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France casiervide 
Tier 1 : s1mple, coldzera, ZywOo Tier 2 : GeT_RiGhT, flusha, olofmeister, KRIMZ, FalleN, NiKo Tier 3 : JW, Snax, Happy, Dupreeh, EliGE, Xyp9x, Magisk, forsaken, pashaBiceps, shox, rain, gla1ve, GuardiaN, device, kennyS, allu Tier 4 : TACO, karrigan, fer, TaZ, NEO, NBK-, byali, flamie, friberg, Edward... looks better than a top, don't you think? still subjective
2019-12-14 21:42
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ZywOo | 
Brazil tskvsky 
cold tier 1 lul device tier 3 omegalul
2019-12-14 21:44
2019-12-14 21:46
Zywoo lul xD. People are here in this scene when he had diapers over his bum. Let the kid achieve something 1st. 0/8 for the list. -60 ur IQ -100 for hltv policy that allows 10y.o to post here.
2019-12-15 05:18
Zywho xD
2019-12-15 13:09
being best player in the world for 2 years in a 6 yo game automatically puts your tier 1, don't you think? device is actually tier 2, mb. And imo he could be the link between tier 1 and tier 2.
2019-12-14 21:46
being ranked #1 on a HLTV list = being the best? do you understand their criteria for those 2 years? do you understand which role coldzera played in those teams? do you understand that good k/d doesn't always mean good player? casual fans like you don't understand context which is why you overrate players like coldzera
2019-12-14 21:53
name checks out
2019-12-14 21:56
great argument retard, you are clueless with list based off feelings without any criteria other than people being ranked on another list made by employees on a forum
2019-12-14 22:00
triggered cuz impotent
2019-12-15 00:35
2019-12-17 20:32
Funny but this applies just as much (probably more) to ecovice. But what else to expect from dan ?
2019-12-15 00:43
he was winning most events those years too
2019-12-15 00:48
South Africa nimmaJ 
Criteria is individual performance Plenty of players with the same role as Cold those years that didnt play as well. Do you understand that they looked at a lot more than k/d for the rankings? KPR, kast, impact, clutches, adr etc. Not to mention he was consistently doing it in big matches
2019-12-15 01:05
Brazil D1sco 
you're just salty because he put dev1ce in a lower tier (he should be tier1 tho)
2019-12-15 02:23
Astralis fans never understand that device individual skill is very average. But still say he is better than S1mple. Always so laughable.
2019-12-15 11:45
name checks out
2019-12-17 20:48
Yes niko was better in 2017
2019-12-17 07:55
So when is actually tier2 why you put him into tier3 pool? You have split personality? Device > Baitzera everyday
2019-12-14 21:54
Zywoo haven’t even played in the top tiers for even a year and not even been in the top20 ranking yet, while GTR has been the best in the world for 2 years and still u put zywoo in t1 and GTR in t2? Hahaha
2019-12-15 00:41
ofc, ZywOo > everyone
2019-12-15 00:41
MAYBE this year, yes. But this is a GOAT-list isnt it?
2019-12-15 00:46
Well, this is a 6yo game. Being the best for 1 year already puts you in the discussion. But I agree with you that it is too early.
2019-12-15 00:47
Indeed. He isnt now, but if he keeps this up for a couple of years he Will have his own tier on this list.
2019-12-15 00:51
If being #1 for 2 years automatically gives you Tier 1 status, then why is get_right in Tier 2?
2019-12-15 00:49
Cuz i'm newfag mens)))
2019-12-15 00:50
Device is tier 4
2019-12-15 05:08
2019-12-15 16:07
Coldzera = baitKing
2019-12-17 08:01
D0cC | 
Spain LfanT_ 
forest not even on the list? being GOAT means Greatest of All Time, Zywoo has been only a year on the top, thats not of all time... Simple and Coldzera should be tier 2 and zywoo not even that
2019-12-17 10:05
China Rynaki 
why is Zywoo t1 then? He hasn't been #1 for ANY years and has barely made any achievements. Hell, he's only been relevant in the top scene in the past year.
2019-12-17 20:47
yeah device tier 5
2019-12-15 11:44
Even better
2019-12-15 21:40
United States TheeNATION 
2019-12-14 21:44
dont make baits this obv, but nt tho
2019-12-14 21:44
JW | 
Sweden Hasklon 
0/8 sry
2019-12-14 21:45
2019-12-14 21:46
will you faggots try to bait device fans next year, or was it a 2k19 kinda thing?
2019-12-14 21:45
fanboy sad
2019-12-14 21:48
2019-12-14 21:45
2019-12-14 21:48
is cold a still tier 1 ?
2019-12-14 21:46
"GOAT" "still" You're ranked thanks to what you achieved, not how good you're being atm.
2019-12-14 21:49
why device tier 3 ? also device better than zywoo and s0mple
2019-12-14 21:50
1. #10 2. 0/8
2019-12-14 21:51
device 4 major zywho and somple 0 major
2019-12-14 21:53
Dupreeh won 4 majors too, is he better than ZywOo and s1mple?
2019-12-14 21:55
why not :>
2019-12-14 21:56
he isn't obviously so this isn't a valid argument, nt tho
2019-12-14 21:57
to be honest zywoo and s1mple in top5 imo but they are not better than device
2019-12-14 21:58
Flag, flair and username checks out. Another casual
2019-12-15 00:43
2019-12-15 13:14
ruski fakeflag ?
2019-12-15 13:22
So why is Zywoo t1? He is nowhere close to most of the rest in achievments.
2019-12-17 09:06
Spain Gronk22 
Tier 1 : coldzera nt
2019-12-14 21:46
2019-12-14 21:49
Spain Gronk22 
fnx 2016>coldezera 2016 fer 2017>coldezera 2017
2019-12-14 21:51
marijuana in the paella
2019-12-14 21:53
2019-12-17 08:06
Canada roylin 
bad try 0/8
2019-12-14 21:47
2019-12-14 21:47
Finland Trashsports_2 
2019-12-14 21:55
olof and get_right obviously tier 1
2019-12-14 21:56
Iran yashpashar 
and f0rest
2019-12-14 21:58
not on csgo my friend
2019-12-14 21:58
what in the actual???? Top20 4 times and u say no to him?
2019-12-16 14:14
United States camdavis9 
if we're talking all time greats in CS:GO tier 1: GeT_RiGhT, device, olofmiester, coldzera, s1mple tier 2: FALLEN, flusha, KRIMZ, Snax, f0rest, GuardiaN, kennyS, NiKo, dupreeh tier 3: JW, Xyp9x, gla1ve, friberg, fer, ELiGE, jks, ect... I don't think I know enough about a lot of players to put them anywhere but I'm sure I'm missing some players that deserve to be somewhere in here.
2019-12-14 21:58
it was a good list until jks
2019-12-15 00:37
+1 good list anyway
2019-12-15 00:42
United States camdavis9 
jks has been really good for a long time now
2019-12-15 03:12
Actually a decent list! Wouldnt make it better myself! Though by going on your list, I’d switch JW to t2 and maybe even xyp :)
2019-12-15 00:44
where is f0rest?
2019-12-16 14:15
United States camdavis9 
tier 2
2019-12-17 06:11
gla1ve should be higher than t3 at this point
2019-12-17 06:20
lmfao white flagger checks out
2019-12-14 21:59
lol, danish talking? Denmark in WW2 : "ok Germany, welcome in Denmark, do whatever you want with us:)" didn't even try to put up a fight lmao, immediatly showed the ass...
2019-12-15 00:41
lol france talking? whaa whaa england come help me im weak AF and the germans are raping us plz come help me. Imagine being a french nationalist LMFAO
2019-12-15 00:42
Lol, France litteraly saved GB ass at Dunkirk. People in France died for their country while you just showed the ass. Tbh I'm not even gonna talk about it with you, it's no fun subject and you talk it like its nothing. You don't even know shit about it. You're just spreading 2003 American propaganda like any cuck that hate France for no reason.
2019-12-15 00:46
lmfao the french got saved by the americans invasion of Normandy as well as the british operation fortitude and every1 knows it. Ever heard of the danish resistance movement? no probably not, educate yourself frog eater, if your shit list wasnt as biased and retarded i wouldnt even have mentioned it
2019-12-15 00:50
Ofc cuz I don't care about your country, just like anybody. Ever asked yourself why France is that much mocked and hated? Greatness talking. You can mock as much as you want, we already know that you don't relate truth, but only expressing your frustration being nothing compared to France.
2019-12-15 00:55
just like anybody? my country is the most mentioned in the american democrats campaign as a measure of success, we top the charts of most lists as the most happy and privileged people in the world. You wonna know why people hate on your country? its cause of ur disgusting level of nationalism and arrogance coming from u when you have nothing to back it up by. Denmark legit shits on you in every measureable way possible. GDP per capita, HDI, QoL you fucking name it, you live in a terror nest soon to be 3rd world country
2019-12-15 00:59
"my country is the most mentioned in the american democrats campaign as a measure of success" wow, now that's an achievement. never heard something more cuck. "there is nothing to back up French Nationalism" this is the frustration I mentioned in #66, thx for validating my point. Ofc, Denmark is a little safespace for cucks. that's easy to grow these numbers, but tomorrow, if France decide, "Denmark is mine", then Denmark will be hers. Now that's shitting on a country.
2019-12-15 01:05
hahaha imagine being so jealous that you resort to personal insults. Btw nothing screams cuck more than letting a bunch of arabs into your country and run in to the ground. You have nothing going for you, your economy is worsening year by year your amount of terror attacks increases, your polution in shitholes like paris where ur shit churches burn to the ground is off the roof. France invading anyone hahahaha you would probably wave your white bitch flag before declearing war like the pussies you are
2019-12-15 01:11
Didn't read, you got exposed, just stop it. You're tired, get some sleep, you'll come up stronger from this exchange. Don't forget to kneel before France, your obsession.
2019-12-15 01:15
ill translate your whiteflag response: Couldnt come up with any counter argument, so ill pretend i didnt read and cry. Dont worry maybe one day you'll be able to seek asylum in my country if u manage to flee the shithole that is france
2019-12-15 01:17
Sure my little frustrated cuck. you're so cute, i want to hug you. <3Trying so hard to express this frustration, while cry is free! :) Free yourself<3
2019-12-15 01:18
u guys are like manlets to us, little frog eating manlets haha, maybe if u consumed less soy you wouldnt be so weak?
2019-12-15 01:26
lmao don't clown yourself, you're danish my friend, everybody sees you're projecting. #66 frustration theory as i told you, take some rest.
2019-12-15 01:42
projecting? average male height in france: 175.6 cm, average male height in Denmark: 180.4 cm its funny how we legit trash u and ur beta nation in every statistic possible
2019-12-15 01:43
oh you're talking about height XDDDDDD well, if you're happy with that, I'm happy for you my sweet danish cuck. you'll sleep feeling less cuck tonight. so sweet <3333
2019-12-15 01:51
calling others cuck while ur arab loving country is going down in ruins xDDD the france is legit a synonym to a cuck nowadays, its sad rly
2019-12-15 01:56
sure, my sweet danish cuck. <3 anything you want if it can make you feel better about yourself and you country!<3
2019-12-15 01:58
you can deflect all you want, but the fact that you 10 replies ago claimed to not wanting to respond anymore tells how triggered you are, did i hurt your fragile little frog ego so badly? little cuck loving frenchy
2019-12-15 02:01
yes, exactly! i'm the one triggered and my ego is badly hurt! you got a point right there my sweet danish cuck! good strike, keep going!
2019-12-15 02:12
good we agree my cuck loving little frenchy
2019-12-15 02:13
lel france
2019-12-15 02:46
He is just mad cuse a small band of vikings destroyed little poor frankia all those years ago, and never had the guts to revenge it
2019-12-15 11:37
North America 007DBR9 
If France did declare war on people in Europe and no one interfeared they would probably win, surpassing the indian army in terms of size at this point. Tons of experience from nato and modern equipment developed by them and Germany. The one thing modern France actually does well is the only thing people ever insult them with
2019-12-15 03:11
France doesnt have the ressources to control their own country let alone attack a different one, besides all these "what if" suggestions doesnt change the fact that Denmark is in every measurable way a better country to live in. After all i dont hear a lot of people talk about how they wish they lived in Russia or brazil due to their large military lmao
2019-12-15 03:22
North America 007DBR9 
And now the overly defensive dane is attacking me for pointing out that the danish military wouldn't hold a candle to the french one, the one insult that france doesn't deserve is the "ooh lol france surrender monkeys" they aren't and it's fucking stupid. Notice how I didn't talk about anything else regarding nations? it's because Denmark is clearly miles ahead of the french, but your dumbass can't realize that I guess.
2019-12-15 03:24
how tf is that attacking you lol, am i not allowed to respond to you suddenly replying to me or? If you bothered reading through the conversation that you somehow felt the need to reply to i called him out as a white flagger due to his obvious bias shit list (that a lot of other people have pointed out in here). Also talking about "what if" situations like that is boring and pointless, if Russia and China teamed up they could most likely destroy USA completely? see i just pointed out something completely irrelevant and boring as well, stop being so fragile that you cant even handle a reply lmfao
2019-12-15 03:31
North America 007DBR9 
for the record I didn't read the whole convo, or whatever you just sent, but you're not a reasonable person clearly
2019-12-15 03:34
if you dont want me to respond then maybe you shouldnt reply to me lmfao
2019-12-15 03:35
North America 007DBR9 
*respond with 2-3 paragraphs
2019-12-15 03:37
you being too lazy to read isnt my problem
2019-12-15 03:38
North America 007DBR9 
*not committed to pointless argument ONLINE
2019-12-15 03:40
*shouldn't post shit baits online
2019-12-15 11:39
Denmark is literally North Germany
2019-12-17 07:58
sweden is literally east norway
2019-12-17 08:59
eh....... what? We had both Norway and Finland under our control They have been our bitches throughtout history we mostly got rekt by Russia, yeah Russia shrek us And we too Skåne from Denmark so yeah.. king of the north (in history) today swedistan RIP
2019-12-17 09:03
Depends how you look at it, At one point Denmark controlled entire Scandinavia, and almost entire England during the VIking times we even had part of Estonia at some point but bad decisions by Kings led to Denmark fighting several countries at once and losing this land that they had taken first (like skåne). Also the last time the boarder between Denmark and Germany moved, it moved further south due to their loss in WW1
2019-12-17 09:16
Sweden didnt even exist during the viking times Sweden was founded around lake Vättern, divided in Svealand and Götaland after viking er Then ofc King Christian of Denmark rekt Sweden and executed ppl in Stockholm, stockholms blodbad. But besides from that Sweden had Norway, Finland, Preussen and other areas at one point, known as Stormaktstiden
2019-12-17 09:57
0/8 more like b8 tiers.
2019-12-14 21:59
Greece Petsos 
>Zywoo 1 year in the tier 1 scene >Goat
2019-12-14 22:00
2019-12-15 00:35
2019-12-15 00:37
Not a bad goat tier, i actually agree with f0rest not even being in there. He is THE goat of cs, not even arguable or any competition when it comes to all versions of CS combined.
2019-12-15 00:37
xd i forgot him
2019-12-15 02:22
Portugal tc91 
Device tier 3 and Zywho tier 1?loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool your baguette was laced with meth ahahahahahh
2019-12-15 00:38
+1 fucked up list
2019-12-15 00:52
you should try it!
2019-12-15 02:22
And be retarded like you?no thank you
2019-12-15 02:51
oh no((( you're so smart mens
2019-12-15 16:07
Honestly flusha should be up in tier 1. This guy is a living legend. Clutch GOD, smart AF, still winning, can literally play so many roles. People overhype and overrate ecovice squirting over his “sMaRt pLaYs aNd iNsAnE gAmEsEnSe” (which he never had), but flusha is on another level to that dan.
2019-12-15 00:46
I think that I agree with you.
2019-12-15 00:57
It’s one thing that s1mple does his unorthodox plays and flashy shit which is a very hard thing to do. Same with ZyWoo. But man, flusha... that guy was legit accused of cheating so many times. Everyone here saying every up&coming player should download device demos and just learn from there. But flusha’s demos are just so great. It’s a pleasure to watch especially if you understand how cs works. He does everything even more simple than device does and you take for granted what he does. He is the smartest player out there. People and players say that xyp is the player nobody wants to get stuck with in a clutch. But I’d choose flusha because this man can embarrass and humiliate so easily you won’t even get that.
2019-12-15 01:14
Well, that's because he's been super weird sometimes, he had some very strange aim locks. But I love watching him play too, he's unique.
2019-12-15 01:16
Brazil hava 
olof and flusha not being tier1 lmao
2019-12-15 00:48
Spain Granjero 
> zywoo > goat LMAO 0/8
2019-12-15 00:54
nt no scener
2019-12-15 02:21
solid bait
2019-12-15 00:54
thx, people with a lot of 0/8 but a lot triggered, i deserve at least 4/8
2019-12-15 00:56
so f0rest its not even there? doo you wana die ?
2019-12-15 01:02
2019-12-15 02:20
2019-12-15 02:23
are you scottish?
2019-12-15 02:24
doo you wana die ?
2019-12-15 02:25
wow, you didn't like that question, did you? irish maybe?
2019-12-15 02:25
u should be that guy that everyone calls him retard
2019-12-15 02:38
mens((( latvian??
2019-12-15 16:07
Portugal Dimigue 
zywoo t1 and device t3 ? HAHAHAH
2019-12-15 01:20
what's so funny my friend?
2019-12-15 02:21
Portugal Dimigue 
Zywoo as been on the scene for 1 year and device has been top 20 since 2012
2019-12-15 11:24
oh ok lol so funny)))
2019-12-15 16:08
FalleN and krimz to tier 3, allu to tier 4 and remove edward entirely
2019-12-15 01:34
Brazil Guadachuva 
great list, but I would put device on tier 1 too
2019-12-15 01:45
thanks my friend. arguable
2019-12-15 02:13
Turkey redbaron7 
forsaken should be tier 0 not 2.
2019-12-15 01:50
Argentina [Darkaren] 
I'm not even sure if you're baiting or just stupid
2019-12-15 02:01
I'm afraid I might be both.
2019-12-15 02:13
Finland em8 
kenny should be definitely be on tier2
2019-12-15 02:04
ok then I love you.
2019-12-15 02:13
Brazil goatzera 
2019-12-15 02:24
Europe thaifinnen 
krimz fallen niko tier 2 but shox and kennys tier 3? nt
2019-12-15 03:41
You are premature.
2019-12-15 05:10
Brazil gtaube 
Ez Brazilian fake flagger
2019-12-15 05:12
Turkey headshotk1ng 
tier1 : f0rest, device, GuardiaN. tier2 : GeT_RiGhT, kennyS, shox, flusha, olofmeister, KRIMZ, coldzera, s1mple, NiKo. tier3 : dupreeh, Xyp9x, Snax, JW, karrigan, gla1ve, fer, FalleN, EliGE, rain, ZywOo.
2019-12-15 05:27
bring device tier 1 than s1mple LOL must be haters
2019-12-15 13:12
Turkey headshotk1ng 
nope i love s1mple, device has been in every top20 list, very consistent player.
2019-12-15 18:35
gtr tier 2?
2019-12-15 05:39
2019-12-15 11:26
2019-12-15 11:28
imagine being GOAT when your career is like a year long LMAO
2019-12-15 11:41
i agree s1mple csgod but zywhoo only 6 month good and said goat hmmmmmmmmm
2019-12-15 13:11
Russia zergood 
wtf why mantuu not in t1??
2019-12-15 13:16
True GOATS are: dev1ce, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, Olofmeister, KennyS, GuardiaN and flusha Everyone else are SHEEPS
2019-12-15 13:17
ecolai too high imo.
2019-12-15 13:19
Don't forget Get_Right and ScreaM
2019-12-15 13:20
nice bait 2/8
2019-12-15 16:09
do you even fucking understand what a GOAT is ? a GOAT Is someone like Forest Neo Getright not a shitty racist russian and a french kid who is already at its peak level
2019-12-15 16:11
lmao 3 washed up players. f0rest has been mediocre for years other than a few tournaments. He is arguably the GOAT of Counter Strike, but not even close for csgo
2019-12-15 16:14
he is the fucking GOAT of CS only newfags would deny this
2019-12-15 16:19
there is an argument for GTR(but an incredibly shit 2018/19 really hurt it). Neo also, but he has also dipped hard so f0rest has the best argument by far
2019-12-15 16:21
T1 should be s1mple and dev1ce
2019-12-15 16:14
Neo t4 but zywoo t1 xdxdxddddd
2019-12-15 16:52
Where is electronic?
2019-12-15 17:20
2019-12-15 18:41
Vegi | 
Poland Kazk 
Snax atleast tier2
2019-12-16 14:14
what about f0rest lmao
2019-12-16 14:18
Europe Vallon3 
Absolutely garbage list. Lmfao, just saw forsaken. 3/8
2019-12-17 06:15
stopped reading at "France"
2019-12-17 06:21
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Khronov 
>zywoo >goat Pick one
2019-12-17 06:28
Xyp9x belongs to tier one. One of the best clutcher and multiple titles leading astralis as igl Dev1ce tier 1 too.
2019-12-17 06:31
Pasha XDD
2019-12-17 06:37
Brunei cyLoL 
s1mple t1 can’t even win events omegalol
2019-12-17 08:02
ZywOo aint GOAT
2019-12-17 08:33
Coldzera OMEGALUL, c OMEGALUL ldzera
2019-12-17 09:13
2019-12-17 09:21
0/8 braindead idiot
2019-12-17 10:02
GuardiaN and dev1ce same level? Ok bro
2019-12-17 20:33
Zywoo didnt even play a year in tier1 there is no way he can be the goat,being goat implies longevity.He might have the highest peak but he needs to play more. Edit:Also what the fuck is Taco doing in the list,allu is debatable as well
2019-12-17 20:35
Finland ZesseX 
More like: T1: Get_Right, Olofmeister, Cold T2: S1mple, Dev1ce, Fallen, Friberg, , Kennys, Forest, NEO T3: Flusha, JW, Snax, Guardian, shox, elige, edward, karrigan, happy
2019-12-17 20:37
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
Reported for baiting
2019-12-17 20:37
Tier 1 : s1mple, coldzera, GeT_RiGhT, olofmeister, device, kennyS, Tier 2 : flusha, KRIMZ, FalleN, NiKo,Dupreeh, EliGE, Xyp9x, Magisk Tier 3 : JW, ZywOo, Snax, Happy, pashaBiceps, shox, rain, gla1ve, GuardiaN, allu, fer, NEO Tier 4 : fnx, TACO, karrigan, TaZ, NBK-, byali, flamie, friberg, Edward...
2019-12-17 20:45
United States Fanta_Boy 
+1 what about f0rest
2019-12-17 20:49
tier 1 too, forgot about him sry
2019-12-17 23:31
United States Fanta_Boy 
all good
2019-12-18 14:21
CIS kofilzz 
so you put flamie in, and didnt put electronic wow u are so useless
2019-12-17 20:47
United States burzeus 
why is f0rest not in the list?
2019-12-17 20:51
everything checks out
2019-12-17 20:52
Turkey Slapdash 
No f0rest, zywoo and s1mple tier 1, device tier3, olof tier 2 Yeah this is the most retarded thing i've ever seen
2019-12-17 23:34
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