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Who plays Runescape Old school
Canada mandydingo 
I started playing OSRS and man the game was more fun when I didn't know what the most efficient methods to level up were. Now it's all about tick manipulation and maximising exp/hr. Is it just that I'm old or was the game always boring?
2019-12-14 01:17
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Finland vjlle 
Just dont focus on efficiency so much. Soon its not going to be fun anymore
2019-12-14 01:19
2019-12-14 01:19
Finland vjlle 
My account is from RS2 times, so unfortunately i can talk of RS3. But its same thing on there also. Tryhard grinding and maximizing efficiency will kill all the fun on both game versions. Gotta admit that RS still is a good game.
2019-12-14 01:22
Canada mandydingo 
I'm fishing and it's basically just buying 200k feathers and waiting till I use them all up to get to level 99, since every other method isn't as fast of exp/hr.
2019-12-14 01:30
Only flipping items for fun
2019-12-14 01:23
yea I play osrs and the community is more focused on maximizing the xp and getting gains. But that's probably because we're not 11 anymore and the game is actually really fun when you know wtf you're doing. Just don't focus on maxing xp by 3ticking and efficent paths and that bullshit. N one really does this stuff btw just a few thousand players probably Just do the faster xp methods so you can get your goal faster, there is a fuckload of grinding in this game, or really do whatever you want because in the end it doesn't matter unless you had fun. My advice would be to layout a few goals that you can work on like completing a line of quests, getting a certain level for one of the region diaries so you can get perks, reaching a certain level, getting to fight barrows brothers, etc... my stats btw im no shitter
2019-12-14 01:32
Canada mandydingo 
damn dawg 84 RC is no joke, that's shit is the most painful grind.
2019-12-14 01:32
once you get to 77 it's fucking EZ PZ bro. So afk at blood runes it's amazing. but I don't like to think about the times before 77 :(
2019-12-14 01:33
ok shitter
2019-12-14 02:59
bing bong ching chong
2019-12-14 04:01
cya racist :)
2019-12-14 04:23
Netherlands Boutdis 
just play ironman, no joke I meme them all the time but it's actually the most fun you can get nowadays. It's otherwise boring with content locked behind max stats/gear
2019-12-14 01:38
ropz | 
Argentina rawe1337 
I think ropz does
2019-12-14 01:42
Dev1ce aswell
2019-12-14 04:03
Finland Urban_Terror 
It's the same for me. It was great in 2007 but doesn't feel the same anymore.
2019-12-14 02:49
Canada mandydingo 
they gotta bring back dungeoneering but not demolish the meta with it. it was such an easy way to train other skills when you had no GP and actually was fun. That and fist of Guthix minigame so you could train Magic easy with no cost of runes.
2019-12-14 02:56
Finland Urban_Terror 
Yeah minigames were the best. Castle wars and soul wars were my favorites.
2019-12-14 03:11
Sweden k4rlsson 
Osrs <3
2019-12-14 03:11
Yes bestest game)
2019-12-14 03:44
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