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Just got some intexdrol-25, lets gooooooooooo
2019-12-12 00:06
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Finland kkonaa 
2019-12-12 00:06
Jeff “Athlean” Cavalieri all natural No side effects Source trust me bro
2019-12-12 00:09
f that nerd ima bout to b swole as fooooook
2019-12-12 00:09
2019-12-12 00:09
name does not checkout
2019-12-12 00:50
Kuwait Onlytruth3 
The common side effects of oxymetholone include depression, lethargy, headache, swelling, rapid weight gain, priapism, changes in skin color, urination problems, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain (if taken on an empty stomach), loss of appetite, jaundice,BREAST SWELLING IN MEN, feeling restless or excited, insomnia, and diarrhea.[12] In women, side effects also include acne, changes in menstrual periods, voice deepening, hair growth on the chin or chest, pattern hair loss, enlarged clitoris, and changes in libido.[3][12] Because of its 17-alkylated structure, oxymetholone is hepatotoxic.[3] Long term use of the drug can cause a variety of serious ailments, including hepatitis, liver cancer, and cirrhosis; therefore periodic liver function tests are recommended for those taking oxymetholon... BREAST SWELLING IN MEN BREAST SWELLING IN MEN BREAST SWELLING IN MEN BREAST SWELLING IN MEN BREAST SWELLING IN MEN
2019-12-12 00:09
Never had any of these, only a chest like a alpha male not beta
2019-12-12 00:10
Kuwait Onlytruth3 
do you take estrogen blockers, and gh for testicles? because u are gonna grow some man boobs soon while your testicles are the size of rice grains if thats the only thing u are taking
2019-12-12 00:11
im alpha i dont need nothing but steroids
2019-12-12 00:12
Kuwait Onlytruth3 
enjoy gynecomastia
2019-12-12 00:15
whats that
2019-12-12 00:15
natty all the way bro
2019-12-12 00:18
Respect bro nothing wrong with that i was natural for about 6 months and i got these for free so might aswell use them
2019-12-12 00:37
6 months is nothing lol and how do you know its legit stuff? You dont wanna put in a needle with some home made shit that some junkie made in his dirty bath tub.
2019-12-12 00:40
It's oral so know injections just tablets, and i've checked on the website that is on the label and used the scan code 100% legit plus my friend took and got results within a week, so it's not dud shit.
2019-12-12 00:42
Kuwait Onlytruth3 
oral steroids are even more toxic for liver than injections noob
2019-12-12 00:48
Oh right didnt know it was oral steroids, but take that in mind if you're gonna inject steroids. But its pointless to use steroids after 6 months in gym, you haven't even got all your ''noob'' gains by then. And when you finish your cycle you will slowly but surely lose your gains and be back to square one again, idk if ur baiting or not but its not worth taking steroids this early, its never worth it unless you want to compete and chances are high that you dont even have the genetics to become a top body builder or even earn money from it.
2019-12-12 00:49
6 months natty training and you are already about to juice??????? moron
2019-12-12 00:52
you should wait at least like 6 years of training before considering PEDs man
2019-12-12 00:59
2019-12-12 01:38
good job bro. small penis incoming
2019-12-12 01:03
good job it's 10 inch
2019-12-12 15:55
Denmark idkwhoami 
Stay natty brv
2019-12-12 01:39
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