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Last comment Why not just give him a congratulations instead of pumping up your own ego?
2019-12-14 05:47
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cuz we stupid we dumb we from NA
2019-12-14 05:47
Gen.G did lose to his Open mix Just For Fun so I mean
2019-12-14 05:51
In a best of 1 which they should have won 16-11 but choked so hard
2019-12-14 05:52
hahahah heheheheh no wonder he hasn't been picked up s0m's response is perfect
2019-12-14 05:51
Australia csRIOTgo 
now we know... why he was given a wide birth and mixwell picked up instead LUL
2019-12-14 06:03
Ikr how arrogant can a guy be? "You guys would have definitely lost if I had been there" No wonder there's been no orgs interested in picking up this child with a god complex
2019-12-14 06:14
China Blitzer 
hes so overrated tbh
2019-12-14 06:17
oBo | 
United States FrothaJuan 
He is overrated, but I do think he deserves a chance on a team at least like ATK
2019-12-14 06:30
The guy turned down C9 you think he would play for a lower salary like ATK?
2019-12-14 06:40
oBo | 
United States FrothaJuan 
The ATK lineup I meant
2019-12-14 06:41
I think he needs to get over himself before he's really able to excel as an awper and as a teammate. Idk you would think having no interest in you from orgs for a long while would tell you that you need an attitude adjustment if you want to get into an org team
2019-12-14 06:49
Australia csRIOTgo 
did he actually turned down c9? I thought they didn't even approach him.
2019-12-14 06:49
oBo | 
United States FrothaJuan 
Was like early 2019 or mind 2018 IDK
2019-12-14 06:52
No they approached him I heard a long while back from dekay but he declined because it was when they were in turmoil and he was on ghost
2019-12-14 06:52
kennyS | 
New Zealand INxNITY 
No, the reason he turned it down because he wanted to be in a team that can win tier 1 events, and to be with who ever he wanted to play with. Hes just cocky and doesn't realise that he needs to start from the bottem to get to the top
2019-12-14 06:55
2019-12-14 06:44
Finland Smoonah 
I mean.. both are irrelevant. Like talking about d0cc or asScreaM
2019-12-14 06:46
bruh Wardell has fucking mental issues
2019-12-14 06:48
Brazil bernog 
he is joking man...
2019-12-14 06:51
kennyS | 
New Zealand INxNITY 
Hes still arrogant
2019-12-14 06:55
dont talk to awp daddy wardell like that u bitch
2019-12-14 06:55
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