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[14+] your first knife
Canada roylin 
mine: bayonet urban masked field tested i just checked the market, when i bought it was like $80 now its $160 wtf
2019-12-13 02:35
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SolEk | 
Australia hontestly 
sorry im not a millionaire i dont have any knife ever
2019-12-13 02:35
Finland em8 
Imagine being so poor you can't afford to buy a knife lol
2019-12-13 02:36
Denmark baccster 
Flusha =/= Poor
2019-12-13 02:37
imagine being stupid enough to spend money on pixels that look like shit unless they are factory new
2019-12-13 02:43
Australia opzy 
not like the money is gone. U can get ur money back any time, sometimes get more
2019-12-13 03:34
by the use of some shady sites i guess that could be true
2019-12-13 03:38
Poland Adisky 
You actually believe this LOL
2019-12-13 07:38
Australia opzy 
Believe it? I’ve done it...
2019-12-13 08:09
Italy bennyhana 
It becomes it s real asset even if pixels
2019-12-13 03:35
+1 Imagine spending real money on fkn skins for a online game kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2019-12-13 02:38
2019-12-13 03:42
Switzerland Infi2k 
imagine i can pay my tax every year, with what i earn from trading /sell pixels... you guys have no clue bout it, but you can make a hell lot of money with skins. Not even scammed a single guy in any case. just buy special pattern knifes or low float guns cheap and resell them
2019-12-13 07:21
Finland em8 
Bayonet doppler was 400€ at the time no idea how much it is today.
2019-12-13 02:36
Canada roylin 
must have went up a lot, vanilla butterfly knives used to be like $200 they are around 400 now (cnd)
2019-12-13 02:37
OK | 
Peru NotJuan 
2019-12-13 02:36
don’t remember, currently have karambit freehand tho
2019-12-13 02:36
kr4sylya | 
United Kingdom Wazerz 
The default one
2019-12-13 02:37
Brazil MrLucas 
+1 butter knife best knife
2019-12-13 02:39
Brazil NahT_ 
Bayonet Slaughter MW
2019-12-13 02:38
Bulgaria CHAPOLE! 
Unboxed a karambit fade in 2013 and traded it for items worth 270-280 euros
2019-12-13 02:38
Portugal NabasKi 
never had one
2019-12-13 02:38
Sweden SuperTaco69 
butcher knife when i got circumcised
2019-12-13 02:39
2019-12-13 03:25
Russia MeowZer 
gut knife doppler
2019-12-13 02:40
flip knife boreal forest ft
2019-12-13 02:41
Argentina trackssZZZ 
stilleto night stripe
2019-12-13 02:41
Bayonet Rust Coat Battle-Scarred, Stat Trak.
2019-12-13 02:43
butterfly boreal forest
2019-12-13 02:44
Gambled: shadow daggers urban masked ft now i got a ft m9 bayonet crimson web
2019-12-13 02:46
Netherlands staticNL 
m9 bayo urban masked. 70 euros when I bought it, 130 now
2019-12-13 02:46
rain | 
Canada tempOcs 
Unboxed a Karambit Rust Coat BS, was $220 at the time (2016) now $305
2019-12-13 02:48
flip tiger tooth fn
2019-12-13 02:48
Other Isme 
default > all
2019-12-13 02:52
first knife was a falchion stained battle scarred then i gambled and got a gut knife doppler fac new and bayonet urban masked field tested for my friend (yea im nice like that) but then i tried gambling more and lost everything. then i decided to buy a knife because i was sick of the default and got m9 bayonet urban masked field tested but then i got scammed so now im left with nothing :(
2019-12-13 02:57
first knife was a flip knife safari, traded and saved money to get a M9 Bayo Ultraviolet min wear 0.09 wear
2019-12-13 02:59
Indonesia MeX0NNNN 
was a FT Bowie safari mesh, then in 1 month i sell it and buy gta v and some other games
2019-12-13 03:24
Crimson web huntsman knife
2019-12-13 03:26
United States SAMARXD 
I had a Flip Knife Fade
2019-12-13 03:28
I got a $125 knife before I owned csgo, and I got rid of it before I bought csgo so I never used the knife
2019-12-13 03:51
gut knife ultraviolet field tested back in the day it was 70 bucks
2019-12-13 03:58
I open a case testing my credit card and got a m9 boreal forest FT at the time was 140 R$ now is R$600+ haha I regret to not buyed the butter fade for 1.200 now it almost 5k+ R$ Now I have a butterfly knife tiger tooth mw and a emerald web glove FT 0.26.
2019-12-13 04:03
Man i had like 10k in skins almost a year ago and theyve doubbled in value since :( wish i didnt give half away and sell other half haha
2019-12-13 07:26
2019-12-13 06:13
Default knife
2019-12-13 06:14
Mexico MEXlCO 
i got a beautiful falchion ch with good amount of blue, 2 weeks later i got scammed, then i quit csgo. after i came back i decided to buy a really nice flip knife but guess what, got stolen in a week, quit csgo again for half a year. i was dumb
2019-12-13 06:15
Bro how do u get scammed twice wtf
2019-12-13 07:22
he sayd i got karamat if i seind my knive first
2019-12-13 08:09
Mexico MEXlCO 
1snt one the guy told me he was gonna send me steam gift cards and he will go first, so i agreed but this idiot accidentaly posted the codes he was supossed to send to me on imgur public. then he got mad and thought i tried to scam him, then he left. 2nd. the classic "were missing a player to play in a tournament, join us" then u proceed to join the fake server that installs a keylogger in ur pc, all my skins gone. quit csgo and didnt even play pc after that, i was sad.
2019-12-13 23:18
Kitchen knife
2019-12-13 06:16
Netherlands meneertjesem 
Flalchion knife forest DDPAT field tested Was scammed and lost it ))(())()(())(())(()
2019-12-13 06:53
China SwooksarV2 
Hunt rust
2019-12-13 06:58
butterfly knife night, got it from csgo lounge betting
2019-12-13 06:58
Whats your steam mr turk?
2019-12-13 07:22
2019-12-13 07:35
Poland koxukruszwica 
It was in 2k14 when i opend from Breakout case Butterfly vanilla StatTrak
2019-12-13 06:59
Sweden Zeepter 
M9 Urbanmasked FT, unboxed after 23 cases
2019-12-13 07:02
2013, bayonet stained ft from csgolounge
2019-12-13 07:02
Hungary 1treaz 
Huntsman scorched ft
2019-12-13 07:03
United States syrup_god 
battle scarred case hardened falchion knife with an almost totally blue handle
2019-12-13 07:03
Finland Juseboy 
Flip Knife Damascus Steel MW
2019-12-13 07:09
15 inch rambo))
2019-12-13 07:14
huntsman blue
2019-12-13 07:21
Gut knife slaughter minimal wear, bought on steam market, after that kara fade and at one point i was super into skins and went all the way to a m9 emerald 0.02, had about 10k in skins at the time.
2019-12-13 07:21
bro should've put in the title, Brazilian's come here. I'm not from Brazil so no knife till now.
2019-12-13 07:35
United States 1for1discount 
first knife was a flip knife marble fade a friend gave me
2019-12-13 07:38
m9 crimson web, my first and only knife
2019-12-13 07:40
Turkey AidenX 
butterfly forest ddpat field tested i got it from roulette site but i lost it at lounge :D
2019-12-13 07:44
Flip knife low float field tested 100€ worth and won it from Twitter
2019-12-13 08:26
Flip scorched mw from case, i got scammed when i was 15yo old kiddo.
2019-12-13 23:19
China Grenadr 
I think Butterfly Forest DDPAT Minimal which I unboxed
2019-12-13 23:20
Sweden frozze90 
I opened a phoenix operation case at 4:30 in the morning. Got a factory new Bayonet Fade. I can tell you that the whole building heard it! x)
2019-12-13 23:21
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