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United Kingdom dcrawford101 
2019-12-13 00:43
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Wonder if this sad person will ever stop posting new threads over and over.. Maybe when he finds out what he has to live with when it actually happens.. Seeing you dont seem to.. you know.. smart.. I fear this might hit you harder than some.. So the best of luck to you..
2019-12-13 00:45
United Kingdom dcrawford101 
enjoy euro-vision
2019-12-13 00:46
Ohh dear.. you are worse off than I thought. I really hope you have parents to help you through it. Yikes.. dont like to poke at people with.. well less than others. And I see know you dont have a lot. I hope you didnt get to vote, I mean there are rules for who can vote and not. If you did dont feel sad for the hurt you caused yourself, your family and your nation. you didnt do it alone. it wasnt all your fault.. Again. best of luck for when or if it happens.
2019-12-13 00:50
United Kingdom dcrawford101 
nt Mohammed
2019-12-13 00:52
It is tragic. So many from the UK has bought the BS that Boris and the other have been selling, so much so that they think the UK going alone is gonna be a better place to live. One really should think the facts should be easy to understand. When is one stronger, in a well functioning club of nations that means deals with the rest of the world is done with the power of 500 million people or a one nation on its own. Oh well, while Brexit will also cost the EU27 soon the benefits will compensate and the EU will be better without the UK and all their demands for special treatment in the EU system.
2019-12-13 00:57
EU has flaws. but so do everything. every nation every person. every company. No difference it just easier to see the problem as someone elses when you are in a group. But as you say even in 30 years when the UK begins to recover a bit again. it will never become as strong as it could being a part of EU. the best way to pain it is just to take the US. its a bunch of states. some better than others. but to cut them down so each state is on its own would hurt all. and make it harder for every company and all the people even those well to do. everything becomes harder instead of more easy. and they will never be able to grow at the same rate as they can togehter. And its sad they bought the lies. something we sadly see all over the world. its human nature. and for all of our brain power we keep doing it. it runs in around a 100 years. and have done so for 1000 of years. a generation or just about. its just worse now because the world is so close. and there are so many. so more sheep to follow the words of those who use fear to gain power. We have Brexit, the US, Poland, Russia, China, all doing it. its the same thing. but we also see it in France, Denmark, Germany it happens everywhere sadly. The issue is human nature, and even though we have the fix, even though we know where things will lead us we do them over and over. we never make the change we need. UK and its people will feel this big time. and they have been lied to big time. they will lose jobs. security and healthcare. they will get hit hard. it will even cost lifes when the numbers will be added togehter. many. The fishing people say they wanted it. even though most of what they make money on is EU rates not UK. same with farming, and so on and so on. the loss of jobs will be felt big time. And even if they get new deals to bassicly make it as close to as if they where EU when they see they need that, it will cost more now they are not EU. and the damage will have been made.. As said. Brexit is the biggest terror act against UK ever.. By far. in money, damage, lifes.. everything.. It will change UK for ever and its people. and when they get out on the other side they will look back and ask how it could happen.
2019-12-13 01:54
This can only be seen as a win. A win for the UK. A win for the world. And a win for libertarians everywhere.
2019-12-13 00:46
Luxembourg zrbr 
i can hear the leftists screaming "FaScIsTs WoN" from here
2019-12-13 00:51
Just leave already, like wtf, you are trying to leave the eu now for how long, 3 years?? How are you laughing at us if you have been too stupid to leave?
2019-12-13 00:50
allu | 
Switzerland Jeded 
Because the MPs keep blocking the vote. If the vote was held in a real democratic country like mine. We would be gone by now
2019-12-13 00:54
They could have done no deal brexit the first time there was a deadline because then there wasnt a law that prohibited a no deal brexit... And also, making this law or blocking an agreement is also democratic... like wtf
2019-12-13 00:56
Wrong. If they did have a new vote the result would have been "Stay" and Brexit would have been canceled by now. Just the change in the persons that can vote now vs. who voted back then would have made for a different result.
2019-12-13 01:01
New Zealand rowdog 
55 million people and don't have a decent csgo team
2019-12-13 00:54
we will deport smooya as punishment
2019-12-13 01:55
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