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Hong Kong JuniusHo69 
does it make big difference? also is it worth to get 240hz?
2019-12-15 10:38
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United States Jack1CS 
yes it does 240 only worth if you are trying to go pro or have extra money
2019-12-15 10:40
Finland Sadee 
144hz monitors are just 60hz monitors but they cost more cause they want more money and you think "i have 144hz monitor i can see enemy better now!" it doesnt work like that... You can buy 30hz monitor and play with 30fps it looks same like playing 300fps and 144hz.
2019-12-15 10:41
2019-12-15 10:42
I think you have problems with you eyes go see a doctor
2019-12-15 10:46
it doesnt change the fact that human eye only can see 60fps "The human eye is an organ that reacts to light and has several purposes. First of all, human eye cant see more than 60fps" This is a fact from Einsteins diary.
2019-12-15 10:47
but 144hz is smoother
2019-12-15 10:47
No its not, human eye is set to 30-60fps, if you sleep REM sleep at night, your eye will be able to see 60hz and if you sleep bad you can only see 30hz, thats a fact told by Albert Ainstain
2019-12-15 10:51
Did you.... did you just fall in this bait?
2019-12-15 11:14
I love that diary, everyone should read it and learn about Einstein's theory on eye frames
2019-12-15 10:51
United States Jack1CS 
lmao 0/8
2019-12-15 10:46
Wtf xD
2019-12-15 11:02
Russia nobody_cars 
2019-12-15 11:12
Lol 0/8
2019-12-15 11:15
United States MeoWzinho 
cant speak for 240 hz, but once you go up to 144 hz you wont notice anything until you go back down. There is definitely a difference, but it takes a trained eye. I would recommend a 144 hz monitor for sure
2019-12-15 10:40
Finland Sadee 
2019-12-15 10:42
2019-12-15 10:42
it doesnt take a trained eye to notice the diffrence from 60-144 its like night and day
2019-12-15 10:42
United Kingdom KieranFR 
2019-12-15 11:08
yes, make sure you constantly get 144fps+
2019-12-15 10:40
if u have pc for constantly 240fps
2019-12-15 10:44
human eye can not see beyond 60 fps so nope
2019-12-15 10:49
240Hz is a bad idea because most servers can't give you 240fps constantly
2019-12-15 10:58
I have 60 Hz, tried 144, makes a difference comrade.
2019-12-15 11:04
Its hard to explain when you first get a 144hz monitor. Everything just feels clearer and more immersive. You get used to it after about 20mins though and then I started to question whether it was even worth the hype etc.. ..and then i switched it down to 60hz and almost had a seizure. Its worth it.
2019-12-15 11:07
Brazil edgy_man 
144hz is mandatory it will give you a huge advantage if you can afford, go for it. here in brazil the price for a 144hz monitor is absurd, thats the only reason why i didn't get it. yet
2019-12-15 11:11
Europe JuliusCaesar 
If You are moving from 60hz to 144hz it will be huge difference. If You are moving from 144hz to 240hz - its small difference. It is there but its small. If You have money then just buy 240hz, if You're saving for something else then just buy 144hz and You will be very happy
2019-12-15 11:13
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