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If country 2.0
shroud | 
Argentina juanme555 
Took a lot of feedback from the previous thread (stop deleting it dick admins, everyone loves these and no one gets offended) If country was animal, now with pics: Argentina - Siberian Tiger : Brasil - Jaguar : Chile - Weasel : Uruguay - Cat with Stripes : Venezuela - SaberTooth (skeleton) : Colombia - Duck : Mexico - Raccoon : U.S - Bison : Canada - Polar Bear (takes a selfie cuz spoiled and polite af) : UK - Elephant (King of the Universe of course) : Ireland - Lion : India - Cow : Turkey - Goat : Swiss - Firefly : Australia....Do i even need to say? lmao - New Zealand : Bulgaria - Beaver : Russia - Giant Grizzly Bear : China - Giant Panda : Estonia - Great Gray Wolf : Poland - Silverback Gorilla : Germany - Anaconda : Austria - Smooth Green Snake : Neatherlands - ThreadSnake : France - Cheetah : Belgium - Ocelot : Czech Republic - Puma : Japan - Rhino : South Korea - Hippo : Hong Kong - Crocodile : Singapore - Lizzard : Israel - Penguin : North Korea - Worm : Portugal - Fox : Italy - Golden Eagle : Spain - Bird : Greece - Goose : Sweden - Meerkat : Denmark - Meerkat : Norway - Meerkat : Finland - Meerkat : Iceland - Ferret : Some group photos: Brodas showing some love : The bro and the retarded cousin run into eachother : When retarded cousin U.S fought Czechia under the commies: Putin and shit teasing our retarded cousin: The Scandinavians having a good time : Scandinavians watching Astralis vs. ENCE : Canada giving Humanitarian AID to Estonia after the commies left :
2019-12-15 03:25
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Remember people, be respectful! , we are smart, we are loyal, we are FRIENDLY, we are from BRASIL.
2019-12-15 03:26
reported for calling mexicans c**ns
2019-12-15 03:27
Name doesn't check out.
2019-12-15 03:28
poland should be Proboscis monkey
2019-12-15 03:30
Poland Arknes 
2019-12-15 03:45
good thread, +1
2019-12-15 03:30
where's NA group photo
2019-12-15 03:31
When Mexico used Canada to block drugs coming from the North Border of U.S :
2019-12-15 03:32
Iraq Calyr 
Fun fact: Did you know there's an actual "danish bacon pig" ? It was breed to have an extra set of ribs for that sweet sweet bacon. Surprised you didn't choose that one for Denmark.
2019-12-15 03:36
When you talk with enough Danish people and Scandinavians in'll quickly realize they can't be any other animal than Meerkats.
2019-12-15 03:37
I'm Danish (well I'm actually Danish/Kazakh now I've joined that witness protection program and moved here to Astana) but I identify more with a turtle really. Someone comes by I pull my head in and hope the suckers leave me alone. But I can understand the meerkat thing when I see a guy like Caps (the LoL player). That's pretty spot on.
2019-12-15 03:40
Nah but when you see leftist middle class pubert kids telling you how socialism is the greatest thing and that they love you but you're "tupid xd" they're 100000000% Meerkat af.
2019-12-15 03:41
Danes, or Scandinavians in general, aren't socialists. They are deeply "conservative" somehow. They do enjoy their social democratic welfare state model and are highly opposed to anything changing that. So in essence they become conservative. Keeping things as they are.
2019-12-15 03:43
Agreed with all of this, and they're wrong. And by socialism i meant leftism, im on record hundreds of times adressing hundreds of them , most of them are just very spoiled and very innocent childs. Meerkat or Meerkat boo.
2019-12-15 03:59
nz is sheep, but otherwise +1
2019-12-15 03:38
Turkey is Turkiye
2019-12-15 03:39
Brazil - monkey Germany - rat
2019-12-15 03:52
China SwooksarV2 
This is pretty cool actually
2019-12-15 03:44
Argentina trackssZZZ 
good thread wtf, +1
2019-12-15 03:46
interesting and fun to watch (cute animals) thread bump
2019-12-15 03:49
2019-12-15 03:51
You clearly tried to bait other countries Brasil jaguar YIKES, more like you know monkeys, even they make joke about that
2019-12-15 03:53
nt raccoonian bison
2020-01-08 22:29
this guy got so triggered cause i completely humiliated him in the scandinavian thread lmfao hahaha
2019-12-15 03:54
wtf? what u talking bou
2019-12-15 03:57
i was the one that bodied you with statistics showing what a shit region ur from compared to scandinavia in every measureble way possible, then you started crying and acting like a mentally insane person spamming things with caps lock on. As i can tell from your profile you have almost 2k posts in approx. 2 months most of them are probably from you having heated discussions with people due to your mental illness. seek help you beta.
2019-12-15 04:18
Argentina trackssZZZ 
he's just comparing countries to animals wtf
2019-12-15 04:37
his only reason for doing so is because he got upset in the "Scandinavia" thread, just look how all the animals of the scandinavian countries are condescending. The guy is far from normal, he seems to be on some kind of political mission to convince people that brazil will rise to be the greatest country ever or some shit like that
2019-12-15 04:42
Argentina trackssZZZ 
ur animal is cute asf wtf men((
2019-12-15 04:45
Oh that was you??? lol wtf? i sent you a reply and you never answered, your main point after i decimated your growth rate keynesian nonsensical theory was that i ignored the HDI stats because they made my region look bad, when i actually dismissed them because they literally discredit the whole index. I pointed out to you that Argentina went from being ranked 119th to 47th in 2017 while our currency had a massive devaluation, poverty and homelessness exploded, and that comparing the ranking changes with other countries, it seemed like Argentina was that boosted up because it brought abortion to congress. It seems like HDI mainly measures per populist "progressive" policies , not actual the HUMAN-FUCKING-DEVELOPMENT. You see?? You're meerkat as fuck wtf.
2019-12-15 05:10
you decimated what exactly? first you claimed your region had more growth i cited you several sources showing that was false, then you claimed the growth didnt matter because of a high inflation rate, i then showed you how the inflation rate is infact 8 times lower in my country. You then didnt like HDI as a measure of a countrys living standard even tho this is based on very measurable variables such as purchase power, educational level, lifespan expectancy etc. but if you dont like HDI i can also link several QoL indexes which also include overall infrastructure and pollution rates (these show the same btw). I think you should change your animal to a parrot cause you seem to repeat the same nonsense over and over again haha
2019-12-15 05:21
WUT?!?!? I didn't say my region had more growth, i said that Brasil will absolutely have greater growth if they keep making the reforms like MP881. I said that Inflation rate can nullify growth rate if they're both the same STUPID. wtf? hahahahahahahah. Alright pimpim, you really seem to stick with that HDI nonsense, so if the HDI measures by purchasing power, why did Argentina boost +50 ranks while losing literally over 20% of its purchasing power and increasing poverty and homelessness.... HOW PIMPIM???? EXPLAIN TO ME HOW SWAY hahahahahaha Pimpim the reason im being polite to you is because i can tell you're 14-17 y/o boo, i can tell you have the best intentions...sadly, you're on the WRONG side of history booboo. I think my way of judging a country's quality of life and sustainability is the best, but i doubt you'd like it, young one.
2019-12-15 05:25
you came into a thread claiming the entire scandinavia was a complete shithole and opressed. Then you got rly mad when i showed you that every single statistic and measure states the complete opposite showing you several sources. You then got rly mad and started with your low IQ insults and writing in all caps much like you just did haha. Spend your time finding sources for the claims u pull out of ur ass instead. Oh you have your very own way of judging a country's QoL as you dont agree on any of the internationally acknowledged methods, please share that with us haha
2019-12-15 06:07
uhhh nah, not mad i just speak the truth. You're taxed af, your education sucks dick compared to lesser statist countries, you don't have freedom of speech, you can't own guns and i can tell within the next 10 years your federal governments will start teasing around with the parents guardian's tutorship. Sure thing pimpim, The way i measure a country's level of possible prosperity/quality of life is. #1 Priority = Individual Freedoms: such as freedom of speech, sex, religion, gun ownership, private property respect, etc. #2 = Economic Freedom, should be easy to understand even for a leftist. #3 = How much statism there is, such as how many statized companies, state interference and regulations on very private matters such as housing, education, health. #4 = Country size and population, I'd absolutely love to dream in Hong Kong or Singapore, but i'd much rather if Brasil literally copied 100% Hong Kong or Singapore so then i have a much bigger country to go around in. Because of this, UK is the greatest country in history of humanity, though right now right now, it isn't the absolute #1, right now the #1 goes to Estonia (only for a minute thou...probably........sadly). I believe UK will go back to freedom and then, Argentina will embrace freedom once again, and then Brasil will embrace freedom once and for all. The moment any of the 3 nations do this...your countries will be rendered shitholes pimpim, im sorry if you're a nationalist but the Libertarian roots of UK and Argentina also include open immigration....they'll leave your country in the blink of an eye. And Brasil??? uffffffffffff, Brasil never lost their freedom because they never had it, so when they finally get it...they might be more protective about it than anyone else. And on top of all this, you can never dismiss the U.S Americans, any random day a cowboy can wake up and just build a platform in which he fills congress and sets himself up to clean house and U.S is back at the top again. Im so sorry for you, i can tell you're a nice kid but you've been terribly brainwashed boo!
2019-12-15 06:18
Argentina trackssZZZ 
and yeah our region is shit
2019-12-15 04:37
Wtf 0/8
2019-12-15 03:55
India csgo_veteran 
What exactly is this based on? Why cow? Lmao its not even that big a deal here. Just some extremely extremely conservative Hindus. Our national animal is the tiger.
2019-12-15 03:57
Cow is also huge and pacific, good friend of the human like the horse and the dog. India huge country but actually fairly pacific compared to U.S - Russia - China
2019-12-15 03:58
what else? tiger is alrdy taken
2019-12-15 04:09
Ez money, superpower 2030. Sell milk, earn money, reproduce more cows & earn more.
2019-12-15 04:34
2019-12-15 07:31
India csgo_veteran 
India is actually worlds largest exporter of beef no joke
2019-12-15 19:04
2019-12-15 03:57
United States Scvboy1 
What about the USA?
2019-12-15 04:00
right after Mexico READ MF!!!!
2019-12-15 05:13
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
I got triggered. At least change the goat photo with a Turkey so it makes more sense.
2019-12-15 04:00
Australia opzy 
New zealand koala???? Kiwi bro
2019-12-15 04:02
I'd assume penguin cus some ultra orthodox jews wear black and white clothing :D
2019-12-15 04:34
Also that the Penguin is an animal that seems kinda hateable but is actually cute af, if you hate him just cuz he a penguin ur fucked up in the head, funny guy as well.
2019-12-15 05:11
<3 penguin power!!!
2019-12-15 05:59
Sweden should pick Ace Ventura, he likes invite animals in his house too =)
2019-12-15 05:16
nz doesn't have koalas reported
2019-12-15 05:25
2019-12-15 05:35
+11111111 for COW
2019-12-15 07:33
Kazakhstan Tarob 
no Kazakhstan ((
2019-12-15 07:41
we are far from rhino. i want to be a cat
2019-12-15 19:06
nah, you're definitely at the very top of the food chain.
2019-12-16 01:19
Belgium Miiyata 
Stopped reading after Brasil - Jaguar. Wrong animal my friend, the wrong one!
2019-12-16 01:22
kakakakakkaa you do realize that the Jaguar literally comes from Brasil? Brasil is gigantic, very diverse, vesatile, beautiful and super powerful. JAGUAR AS FUCK. nt france jr.
2019-12-16 01:23
Belgium Miiyata 
Wow brasil is OP car wtf :o unexpected
2019-12-16 01:26
Im glad you like it little buddy! eh!, you be careful with them furr balls after showering.
2019-12-16 01:26
Qatar skippr 
Very nice
2019-12-16 01:53
Qatar skippr 
keep threadin'!
2019-12-16 21:48
0/8 wtf south korea - tiger
2019-12-16 21:50
Poland - Silverback Gorilla What the fuck dude
2019-12-16 21:54
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