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Lost all my salary betting
SolEk | 
United Kingdom Nik0l4yy 
Got my first salary yesterday (£200), and already lost it all betting ;( I’m so fuckin addicted I know I will lose but I still bet..
2019-12-14 03:32
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2019-12-14 03:32
Having bad days on betting last months too
2019-12-14 03:33
United Kingdom Pandify_Denje 
Betting nowadays is cancer... I'd say you have to bet mainly on Astralis but even they lost to Mouz.
2019-12-14 03:41
Indeed, went down 50k since the Berlin major, never been so bad
2019-12-14 04:34
SolEk | 
United Kingdom Nik0l4yy 
Worked hard two nights for 20h just to lose It all in a few hours
2019-12-14 03:33 You aren't kidding OMEGALUL. But seriously. You're not supposed to keep betting once you have an actual job.
2019-12-14 03:44
SolEk | 
United Kingdom Nik0l4yy 
I’m seriously addicted
2019-12-14 03:46
Amazon is tough. I worked as a warehouse assosiate for 3 months and it permanently damaged my back. At least savor the fucking money you get for working like a slave.
2019-12-14 03:47
SolEk | 
United Kingdom Nik0l4yy 
Now I will try to get back the £200 I lost and will lose even more ...
2019-12-14 03:49
Or you'll win and just bet your winnings until you lose it all again. That's how it works.
2019-12-14 03:50
SolEk | 
United Kingdom Nik0l4yy 
Yes, every single time
2019-12-14 03:51
Ukraine Tosinijo 
Stop it, get some help
2019-12-14 03:43
SolEk | 
United Kingdom Nik0l4yy 
I can’t
2019-12-14 03:45
its a meme dude
2019-12-14 03:57
Ukraine Tosinijo 
get some help
2019-12-14 03:57
Canada rayrayrayray 
200 is nothing, just stop now and dont chase it. Some people bet their house away
2019-12-14 03:59
SolEk | 
United Kingdom Nik0l4yy 
For me £200 is like a house
2019-12-14 04:01
then why are you ever betting that much
2019-12-14 06:24
2019-12-14 04:01
Sweden MiNTz 
I am/have been addicted too. But when I profit enough I feel "finished" so to say. I just won 1250€ the last week and now I dont have any urge to bet considering I know I won't profit anything above that. Like it's pretty much money and I know I wont get to any higher amount
2019-12-14 04:11
Also HLTV faults cuz it bet advertising everywhere with no mention that betting have a risk.
2019-12-14 04:14
Brazil NahT_ 
i hope you learn something with it and look for help
2019-12-14 04:16
When the fun stops. Stop. Anyway stop betting a lot of money on esports especially singles, its dumb, just put £5 on a football acca for the weekend and maybe a couple bets during the week on midweek football or horse racing. When you realise betting should add to the experience for watching something, not sweating because you could lose £50 on a 2/5 shot you'll stop being dumb
2019-12-14 04:23
takej | 
Japan Mamerico 
you shouldn't betting on 1 game, u should bet to a lot of match. distribute them. bet with brain, man
2019-12-14 04:32
Portugal tc91 
Just end your life mate :/
2019-12-14 04:33
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
fuck, you're gonna be 10 yeared soon saying these shits
2019-12-14 04:34
Portugal tc91 
no problem, im just tired of the insane amount of shit posting in this site, its too much for a sane mind to handle
2019-12-14 04:36
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
LOL i know this feeling
2019-12-14 05:52
OK | 
Peru NotJuan 
2019-12-14 05:57
amazon salary lost? lol
2019-12-14 04:34
Gambling is fun. It's quite serious even losing money is exciting. For example, I knew I'll going to lose money from opening cases but I did open cases because to feel the ups and downs. Now I don't. But I do still buy lotteries. It's just your personality. Some people just like gambling. If I win lottery jackpot then I'll buy a new house and I will have a game room with full of slot machines, billiard, and karaoke dancing machine.
2019-12-14 04:36
No shame in seeking professional help my friend. You can beat addiction you just need help if you can't do it yourself :) Self-exclusion should be on every betting site, just lock yourself out for 12+ months.
2019-12-14 04:37
Just bet on the right teams men))
2019-12-14 05:55
China SwooksarV2 
I mean, rip man. If you can't stop betting, try like virtual betting if that's a thing. So you don't actually lose money. And just out the money you earn into a saving account, and pretend like you're betting. Idk
2019-12-14 06:30
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