteJulianCastro
2019-12-11 22:05
f0rest | 
China hzxhl16 
Then what, US is always a country of immigrants because Indians get their extinction thanks to first wave of immigrants.
2019-12-11 22:05
pnarek | 
Poland PanArek 
Why have you changed your flag
2019-12-11 22:06
i just used turkish flag to bait turks
2019-12-11 22:07
how can 13% of the population do 50% of the crimes then
2019-12-11 22:07
Brazil really is the country of the future
2019-12-11 22:07
2019-12-11 22:08
I know it can be hard for Europeans to understand a country larger than their continent has a lot of diversity, but it never hurts to try... (I also think you totally missed the pint of my original comment lul)
2019-12-11 22:20
United States EmperorTrump 
Fuck democrats. BUILD THE WALL!
2019-12-11 22:08
2019-12-11 22:11
huNter- | 
Luxembourg hagix 
Soo whats the problem?White race will vanish anyways😎
2019-12-11 22:11
Americrap gave millions dollars to floeyd maybadar, mikail jordan, jakson, dr dre, shaqiul onael, oboma etc etc. Tolerant crap My brother China will destroy economy in US. They will turn into poor and shithole)) LONG LIVE CHINA!!
2019-12-11 22:26
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
Make the pill a placebo and boom, back in the business.
2019-12-11 22:13
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