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Fragrances for Winter
Turkey DlAZ 
Hello there lads, today I will mention some of winter fragrances that I use. I want to start with Ultra Male by JPG since I'm getting so much compliments with this one, girls literally go crazy with this one, if you like sweet fragrances, you should check that. And an other alternative for Ultra Male, Versace Eros is in my essentials for 2 years, it's a bit fresher than Ultra Male which is more versatile. I use these ones most, and I completely recommend them.
2019-12-12 18:04
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2019-12-12 18:05
Turkey DlAZ 
did you just assume..?
2019-12-12 18:07
United States blessedMMMA 
used eros when i was younger, definitely a great scent, recommended for clubbing. and every male with a good taste should have a bottle of ultra male in his collection
2019-12-12 18:09
Turkey DlAZ 
Using these two nowadays, these are best I can use at my school, absolute headturners. What do you use nowadays?
2019-12-12 18:11
United States blessedMMMA 
vince camuto virtu and jpg ultra male for the winter.
2019-12-12 18:14
Turkey DlAZ 
Do you recommend the virtu? Heard that smells like Santal 33
2019-12-12 18:16
United States blessedMMMA 
Its alright i guess, not the best one i've had in term of winter scents. Ill get a tom ford next, always wanted to try one but never wanted to spend so much for a fragrance.
2019-12-12 18:17
Turkey DlAZ 
Niche fragrances are class, Tom Ford has so many good ones for winters and almost all of them has amazing performance
2019-12-12 18:18
United States blessedMMMA 
Absolutely, ill get one after christmas for sure.
2019-12-12 18:20
ok bro buy Aventus Creed You do not need anything else
2019-12-12 18:10
Turkey DlAZ 
I'm into sweet fragrances, I'd like to get a bottle of Aventus but I'm a highschool student so... Not gonna waste that much money for a fragrance
2019-12-12 18:12
Waste them, there is no better fragrance on the market
2019-12-12 18:12
2019-12-12 18:21
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