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What is Wrong with MIBR?
Brazil mTwAMDYo 
Lets talk serious, MIBR have good players in their roster, this lineup is not that bad for end and tournament like that in the worst place, they was playing even better than now when they was with zews as complete, what prove my point. They have Meyern, who is a great talent, Fer, Fallen, kngv also a nice player, and taco, they have at leats 4 good players, how this lineup can lose to teams like virtus pro and others? has no explanation, something is wrong with the team, i think they have good players, but something just can't fit, maybe Fallen tactics, or the roles the players are playing.
2019-12-15 03:13
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Norway csgo_is_shit 
fallen and fer need wheelchair and retirement
2019-12-15 03:13
but look, who wuld say that Fer isnt a great player? he clreary is a nice player, even now, if you see he playing, even when they was playing with zews, he was playing very good, fallen the same, when they was playing with zews fallen and fer was playing a very good cs, but now seems like they cant do anything, i think maybe the roles are not working, the double awp setup is not working, also they have 3 entrys in the team: Meyern, taco and fer, also fallen and kngv as primary awpers, i think they need to kick kng and taco and bring players for the roles they really need. Meyern used to play as entry in sharks, fallen was always an main awper and igl. they need to kick kngv and taco, or move fallen for a support role and give the main awp role for kngv, but hey cant play like that, many players in the roles has the same function in the game, and this are cleary not working.
2019-12-15 03:19
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