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MIBR laugh thread
Hong Kong JuniusHo69 
Why did they bring back MIBR just to disgrace the name? nothing can save this team, they have been shit for a good year and a bit now, at least when stewie and tarik were there they were decent for like two weeks during ECS when they almost took one map off astralis. Now they are dogshit and keep cycling players, never admitting that the core could be the problem. -FalleN -TACO -fer
2019-12-15 10:36
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United States IdolaMochi 
I this point i think that they have to do a brazilian shuffle and hope for the best
2019-12-15 10:39
Sweden meistr0 
Furia CEO fcked the whole scene. Well players & CEO when they signed those stupid deals.
2019-12-15 11:22
United States IdolaMochi 
you dont need Furia players, cmon at this point just gamble on players in INTZ and Sharks
2019-12-15 11:32
Sweden meistr0 
Why gamble when good players exist on Furia? Just: -FalleN -Taco +arT +Kscerato would improve the team super much. Maybe even -Taco +Luken could help a bit, but MIBRs main problem is strats tbh
2019-12-15 11:40
So much potential in Brazil but never the right rosters.
2019-12-15 11:13
Sweden meistr0 
2019-12-15 11:25
2019-12-15 11:26
2019-12-15 11:25
Sweden meistr0 
Making a laugh thread when they basically had one of their better tournaments of the year? Seems legit. Could have been better by winning that 14-16 game vs VP & 17-19 game vs Furia, which they should have. -Fer? 0/8, hes the best player in MIBR rn. -FalleN? Maybe, problem is, no T1-T2 BR IGLs exist except arT but yeah, that aint happening. -Taco? Yes 110%, his role (Support/Entry) is not needed in current MIBR (Talking about Support role obv). OP roster for MIBR would be: Kscerato (Rifler) arT (IGL / AWPer) Fer (Entry) Meyern (Rifler) Yuurih (Entry) But that aint happening. Obv just -Taco +Cold would be sick, but same here, aint happening.
2019-12-15 11:36
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