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Europe imbackqueotaboy GG, FNX just went from pro cs because he is smart and he end with best
2019-12-15 01:11
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2019-12-15 01:13
Other Isme 
sad but true, all we see are washed up tactics
2019-12-15 01:14
"if mibr comes back it will be a joke in my humble opinion, they will end up with the name that was well represented"
2019-12-15 01:17
And he did guive that same org a major, sad.
2019-12-15 12:00
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
In his profile description there's something like that: " 6x World Champion 🏆" can anyone explain it? twitter acc ofc
2019-12-15 01:17
maybe cs 1.6
2019-12-15 01:17
2x in CSGO, 4x in 1.6
2019-12-15 01:18
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
which in 1.6? and was it really the "world championships"?
2019-12-15 01:19
Yes, there were majors in 1.6 just like in CSGO. And FNX played under mibr tag
2019-12-15 01:20
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
I ask about individual tournaments because I see only one which is the ESWC.
2019-12-15 01:22
Brazil ThiagoBuccos 
ESWC 2006, Dreamhack Winter 2007, shgOpen 2007 and GameGune 2008 in 1.6 +2 majors in CSGO honor mention: Cyber X Games 2004 with the great teams
2019-12-15 01:41
bruttJ | 
Brazil kaiteN 
fnx > forest ?
2019-12-15 03:12
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
GameGune 2008 not even s tier tournament, via liquipedia: "Liquipedia Tier:A-Tier". "honor mention: Cyber X Games 2004 with the great teams" - show matches treated as world championship, only can happen in brazilian brain - GIGA XD And that's what I was expecting XD
2019-12-15 11:29
To be a World championship it just has to have world teams, he didnt say 6xMajor winner
2019-12-15 12:02
Brazil ThiagoBuccos 
Yeap. He just wants to underestimate. They were all great championships at the time.
2019-12-15 21:23
Brazil ThiagoBuccos 
Gamegune has Dignitas, mibr, mousesports, evil geniuses, x6tence, Amazing and Millenium. Not to mention the anothers. Good teams from different parts of the world with excellent players. It's a world championship dude.
2019-12-15 21:28
He was the world champion. Just search dude!
2019-12-15 01:21
Yeah, just search for it... it was not Official Majors Events, only ESWC 2006 was considered like a major event. "Only five tournaments were called the majors : CPL Winter, CPL Summer, ESWC, WCG and IEM World Championship. " Not DreamHack Winter, shgOpen and GameGune, wtf?
2019-12-15 03:22
Poland kRAMERO 
mibr won only ESWC2005 in 1.6
2019-12-15 11:44
4x cs 1.6 2x cs go
2019-12-15 01:20
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
2x CS:GO, 2x CS 1.6, 1x World Cup and 1x Big Brother
2019-12-15 01:21
Big Brother hahahahahhahahaha he won A Fazenda too
2019-12-15 01:25
Brazil gtaube 
Means 6x world champion
2019-12-15 01:23
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
2019-12-15 01:27
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
I didn't expect anything different from a brazilian CS fan than such shit in the comment. You probably don't know which tournaments he means.
2019-12-15 01:30
Why so mad kid
2019-12-15 03:15
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
so if we go that way, Neo is also 6 world champion and he's humble enough not to write it anywhere on the Internet like this retard XD
2019-12-15 01:32
Brazil sprk1 
i think you're the retard getting triggered by nothing to be triggered of
2019-12-15 01:36
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
I think you are more triggered than me, for me it's just a little curiosity and a desire to know the truth about it. I also don't care about people's opinions that don't bring anything to the discussion, so let go of any comments that try to offend me.
2019-12-15 11:32
Neo and Taz from Poland are 7 times World Champions by Official Major events since CS 1.6. Fnx only have 3 World Titles, BR FANS! LUL
2019-12-15 03:11
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
Thank you for this comment, thanks to you, I decided to look for an official list and you're welcome: MIBR 1 0 0 1 - one fucking major, but yea 6 time world champion FNX, probably only in his own mind XD Also funny part of mibr winning major 1.6 tournament is that playoffs format was BO1 XDDDDD
2019-12-15 11:37
Damn boy you are triggered as hell right now OMEGALUL
2019-12-15 22:18
2019-12-15 01:18
and he was right lmao
2019-12-15 01:20
ropz | 
Brazil wololo10 
Mibr now is a joke
2019-12-15 01:22
fak, this link changed my twitters language
2019-12-15 01:24
2019-12-15 03:17
ABOUT FNX: NTC Top Titles Counter-Strike 1.6 ESWC Brazil: 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2010 ESWC: 2006 Pan American WCG: 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012 DreamHack Winter: 2007 IEM III American Championship Finals: 2008 and 2010 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CEVO Season 8 - North America Main: 2015 MLG Main Championship: Columbus: 2016 DreamHack Open Austin: 2016 ESL Pro League Season 3 - Finals: 2016 ESL One: Cologne: 2016 (Main) Santa Ana Arena Showdown Championship: 2017 ESL One: Belo Horizonte 2018: South America Qualifier: 2018 Story With a successful career, the athlete began playing CS at the age of 11 under the influence of his older brother. In 2004, fnx joined the competitive game playing by the Global Challengers team. However, it was for the GameCrashers (GC) team in 2005 that the lurker achieved his first major achievement. Alongside legendary player Wellington "ton" Caruso, they won the GC for ESWC Brazil 2005. The following year, 2006, fenix won their first ever Counter-Strike 1.6 World Championship by winning the MIBR tag from the Electronic Sports World Cup 2006. Do you want more? ...
2019-12-15 03:34
Just because he winned some tournament out of his country against Europeans/North Americans doesn't mean that was a World Championship (Major), otherwise every tournament T1-T2 would be a World Championship. Do you want more?
2019-12-15 04:08
There was no ''major'' dude ....
2019-12-15 04:42
Thats why I'm saying its not because he winned some tournament with people from another country it means he winned some World Championship. Definitly there was no "major" like we have at CS:GO, but still, some tournaments was bigger then others, thats the meaning of "major" word, its a MAIN EVENT. "Only five tournaments were called the majors : CPL Winter, CPL Summer, ESWC, WCG and IEM World Championship." He's a legend, thats no doubt about that, but he's "only" 3 times World Champion, stills one of the bests at Counter Strike history.
2019-12-15 04:54
2019-12-15 11:39
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
oh, I see what happened here.
2019-12-15 11:40
Great player ggwp
2019-12-15 11:31
Japan Fanta_machine 
No fnx no major
2019-12-15 11:42
Canada mandydingo 
Fallen gotta choose between Fer's GF and FNX if he wants to win anything
2019-12-15 21:29
meyern | 
-kngv +fnx
2019-12-15 21:39
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