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RX 5700 XT or CPU Cooler ?
Bulgaria Minkov 
around christmas I'll be getting a new pc and I want to know which will be better ? A) to get rx 5700 xt instead of the rx 5700 B) to get Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO I will use the pc to play and stream CS , PUBG and maybe Fortnite
2019-12-14 17:20
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Get RX 5700 with dual bios and flash 5700 XT bios... Learn the basics mannnn
2019-12-14 17:21
I'm looking for more out of the box performance but that's a great suggestion
2019-12-14 17:24
United States t0rr0r 
2019-12-14 17:25
New CPU cooler what for? What's the current GPU you'd be upgrading?
2019-12-14 17:27
I'll be building an entirely new pc edit : I forgot to mention that the cpu will be r5 3600
2019-12-14 17:30
I got gammaxx GTE for 23euros on my Ryzen 5 3600, suffices. Prime95 for 30 mins, peak 73C during test itself. The fan have yet to ever speed up during realistic workloads, I only experienced it during few stress tests I've done, when the CPU temps exceed 70C. I've great case for airflow, cold room and 2 intake fans though.
2019-12-14 17:40
> A) to get rx 5700 xt instead of the rx 5700 I think you can update the RX 5700 bios, so it basically becomes a RX 5700 XT:
2019-12-14 17:33
Why new cpu cooler bro? Unless your current cooler is not doing the job why would you want to upgrade?
2019-12-14 17:36
United States _BoBRoss_ 
Esport cooler lmao
2019-12-15 04:00
If you have ryzen cpu, their coolers are enoug if not major overclocking.
2019-12-15 04:02
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