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flusha | 
Argentina MuraDPS 
2019-12-12 20:06
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/open Why mens? There is no shame on losing to mousesports.
2019-12-12 20:07
flamie | 
Germany SheevaV 
yea shame on losing to top5 team
2019-12-12 20:08
Brazil jung1eboy 
2019-12-12 20:15
bro you're too late. I asked them to disband couple of months ago.
2019-12-12 20:07
Only thing u should disband is your country
2019-12-12 20:10
0/8 nt swedistan first swedistan disband then any other country.
2019-12-12 20:14
dude, india is good at raping womans. /close
2019-12-12 20:15
Well, Sweden isn't much better at this.
2019-12-12 20:17
Dude first tell me how you all reproduce since your country is full of cartoon watching kids. I think y'all should keep away from rape matters, this issue is for adults.
2019-12-12 20:17
we reproduce with consent. not with false marriages and caste bullshit.
2019-12-12 20:20
really ?? I asked how. I don't think kids less than 10yrs old can reproduce. Specially the cartoon watching ones.
2019-12-12 20:20
the only kid here is u, im talking about serious subjects and u are talking about cartoons. i already told u . "we reproduce with consent. not with false marriages and caste bullshit."
2019-12-12 20:22
nope cartoon watching kid shouldn't talk about marriages please. Well if not 10 yr cartoon watching, you must be 15 yr anime watching kid.
2019-12-12 20:23
im older than u for sure. and at my country we dont fix marriages and we dont rape 1023182398172387123 womans per day. and we dont have majoraty of the population starving because of CASTE SYSTEM
2019-12-12 20:25
2019-12-12 20:27
first got baited now +100000 axaxaxaxaxaxaxax refugee confirmed.
2019-12-12 20:30
go wash your self with dirt ahahahahaha
2019-12-12 22:51
2019-12-12 22:53
>watches cartoon >old axaxaxaxaxaxax
2019-12-12 20:28
close the conversation dude. your country full of serious problems. but you guys are smart ppl. so dont be the exception. accept what u are. and try change something for the good of your ppl
2019-12-12 20:35
again cartoon boy. Grow up then talk. Your country has bigger problems like Schizophrenia.
2019-12-12 21:11
Aleksib | 
Finland sakumb 
+100000 india is the most disquasting country ever
2019-12-12 20:16
stfu white flag country. Learn spelling first.
2019-12-12 20:21
Aleksib | 
Finland sakumb 
you are washing yourselfs in dirty river, so how do you even have a internet?
2019-12-12 20:24
flusha | 
Argentina MuraDPS 
you forgot the part where they shit on the streets xaxaxaxa
2019-12-12 20:25
dude that part is getting hard against me.
2019-12-12 21:19
>correlation between both phrases?? How can white flags get mad? Dude you're showing white flag to me and then getting hyper. lul
2019-12-12 20:26
lol stfu grease
2019-12-12 20:30
Can you send your bob and vagene? Your country's girls legit good.
2019-12-12 21:00
flamie | 
Germany SheevaV 
/open too Why mens? solid top30 team
2019-12-12 20:08
flusha | 
Argentina MuraDPS 
they lost to a stand-in wearing weed socks, please disband
2019-12-12 20:09
Ukraine ilyadublin 
Created 2019-12-04 -> Disbanded 2019-12-12. One week team xD
2019-12-12 20:22
United States Fr4nki3B 
This was their time to prove they were a good team, their opening debut and they couldn't even win a single map ? .. omegalul
2019-12-12 20:25
well they did pretty well on second map against team which won astralis, liquid and fnatic
2019-12-12 20:27
Serbia berkowitz 
stand-in tho, but nato played well
2019-12-12 20:29
United States Fr4nki3B Vs a stand in-- omegalul! Ratings were absolute SHIT!
2019-12-12 20:31
Said from the start. 2 of the players they picked will never be top team material.. One have most likely seen his best days. 1 can go either way. 1 who deserves better than OG in this state anyway in Valde.
2019-12-12 20:29
They need kick Mantuu and add Jamppi
2019-12-12 22:52
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