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HD with bad sector
shox | 
Brazil debbynha 
My HD is fucked up with bad sectors my Pc is slow af there is anything i can do to repair/recover my HD? I kinda low on money to buy another :/
2019-12-15 02:50
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Brazil hava 
if the bad sectors are close to each other just create a partition with them and dont use it. This is probably going to work idk though you could also try to use chkdsk and see if windows can sort that out for you
2019-12-15 02:55
Iraq Calyr 
If you click left of your pornhub bookmark, where there's a youtube bookmark, you might be able to find answers there. I found this for you. Don't know if it's any help. Good luck
2019-12-15 02:56
Poland Hanse 
New HDD is cheaper than recovery in most cases, trust me
2019-12-15 02:56
Idk just type "defrag" in search bar do that or just reinstall windows Best thing u can do is buy 30€ cheap ssd
2019-12-15 03:54
Just format and reinstall Windows lol, it'll avoid to write data on bad blocks, but it's a sign that your hdd is dying, you should buy a new one.
2019-12-15 03:57
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