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Sweden m4st4m4st3r4wp 
anyone remember this map from 1.6? it was so fucking funny playing that map. i wish valve would fix the csgo version of it so you can play it on mm atleast. and btw, why did they remove aztec, italy and militia and all of those maps from mm??? i know they were broken but they were funny as hell to play tbh.
2019-12-12 19:49
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it's a cheater's heaven just like cache or dust2 lmao. The other maps however should come back, nobody cares about valve mm so there should be no issue adding them in.
2019-12-12 22:41
yeah we need more maps in mm imo. boring just having the maps that pros play + office and agency. when i play mm i just play for fun.
2019-12-12 22:44
Poland Hanse 
I would love to see remastered Italy, Aztec, vintage Vertigo etc
2019-12-12 22:47
yea fun map, try to be CT on pub. And i will ask you one more time if its fun, when in 10 sec 10 Ts are on CT spawn alrdy trash map
2019-12-12 22:46
is this a reddit post?
2019-12-12 22:54
Sri Lanka Coman 
The feeling to play maps like westwood in CS 1.6 were so amazing
2019-12-12 22:58
eh it's a fun map but has no place in the competitive scene
2019-12-12 23:00
Ofc not but it would be fun to able to play on mm. Im only talking about casuals now. No pro scene.
2019-12-13 02:18
I played it in 1.6 and source, just fan map to play
2019-12-12 23:01
One of the best 1.6 maps i ever played ....
2019-12-12 23:02
They removed aztec, dust and militia from mm because basically nobody played them.
2019-12-12 23:03
Lol nObOdY pLaYeD tHeM, who told you that?
2019-12-13 17:01
mjolby3 needs to be remade for csgo plz ty
2019-12-12 23:06
it was such a fun map
2019-12-12 23:07
Estonia Hoxpox 
Kids on this site have no clue about westwood, lol But it was one of the most fun pub maps in 1.6 together with all the de_rets and cs_assault variations
2019-12-12 23:13
Omg de_rats men, played it so much. It was so fkn fun.
2019-12-13 02:44
bring de_contra to csgo
2019-12-12 23:15
Militia was pretty damn cool to play, it got a little sucky after the update, now it's completely gone, which is sad. I agree about the others, why no Italy and Aztec... baffles me, I even liked Insertion, these are great maps to play if you wanna play CS but don't wanna get too competitive and just have fun.
2019-12-12 23:15
one of the greatest maps CS community has ever seen
2019-12-12 23:16
They played an exhibition csgo match on it like 3 years ago, was with lots of streamers and youtubers. Here's the video,
2019-12-12 23:18
Brazil bandicoot 
nostalgic. de_rats, massacring people in cs_assault and so many more "shit" maps that were really fun back then. I think this is better in our memories
2019-12-12 23:21
Yeah rats was so fun to play. Ofc maps like these cant be competetive but they are so good for casual plays. Now we have almost only competetive maps that we can play on mm...
2019-12-13 02:45
competitive maps in the only alive casual group makes me wonder what the retards at valve were thinking, I mean why the fuck would anyone play maps that are supposed to be played on 5v5. It makes no sense in 10v10, the pools should be completely different.
2019-12-13 17:04
Brazil bandicoot 
true, we need more oilrig, militia and backalley's , the higher the number of players the better the experience
2019-12-17 23:28
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
Good old days playing pubs
2019-12-12 23:22
best map ever mens(((
2019-12-12 23:22
Netherlands staticNL 
I have no idea why Valve keep removing maps from MM. I feel like Valve don't really know what they're doing. Many current maps aren't viable picks to pick with a team of randoms. Especially tactical maps can be a huge disaster when you're up against a 5 stack, with a team of random people you don't know. MM should have at least twice as many maps imo. I'd really appreciate maps like abbey, season, subzero, biome, russka, mill, contra and many more. Even if theyre not very popular, at least give us the chance to play them. On a site note, this trend of Valve not knowing what they're doing is also visible on their horrible versions of popular community modes, which have killed most community servers with the original modes: - Armsrace is a horrible version of gungame with only a few stupid/horrendous maps to choose from that don't seem to be designed for the mode at all. The system that determines the order of weapons you have to use is worse too. - Flying scoutsman is a horrible version of scoutzknivez with 64tick servers (which affects airstrafing) and too high a gravity setting, which makes strafing much less technical and impairs air movement. Making most people airstrafe around slowly or just keep jumping straight up. The old scoutzknivez was all about (air)strafing, tricks and aim. It was a very good map/mode. The lower gravity caused people to gain speed faster, have less time in the air between jumps (which doesnt make you a target out in the open for a long time) and made it possible to jump through buildings / hallways etc. Now you gain altitude so quickly, it takes way too long to come down and it makes it nearly impossible to fly into/through buildings. On top of this, flying scoutsman has stupid maps too, some not even suited for the mode and it also hardly has any maps. - Deathmatch has a stupid buy system, bad servers, killing people doesn't auto reload your gun and doesnt recover hp, it protects you for seconds after you spawn and is exclusively team deathmatch, which causes you to be running around looking for enemies more than half of your playtime. Valve have no idea what they're doing and aren't even able to copy very popular modes. Let alone understand which maps suit which mode and what it is that makes those modes popular. They for some reason also don't understand that when you play thousands of hours of cs, a small map pool becomes extremely stale and boring, especially when not all of them are viable.
2019-12-12 23:25
This map was so cool. Awp_india was top notch too.
2019-12-13 02:51
Loved those two secs of "The Good, Bad and Ugly" intro tune everytime I loaded that map up.
2019-12-17 23:33
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