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Christmas gifts
keev | 
Europe Adenauer 
I never know what gifts to buy for my family :( Any ideas?
2019-12-14 14:36
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Germany DokiDoki 
Waifu body pillow
2019-12-14 14:37
Maybe some beauty product for your mom? Look what she uses and try to find that
2019-12-14 14:37
Europe AlL1n 
Is it a toy?
2019-12-14 14:55
United Kingdom VOSSKi 
ask Ted Kaczynski, he might have a few good ideas
2019-12-14 14:37
Canada roylin 
2019-12-14 14:38
keev | 
Europe Adenauer 
got beer for my brother
2019-12-14 14:41
Canada roylin 
Get mom a nice cup and dad a belt idk
2019-12-14 14:50
its usually my dad who gives ME the belt :(
2019-12-14 14:51
Once he gave me a belt and said something like "Hope you will hang :)" He probably meant that he hopes that I will have a lot of friends to hang out with and flex the belt on them or something :D This is one of my best memories from Christmas
2019-12-14 15:05
parfume scarf wool cap beauty product (gift bags) rc car for kids
2019-12-14 14:51
Food, if you want to see them enjoying and sharing the gifts. Unless you expect for everyone to have full stomachs at that point already.
2019-12-14 14:52
confused | 
Brazil 68419 
Spotify premium/ netflix gift card
2019-12-14 14:54
Let your love for your family be the ultimate gift.
2019-12-14 14:55
Netherlands n0b8m8 
I don't even buy gifts for my family, am i a bad person?
2019-12-14 15:00
Canada gatssbyy 
A nice framed picture will mean most to your family 90% of the time. Especially when you're older memories and nice things like that mean more than materialistic things
2019-12-14 15:04
France J0riS 
An envelope with money inside ez gift
2019-12-14 15:04
African Union 2011 
buy your mom some fat burners and your dad alpecin
2019-12-15 21:46
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