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God | 
United States xxxhoshi 
The stupid meta of T side having a better buy after losing pistol has gone on for WAY too long. The fact that you can make an argument to buy in every round has gone on for WAY too long. The old economy wasn't perfect but I'd take it 10/10 over this one. For starters revert T side pistol loss bonus back to 1400. Max round loss bonus should cap at 2900. This way Terrorists can't have stupidly good buys after winning the pistol and we don't see force buys 80% of the rounds.
2019-12-14 02:12
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God | 
United States xxxhoshi 
2019-12-14 02:17
Europe zhamp 
2019-12-14 02:18
2019-12-14 02:18
United Kingdom shmilx 
The famas price change was ok because it was useless before, CTs usually buy pistols or full buy. But the galil price change was kinda dumb, Ts have a better buy with bomb plant than CTs do by winning the pistol. Being able to break the economy (reset loss bonus) should come back imo too, I think it gave a bigger impact to the full buy rounds or other key rounds, but at the same time I can understand why people would want to just see as many buy rounds as possible
2019-12-14 02:28
God | 
United States xxxhoshi 
I personally don't wanna see as many buy rounds as we have now. At the same time I also think hard resets have too much impact on a half. If you cap the max loss bonus at 2900 then you can prevent force buys every round while also not getting your money completely fucked by losing one round.
2019-12-14 02:31
United Kingdom shmilx 
I don't think capping the loss bonus at 2900 would prevent forces, 2900 is enough for galil helmet on it's own not including bomb plant money. It would literally take one half buy to get a decent buy again too. I think it's a good thing to be able to fuck over money though, it rewards the team that keeps track of the economy and makes it easier to build the winning team's economy because you can keep track of an almost for sure round they'll have a shit buy and just buy SMGs. I can see the point about having too much impact on one round, I just don't think that one round being a huge deciding factor is a bad thing for the game, sure it makes for more stomps and less 'close' games but I just think bad or worse teams get way too many chances to come back, I don't think it should be like LoL where you die 3 times and the game is pretty much over, but I think having too many chances at coming back is dumb too.
2019-12-14 02:40
New economy is perfect, Can buy deag, smokes and kevlar every round!
2019-12-14 02:31
God | 
United States xxxhoshi 
I know you're kidding but the fact that you practically can is pretty disgusting
2019-12-14 02:32
Sweden SuperTaco69 
i miss tec9 forcebuys also :( make olof great again
2019-12-14 02:41
+1000 old economy is 10 better than the trash we have now. There are no more consequences to losing a round, when you can just buy easily next round. Too bad most idiot silvers will disagree, soon this game will turn to garbage. Shit krieg meta, shit economy, boring af.
2019-12-14 02:47
Deadle 1000$ Ak47 2850 $ Krieg 3250 $ Armor 735 $ P250 400$ Smoke 350 $
2019-12-14 02:51
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