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china come here
United States not_fbi 
do you really put muslims in kz camps? do you really eat dogs? are you really communist?
2019-12-15 20:45
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United States not_fbi 
kz=concentration camps
2019-12-15 20:45
you mean kreedz climbing
2019-12-15 20:48 this is what happened with the situation and all of your media ignore it delibrately and try to report tons of fake news to make China looks bad and call it "freedom"
2019-12-15 21:01
China SwooksarV2 
Idk and idc 1 poor ass village does No.
2019-12-15 20:46
Dude what kind of thread is this, reported
2019-12-15 20:47
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
i think hltv might be the only place in the world where you won't find chinese people
2019-12-15 20:47
Summer | 
China seba13 
lol pornhub more
2019-12-15 20:49
China SwooksarV2 
Nanana. If you go to the vids with "chinese" in the tittle or chinese vids, the entire comments section are just chinese.
2019-12-15 21:01
2019-12-15 20:47
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
Yes Yes Yes source: trust me mens)😎
2019-12-15 20:47
Summer | 
China seba13 
US education lol
2019-12-15 20:48
FalleN | 
Brazil zeraSK 
Are u really chinese
2019-12-15 20:50
Summer | 
China seba13 
are u really human ?
2019-12-15 20:50
closer to one than you.
2019-12-15 20:51
why you lot coming over here for education then?
2019-12-15 20:51
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
Western education -> easy easy -> don't have to do any work for school and still finish with a degree
2019-12-15 20:53
yeh that's why you guys dedicate your childhood to coming to oxford, and then spend all your time studying 24/7. wasn't asking for the opinion of those who came over for no reason other than prestige (cus we all know that's a bigger factor than ease). interested in the opinions of those who aren't an intellectual disgrace to their people.
2019-12-15 20:57
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
going to oxford does not give you more prestige than a double first class university they also don't need that because all of them are rich and don't need to work ever
2019-12-15 21:03
no I was saying they go to Oxford for the education, and then all the other shitty unis for prestige (Birmingham for example, though I know that's also due to the Chinese campus). also aren't the double first class universities not established yet? I thought I was a newly created plan for the next couple decades.
2019-12-15 21:07
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
the universities do exist, the plan is to make all of them top in the world again, they don't go there for prestige, it's just fun basically it's super easy for them and they can live in the country while being a student there
2019-12-15 21:14
Summer | 
China seba13 
cause you don't know us,but hate us as if you knew everything
2019-12-15 20:55
what do you even mean by this? how does this answer my question? and do you not see the irony in assuming I don't know you but assuming to know me? 3rd world education lol.
2019-12-15 20:56
Summer | 
China seba13 
show me what u've learnt us from ur media the answer is no yes no and what did ur media tell u educated ppl won‘t be subjective
2019-12-15 21:07
im not even talking about the op. Christ youre stupid. I was pointing out the irony of the guy saying laughing at US education. fyi stay away from long words, your English isn't good enough.
2019-12-15 21:08
Summer | 
China seba13 
i m in germany so i don't need to learn so much english education ain't limited into academic things ,also helps u building values of world and life.If u can't learn, or respect others i would say bad edu
2019-12-15 21:18
clearly didn't help with logic. also topkek at Chinese talking about values and respect.
2019-12-15 21:25
Summer | 
China seba13 
agreed. educated ppl won't like u ,that's all
2019-12-15 21:27
weird for you to assume that all educated people have the same outlook on life and friends. or did you mean educated people ARENT like me? either way, okey. youre clearly not educated or intelligent (you can barely follow a simple conversation, even with me clarifying. you even clearly struggled to follow the lines indicating who responds to who).
2019-12-15 21:39
Summer | 
China seba13 
when u talk things in china and u evaluate things in ur logic we don't do anything wrong and we don't need your support all u should do is to learn something first instead of talking bullshit if u can't respect the opinions of chinese the talk is over
2019-12-15 21:45
honestly your poor grasp of the English language meant this talk was over from the beginning. the lack of coherency from the beginning encouraged me to just shit post in response to your idiocy. p.s. I love Chinese history and your past culture. but that's where it sadly remains, in the past.
2019-12-15 21:56
Because they treat better. I don’t understand why but whoever studied europe or us in 80s and 90s they treated really well. Nowadays, it is not like that. But some people have old styles still treat better. I’m not chinese btw.
2019-12-15 21:06
what do you mean by 'treat'? you mean teach? cus in that I would say its subjective, eastern education is focused on memorisation and repetition while the west encourages free thought (though this is a very (perhaps most) basic way of looking at the two styles). also it was a rhetorical question. im fairly familiar with Chinese history and eastern culture. just pointing out the irony in that guy laughing at US education.
2019-12-15 21:11
treat. It means better treatment. More honorably.
2019-12-15 22:47
no I know the meaning. your use is quite odd. who is treating who better?
2019-12-15 23:02
General ordinary people and interviewees. That was back in the 90s. We had those customs and those were plus factors. But of course for "very top-class universities only". Because back in the 80s and 90s, people were hard to visit outer states. Study in foreign means two meanings. Really rich or very intelligent. Although not these days because pretty much anybody can study abroad. Unless for very poor. Ah, there were some people like international companies who stationed abroad or families of foreign ministries of government. Those people were exceptions. They can station abroad although they weren't rich or intelligent.
2019-12-16 01:14
I'm not Chinese but in Korea, we did like that back in the 80s and 90s. And I believe current china is following right back at us. 00s. I'm not sure about now because too many of them study in Europe and the US. But back in 00s, i'm sure there were much less who studies abroad than now.
2019-12-16 02:03
nope few some trust me
2019-12-15 20:53
1. We don't put Muslims in to KZ camps but only terrorist and extreme groups. If you don't know how cruel were the terrorists in Xinjiang for the past 50 years check out this video At 7/5/2009, 300+ Chinese were killed in a day during a riot caused by the extreme groups. 2. China has 1.4 billion of population and there are few millions of people who eats dog. But does it mean the other 99% of Chinese also eat dogs? 3. Just as how you foreigners think that the Communism is trash af, Chinese also thinks that democracy is just bullshit.
2019-12-15 20:58
China 0asis 
yes yes no
2019-12-15 20:59
1. Yes, but the radical ones only. 2. Yes, some area of China. I ate a few times before. 3. Very few communists today, I think there's more Communists in UC Berkeley alone than in entire China. Though I am one. The CCP is definitely not a Communist Party.
2019-12-15 21:04
FalleN | 
Brazil zeraSK 
How old are u
2019-12-15 21:05
you call it concentration camps?
2019-12-15 21:05
I'm no expert on that, but I am quiet sure CCP does put Muslim in some kind of 'camps', though I support this kind of reeducation to remove the radical thinking from Muslims.
2019-12-15 21:10
how does chinese government define radicalism of muslims?
2019-12-15 21:12
2019-12-15 21:15
the "camps" usually regarded to illegally sentence people ofc you should call "prisons"
2019-12-15 21:38
1 FEW 2 FEW 3 NO
2019-12-15 21:18
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
China should follow Cuba
2019-12-15 23:15
Germany LWJB 
china xinjiang kz camps nice try US, just send me to there.
2019-12-16 00:00
mitsuha | 
China tralia 
u know become a ccp member is very hard, stop your illusion.
2019-12-16 02:11
i once ate dog meat with friends. oh thats really unforgettable. hot spicy and delicious. chinese are so good at cooking...
2019-12-16 04:39
NBK- | 
China c9mH 2.some places 3.few,
2019-12-16 04:53
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