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blast rigged
GuardiaN | 
Czech Republic shaggy_is_here 
blast is just quietly donating thousands of dollars to astralis . notice the difference between 1st place and 2nd place in this tournament. they literally ignored the golden ratio and basically took half of prize money for the second and added it for the winner, which doesnt make any sense. also why in the gods name would anyone create an unnecessary tournament like this... blast had to break up with astralis but theyre still secretly funding astralis to buy them the freshest clothes, food and one night stands in the world... also trying to block fnatic from future tournaments since its the only team that has the chance of beating astralis... if im not going to be active anymore on my hltv account, you know what happened...
2019-12-14 22:28
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didnt read didnt care
2019-12-14 22:29
Bulgaria Ju7y 
How much?
2019-12-14 22:30
Cyprus Maybenormal 
2019-12-14 22:30
Russia 1922 
didnt read didnt care
2019-12-14 22:30
didnt care cant read
2019-12-14 22:30
didnt read but I arent think that
2019-12-14 22:33
Russia remdyx 
mafia DID read this and mafia is think that
2019-12-14 22:35
no one will fucking notice if you're not active, random pleb
2019-12-14 22:37
imagine getting ****** on hltv in 2019 lmao
2019-12-15 01:24
2019-12-15 13:02
the word was baited
2019-12-15 15:09
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Because it's the final. They've had all these other events this year which have all been leading up to this, so obviously the winner gets the most money.
2019-12-15 01:26
didn't write didn't read
2019-12-15 13:05
didnt care cant read
2019-12-15 13:06
didnt read didnt care
2019-12-15 13:06
2019-12-15 13:07
care didn't read didn't
2019-12-15 13:09
Cry is free. Conspiracy theories is lunacy in a different form.
2019-12-15 15:13
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