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Best armies 2019 final thread
shroud | 
Argentina juanme555 
Hi mens and lilttle mens, GlobalFire power just wrapped up their 2019 analysis. Brasil was #15 last year, #13 this year, honestly happy af about that. People's Republic of Peronia "Argentina" stays 38 laughing stock as always. Israel surprisingly deranking has to be the big news and Canadia ranking up 2 spots is pretty ok.
2019-12-16 01:27
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To think we used to have the most powerful navy :(
2019-12-16 01:29
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
after ww2 we had a top 5 air force. and for a large part of history we've had a top 10 army. we had vikings and we once were the major force in a war that almost rivalled ww2. now we barely would be able to fend off estonia
2019-12-16 01:34
Fucking sucks man.
2019-12-16 01:34
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
at least you're in nato. we are on our own and terrible
2019-12-16 01:37
Not like we’ll be in nato for long if Trump decides he wants to enforce the 2% of gdp rule.
2019-12-16 01:39
China ene1nz 
Do you fear about Estonia attacking you?
2019-12-16 02:05
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
some nights i dont even sleep, in fear of iceland
2019-12-16 03:44
Not to shit on you but would having a top tier air force matter in the baltic ocean when russia and germany are right around the corner
2019-12-16 02:30
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
how many countries do you think are in a top 5
2019-12-16 09:29
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
I feel you, we've been there too
2019-12-16 02:27
Stfu boris
2019-12-16 03:51
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Ok Macaroni
2019-12-16 10:24
Bro that's reunion((((((
2019-12-16 13:05
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Reunion is still governed by Macaroni
2019-12-16 13:09
Lying again boris???? Smh my head
2019-12-16 13:10
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
2019-12-16 13:11
2019-12-16 03:50
2019-12-16 17:27
Lol who the fuck made that list?
2019-12-16 17:38
idk bro
2019-12-16 17:39
United States theory^ 
india superpower 2020 proof:
2019-12-16 01:31
2019-12-16 03:46
Australia csRIOTgo 
2019-12-16 04:41
Finland Qurko 
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk superpooper2020
2019-12-16 10:29
2019-12-16 10:29
Not sure about this Russia > China thing. We just don't know exactly what they have because the Chinese are pretty secret but they have been investing a lot in research for a long time now. Surprised about Japan being so high, I thought they had no military policy anymore.
2019-12-16 01:32
Mongolia bozgor 
maybe you should reconsider questioning a list if you dont even know under what structure and conditions Japan has an army 👌😎
2019-12-16 01:41
You got me wrong, I'm surprised by the fact that they are climbing the ranking which means that they are investing into the military (=military policy), while publicly they don't brag about it and just ask the US to protect them. I never said they were not allowed to have an army.
2019-12-16 01:46
Mongolia bozgor 
in the last ~3 years Abe has been floating the idea of rewriting the constitution + they have been constantly investing into it since the end of cold war
2019-12-16 01:49
They've been trying to reconstruct a strong military for the last 2.5 years. They'll never get to where they once got though, the youth is 100% anti-having an army pretty much. fuck you btw
2019-12-16 02:22
Japan youth is made of brainwashed cucks just like most of the West, sad for the country of Samurais. Fuck you too, you proved once again why I don't advise to discuss with you. Every time you disagree with someone you start insulting for no reason. I think that you have anger problems brother lol
2019-12-16 02:27
"Japan youth is made of brainwashed cucks just like most of the West, sad for the country of Samurais." I don't know, and i don't know if not wanting an army is necessarily a wrong thing. Nah fuck you, leftist piece of shit i've grown tired of this "if u disagrees merci xd" bullshit, do know that because of the influence of your repugnant population migrating and "intellectuals" South America is today the shithole it is, i hope you're proud you fucking bitch.
2019-12-16 02:30
If it is to be the obedient bitch of the US until they abandon you and let China absorb you, then yes. I would say it is a bad thing. And it is a bad thing to have a youth made of weak, asexual, asocial cucks that dream of anime lol For the last part... just wtf are you talking about lol. The entire South America is a shithole, just like Central America and even Mexico. I don't think that we colonized all those places. Stop acting like a victim and work to make your country better.
2019-12-16 02:34
And yes, I'm proud of me, more than you are of you and your country apparently lol
2019-12-16 02:35
"If it is to be the obedient bitch of the US until they abandon you and let China absorb you, then yes. I would say it is a bad thing." I was talking about the ideal of no-army in and of itself, Japan does indeed have multiple caveats. Then you're just generalizing. "For the last part..." Nah dog, we made such a Libertarian and individualist constitution (1853) that we became the richest and freest country in the planet by 1895, there is an ALARMING parallel between the French migratory wave and the massive turn on Liberty, our population was prosperous, free and welcoming to everyone, then when the first French migratory wave in 1905 came, in 1907 the public academia schedule was reformed to switch individual soverignty to NATIONAL sovereignty, opening Pandora's Box to nationalism, 2nd French influx of almost like 8% of that point's population came through in 1924, and in 1928 Yrigoyen won a second election after losing a 2nd term to Alvear because of a TERRIBLE populist first office, then the 1930 coup happened. You did colonize a country in S.A but that's irrelevant, the point of this all is that wherever you went, you took your repugnant equalitarian statist colectivist agenda with you, so you know what? FUCK YALL honestly, just FUCK YOU FOREVER, if i can change the world one day, i'll make sure to make the freest country and BAN THE SHIT OUTTA YALL.
2019-12-16 02:40
Well, I hope that you will manage to establish such country then ! I wish you success. I can say that liberal experiences in South America in the past were quite a success and were indeed ruined by socialism/collectivism. I think Chila and Argentina especially got a big potential. I think you are simplying a bit and as I said, playing the victim card and blaming everything on France won't help your country. Plenty of countries in your continent had no French influence and still managed to fail. I don't think that Karl Marx was French, but I know that Frédéric Bastiat was. He's the founder of anarcho-capitalism idea, master of Gustave de Molinari. I thought you would like him. You see, we don't only have bad thinkers :) It is a thing with my country, we are capable of the best and the worst. As for myself, I can only say that I despise socialism more and more, but French people will never change their mind about it. Equalitarian are part of our culture now. I liked France better before the Revolution though.
2019-12-16 02:53
I wouldn't blame everything on France, but man its so blatant, all the italian, spaniard, greek, russian, polak, danish, belgian and Portuguese trash came here for over a hudred years and all the time we got freer and freer until we can finally rival and very briefly beat U.S in freedom and prosperity, then 2 little waves of French faguettians come in 3 decades and the whole values of liberty and individualism go out the window just like that "poof" ... come on man. Of course i know Bastian, he's one of my heros, i also know that if the average French idiot read Bastiat today he would label him a fascist, oligarch, classist. Look, if you aint a statist equalitarian social democrat, then im not gonna talk shit to you, but don't BULLSHIT me with what the French stand for, you've been by far the biggest exporter of this nepharious ideology without comparison, and the revolution that Europe admires you for is one of the most blatant pre-marx communistic revolutions of all time if not THE MOST. Again, if you don't adhiere to all of that nonsense, i firmly and genuinely apologize, but you're an aberration, you're not the rule.
2019-12-16 03:04
I've read some Bastiat. It is true that people would call me a fascist if they knew, but thankfully they don't even know who he is lol I'm definitely an aberration according to the typical French mindset. I never said otherwise. Monarchist, conservatist, aristocratic, anti-revolutionary, anti-progressist, anti-bolchevik. I'm not sure about socialism/liberalism for now, I think our current eco system is terrible but I don't know how far I believe we should reduce taxes. We would still disagree on many thing I guess, like statism and nationalism. I respect my culture and ancestors, I won't let people destroy it just because it is more "efficient" or for some globalist, multicultural bullshit. And I said again: we have and had a lot of thinkers, both terrible and amazing. Sadly the wrong ones won. French committed suicide after killing our king and replacing him with the religion of equality. However, as a French nationalist I can only say that France is not only that, we had 1000 years of History before the Revolution and still some great moments afterward. :) I agree with you on some points, but it's just hard to discuss with you when you start being agressive and insulting for no reason. You have the right to hate France, but myself I think that hatred is for weak people and doesn't change anything. Especially since I'm not responsible of everything my country did.
2019-12-16 03:20
Alright. Taxes in my opinion, at a federal level should be reduced to less than doble digits, 9% net taxing at the very max. why? to make sure that all the federal government can afford is the only semi-legitimate reason it should have, a strong military that takes care of the national security. I don't necessarily agree with your whole protect French culture thing, specialy considering you just agreed that roughly half of the French culture is absolute bullshit. But so long as you dont want to impose that culture upon others i dont have a problem, if you're flirting with statism to enforce cultural values you should know that that's a TERRIBLE doble edged sword, if you try to enforce those values through state force, you will create a lot of resentment and hidden hatred on individuals who don't agree with it, most will leave the country but the ones that don't? you'd be a fool to think they're just gonna bite the bullet and put up with it... And yeah you're willing to dissociate yourself from your ancestors when it comes to the TERRIBLE things they've done to your own country and to the rest of the world, yet you're willing to take pride on things from your ancestors that you like??? hmmmm i think you should be more consistent pimpim.
2019-12-16 03:28
First thing is I don't believe that it is needed to impose culture, and I don't believe that it is possible for a state to force it anyway. In a natural situation, which means homogenic people that live on their home soil peacefully, they will just love their culture without any need to be brainwashed. You naturally respect your family and its traditions. It is forced multiculturalism and immigration that destroyed this. The only thing our gov is trying to impose is this bullshit multiculturalism through mass propaganda and censorship of everything that is not "politically correct", to the point that you can even criticize religion or immigrant in France. If you let people in peace with their own culture and give them local power, then they won't fight each other. They will organize themselves. They only get angry if a foreign culture is forced into their land without their will and start taking too much place (and my gov is 100% responsible of that). I don't want to bully immigrant, I'm telling them something simple: either you obey our rules, or you don't come. Because I know that otherwise, it will end up in terrible violence just like it is happening in Europe in recent years. Secondly, your last paragraph is completely wrong. I'm proud of my ancestors but it doesn't mean that I agree with everything that was made by my country. I'm a French, I was raised this way and nothing will change that, so it's better to love it than hate it. I accept and assume the good just like the bad. History is history, no need to get emotional over it. Also, my ancestors were never leaders of the country. I'm from a modest middle-class family, they just tried to live their lives in their own way. The revolution was made by a tiny minority you know, it is not fault of some peasants if they were brainwashed by the crazy egalitarian leaders lol Just the same for Russia, you shouldn't hate the Russians just because they were brainwashed by a handfull of intellectuals and Jews.
2019-12-16 03:52
But then what you're talking about isn't really culture, because every individual has his own interests, dreams, likes. To believe they all chase the same goal because they share nationality is just inhumane, what you could be talking about is a VERY General underlying goal, like U.S had from day 1 to roughly 1920, they didn't share a bunch of things, but they all agreed that freedom and individualism must be protected with blood and soul. A lot of them were of very different backgrounds and beliefs though. So i guess that what im asking is, what are the main values that you think France should preserve??? Because to be quite frank...the most iconic values from the revolution to today...have been pretty much kept intact.
2019-12-16 03:57
I like many things about my country. Our language and it's gigantic literrature that goes well above some crazy egalitarian writers. Our arts, be it cinema, music, architecture or painting that was accumulated for centuries. Our food culture that is a mix of millenary traditions and awesome diversity of local products. Some of Christians believes that are important in the Western/Europeans history and that I respect even if I'm not a religious guy, like the family values. Our royal and aristocratic traditions, that were still kept by our elites that profit of big state money while letting the people fight against each other. The US is a new nation compared to France my friend. You can't compare every county with each other, France is closer to UK or Germany, that also face identity problems. Also without our help the US won't even exist :) Anyway, I don't really want to start a debate that you won't understand because you are not French nor have an identitarian mindset. But I for sure know more about France than you do, and I also see how much culture is important with the recent immigration. Because just like me, the people we "welcomed" (= our gov forced us to take) have their own culture and values and are ready to defend them, which I can understand and is going to create lot of problems in future decades. But the situation of Argentina is totally different, you have other problems and won't understand me.
2019-12-16 04:08
I dont understand why would you take pride in identitarianism, no colectivism has ever been good. Also, of course i don't know even half of what you know about France, but i do know your migratory policies because i wanted to see what it would take for a south american to go to France, and they are NOT lax at ALL, they haven't been lax at all for over a decade now, this is why i never understand the whole anti-immigration rethoric, you do know that the whole refugee programs are not migratory policy right??? they, much like social programs, are another sort of assistentialism, and much like all social programs, are an absolute failure. Not talking shit but i find it extremely ironic that you French people went to a bunch of American countries, including U.S and destroyed the area that you were in and now you are the most anti-immigration people that there is hahahahahahahaha U.S really did dodge a huge bullet by being so federal, you only fucked early founding states but imagine if you could've voted and influenced them at a federal level holy shit ahahahahahaha.
2019-12-16 04:14
Well, ok. I agree. The problem is that you still talk to me like if I was personified France or something. I'm not responsible of everything that was made by my gov and many people disagree with their way of leading the country lol "the most anti-immigration people" -> Wtf are you talking about, you clearly don't know how it works in France. First, because of UE rules, anybody in the ENTIRE EUROPE can come in without any papers, even if he's illegal. We don't even control our borders, how is that being strongly anti-immigration ?? Secondly, our citizenship rules are so damn easy. If you marry a French citizen, you can ask for paper. If your child is born in France, even as illegal immigrant, he will earn citizenship as well (which is crazy). Also we have "family regrouping" policy which states than ANY immigrant is allowed to take his family with him in France. Can you imagine that ? If you have a visa, you can bring 5 people with you. We don't have any rules that force to work or anything. You will just get free state money and nobody can do anything about it. Clearly you have no idea how it works here to say that we are anti-immigration. We take 200 000 immigrants every year, and that number doesn't even count illegal nor refugees.
2019-12-16 04:24
Im strictly talking about non-European fully legal immigration with work permit, your federal government asks for insurance with coverage of 30.000 Euros , have your employer contract and pay the whole thing before you even get there and then a bunch of paperwork for an extended work permit with residence. Also i don't know how you can find European migration so disruptive? 200.000 immigrants per year alright that might be a lot to you, Argentina and U.S took over 600.000 Immigrants per year at the end of 1890's with much less see...if you give freedom a chance to shine it would blow your mind...the things freedom can create go way beyond what humans conceptualize in their minds. In any case it's alright, you say you want "harmony" and "homogeny" ... would you be willing to sacrifice prosperity and progress to get it?? when i say progress im not talking about progressivism, im talking about great goods that massively boost the levels of comfort in everyday life for the average idiot.
2019-12-16 04:31
I'm just purely rational my friend. Harmony can work great with prosperity, just look at Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or some Asian countries like Japan, South Korea or China. I believe it is a good way to keep social cohesion, lower criminality (=less cost of police and justice) and reduce the cost of "social system" as people that feel united will help each other through charity and solidarity without needing any state intervention. For me, voluntary solidarity should replace socialism, but people prefer to help people that are like us and its normal (just like the immigrants we took in mostly help from their own origin or religion). I just try to calculte the costs and gains with every situation. For example, I'm not against immigration. I just don't think that there is any point in taking in immigrants when you are in a country with crushing unemployment rate. Also, the current social system is already really costly, we don't need to take non-European immigrants that have unemployement rate 3 TIMES HIGHER than the average European inhabitant of France. I agree that we should give a chance to people with actual education, willingness to work. We should let them create business easily and not take all their money away. But do you really think that immigrants from 3rd world African countries and 0 education that can't even speak French properly are going to achieve that lol ? They are not the one who are going to bring "prosperity and progress" to France, we have been taking them for 50 years now and still have incredibly high unemployement rate and cost us a lot of money.
2019-12-16 04:42
Uhhh the Nordic countries are shitholes to me, that "harmony" that you're talking about cost them 40% of their earnt income, they dont have freedom of speech, they dont have the right to own guns and their welfare state is huge. You see, a GDP and some infrastructure is changeable, money comes and goes...but freedom??? Freedom never comes back once a population turns its back on it. I value freedom avobe all, i rather live in a country withou welfare and no "free" stuff and minimum taxation, with FREE speech, with gun ownership than living in a country with NONE of that but a higher salary, what would you prefer? making 200K /year in Qatar or making 80K /year in France? Statism will always kneecap progress and prosperity, the only real way to achieve prosperity is freedom. You talk a lot about the social programs and free stuff being about instead of making even more anti-immigration laws than what you already abolish the welfare state and reduce taxation to a bare minimum??? food for thought. Some of those problems are also present in Argentina. Don't forget, up until the 90's , French-Born Argentina literally made 10% of our population....who knows how many French descendants there are here today...
2019-12-16 04:50
The welfare is huge but the unemployment is almost non-existant. That's the problem with France, the social system and terrible gov policies created structural unemployment, thus needing more socialism, thus destroying the economy even more etc. I definitely agree that it should be changed, but I think it is just too late now. So much people are dependent on it and won't accept any change. Most of them are immigrants that live in highly criminalized neighborhood, where most of illegal trafic is located, with crazy unemployement rate (+50% in the worst places). That's the thing that scares me the most in the near future: our social system will explode and i don't know what's going to happen when such places stop getting state money. You know just like me that socialist money is addictive and people are going to go crazy once it stops coming.
2019-12-16 05:00
It's true that if we don't have stupid social systems, then we don't need strict immigration rules, but we would still need border control (just like in the US where they have a problem with illegals). The reason why we have problems is because immigrants are attracted by social welfare since they know that they will have a better life without working in France, than working in their own countries.
2019-12-16 05:02
Im all for very strong borders, and i see your concern with change, you think if a bunch of people come at once the cultural treasures that you value highly (as you should) will be lost...well i'll tell you right now, the GOOD things from France will never go away regardless of any demographic change, be it Afrikan, American continent, Mars or Jupiter. When you talk about how people are dependant on welfare and that's why you cant get rid of it. No boo, hahahahaha that's exactly why you gotta get rid of it, the way to push the country forward is to get rid of all those social programs and all the taxes except 1 or 2 at most, and then tell the dependants "You either work or you die starving, your choice" that is how a country pulls ahead and does WONDERS that the rest of the world will envy and pay for.
2019-12-16 05:14
And how do you force that ? How the fuck are you going to force millions of foreigners that live on our soil with French citizenship (= equal rights and protections) ? Yes. State autority. Because now it is too late to solve the situation peacefully.
2019-12-16 05:25
I'm not arguing in favor of statism here, but the situation in France is so wrong that either it would be civil war at some point, or the gov will need to force the solution. And that's why people don't want to vote for it, they are afraid of violence.
2019-12-16 05:26
Yeah, civil war if they must, but kill statism and open the door to Liberty, if lazy leeches living off welfare want the rest of the population to keep living opressed just so that they can live without working and they're willing to kill other people to do so, then they'll die in the battle for freedom, deservedly so. You aint going to gradually get to prosperity through gradualism.
2019-12-16 05:37
For once I can say that i fully agree with your message. My gov and his policy is bullshit, but I swear that if I have the chance to fight for a better future, I will fight for something completely different. It might be the only opportunity to destroy this insane system from its roots, because no reform could remove this evil anymore and we need something more radical. :)
2019-12-16 05:41
And one thing i wanted to say is that i read you say you're kinda like UK. Sorry pimpim, you're nothing like UK, no offense...not even comparable.
2019-12-16 04:54
We are close to the UK as of history, European roots, nation-state, and identity. Just open your eyes and look in the futur, you will see that the same situation will occur in UK, Germany and France with the identity crisis :) Obviousely, our political and economic system is quite different, but I was speaking about identitarism
2019-12-16 05:02
No pimpim, just because you are both European don't mean you're similar, do you have any idea how many times UK overcame adversity through EMBRACING FREEDOM??? it's record number, that's why im on record many years back to today pointing UK as the best country in history of humanity. UK people at multiple points in time were seen just like Mexicans are seen today, brute, primitive, corrupt, liars lazy populous, and they always pulled ahead by embracing freedom. Not to mention they've been by far the most federalist country in Europe for almost 100 years now consecutevely....they're literally about 100% the polar opposite of what France stands for. Oh and BTW, UK was 100% fully open immigration with no welfare state until the 50's , nah pimpim.
2019-12-16 05:09
" UK was 100% fully open immigration" WAS. That is the word and even you are using it because you know that It changed. Because the ENTIRE Europe is getting fed up with immigration. And you are not stupid, so you probably know that according to surveys the main reason leading to Brexit was... anti-immigration. Coming from mainly white, ethnically European brits. Because UK, Germany and France face the same exact problem with immigration. You can speak as you want about 50's and yadda yadda, but now is the time of identitarism that is rising all accross Europe for the same reason. :)
2019-12-16 05:23
I agree about Federalism and I wish we had such system in France as well. Much better than our current Parisian dictactorship which I hate.
2019-12-16 04:23
Russia sasha1608 
Your culture soon will die Say thanks to politics of soc/dem
2019-12-16 09:00
Not soon, since nationalism and the protest against immigration are growing way faster than the immigration itself, but it is true that my culture is in danger. As long as a handful of people like me preserve it, it will live on and can always make a return, just like the Christian-European culture made a comeback in Spain after 4 centuries of Muslim domination. I'm not sure that you can blame it all on "soc/dem" however, welcoming millions of immigrants is because of the globalist, multicultural ideology (see Norway that is soc/dem but has really harsh immigration laws).
2019-12-16 15:21
Russia sasha1608 
You know what`s the difference between situation in Russia and France/Germany? Yes, we have dictatorship, propaganda,we don`t behave well to Ukraine but there is one strong point: We (russians) can change situation even after 100 years, cos our culture is not dying (we have some kind of stagnations but still it`s not so big problem) but what about you: If you don`t change your politics abruptly then you will suffer from muslims after 20-30 years already cos you will have a lot of them - just think about it. UK at that point are way smarter than you and they left EU already(they might will have some economical problems but still they will save their own culture and it`s very important)
2019-12-16 17:02
Why are you telling me things I already know and said many times ? I'm more aware than you about the situation in my own country, but thank you for you VERY USEFUL insight lol Also you are quite delusional about the UK situation. They always kept full control of their borders because they never joined the Schengen Area. The politicians were responsible of the immigrant flood, not the EU (and I say that being quite anti-EU). They already took to much immigrants, you never went to England if you think they are safe now lol
2019-12-16 17:06
Russia sasha1608 
I am just telling you that you must act now or au revoir france, your children will be muhammads))))
2019-12-16 17:12
And I already know that, I never said otherwise. Sadly my fellow citizens won't react and will probably until the civil war to actually start moving.
2019-12-16 17:24
United States JoshDAA 
Just one question, who was fucked in both wws?
2019-12-16 17:18
Germany by far the biggest loser as they are still carrying guilt to this day.
2019-12-16 17:21
Tu ne serais pas breton Vilmarh ?
2019-12-16 04:02
Pas du tout, l'opposé. Sudiste. Nice fakeflag btw
2019-12-16 04:10
Ah ça va, on avait déjà discuté ensemble à l'époque sur mon compte principal qui arborait un petit drapeau tricolore mais je fus banni.
2019-12-16 04:11
Ah ! Ce sont des choses qui arrivent, c'est la vie.
2019-12-16 04:15
Yes ! Mais j'ai tiré ce pseudo parodique des paroles de Gainsbourg au moment de le créer alors je suis bien obligé de mimer le drapeau de nos amis finlandais. Il m'empêche, ceci dit, d'avoir des échanges passionnants avec un argentin. ;D
2019-12-16 04:20
Ouais bon, en vrai je lui réponds par courtoisie mais en temps normal c'est incroyable le nombre d'insultes à la seconde qu'il te balance pour rien, tu manques pas grand chose :')
2019-12-16 04:27
Poland WolwiiS 
Día del Colono Polaco
2019-12-16 17:22
stupid stuff.
2019-12-16 01:35
Mongolia bozgor 
it is very retarded, just like those soft power ranking lists
2019-12-16 01:40
Myanmar xdcc 
I sleep until Germany top 5
2019-12-16 01:37
Netherlands n0b8m8 
inb4 weebs come with BTS army
2019-12-16 01:43
Would love to see them against any of these armies.
2019-12-16 03:51
France Neejla 
me think Japan best army, goku=1000 nuclear bombs
2019-12-16 01:45
this +1
2019-12-16 03:28
btw deathball > genkidama
2019-12-16 03:29
in before someone mentiones TURKEY NO 2 BIGGEST ARMY IN NATO
2019-12-16 02:02
Israel Eleo2k 
You can't base a countries army on Fire Power alone lmao
2019-12-16 02:04
brazil LOL, not even top 30
2019-12-16 02:10
No actually you have the 3rd best army in America, your militarymen are surprisingly well trained and equiped considering how underpaid they are, on top of that you're actually the #1 most anti-human traffic country in America, more than U.S , your army actually actively fights against the Trata de Blancas and you're one of the most ruthless anti-narco armies as well, of course the levels of corruption Brasil has manufacture a lot of narco-impunity, but compared to the rest of SA you're the best by far. Edit, not 3rd, 2nd, you have the 2nd best army in America, better than Canada's.
2019-12-16 02:25
Australia Kerry_ 
China's Army is getting more secure day by day, I reckon they'll take over America by 2021
2019-12-16 02:26
No joke...the U.S Army as it is today, could literally win a war 2v1 vs Russia and China at the same time...i know most people are aware that U.S has the #1 army, but most people have no clue how vastly superior their army is, China's best hope is for U.S to have a massive economic crisis, and im talking much more destructive than the great depression, many times that... then hope this weakens their army and then make a move. This U.S army wont be forever though, no country can keep such a military might for very long, but do look into country on earth would have an even 1% chance against U.S 1v1 today.
2019-12-16 02:33
Australia Kerry_ 
You are kidding xD I'm not saying that China could destroy America 1 on 1, but America will have a hard time battling with China by itself. America is literally afraid of touching China's ass right now, They might just be able to shit on America with some help from Russia.
2019-12-16 02:38
U.S would NOT have a tough time beating China, U.S would have the toughest time beating China vs any other army indeed, but U.S aint afraid of China, U.S is just afraid of a Nuke war because U.S mainland has never been really invaded, not even Alaska, so they dont want to be the ones at fault for destroying the world as we know it with Nukes and they want to stay the most intact sovereignty in history of humanity. Don't take my word for it, actually read a lot about both armies and you'll know that U.S is in a whole other universe plane of's annoying but it's the truth.
2019-12-16 02:43
Australia Kerry_ 
China right now is looking to dominate the world and that might just happen, they have the fastest military progress in the world, you can't even compare it to America. Also, what makes you think that US wouldn't have a hard time defeating China. You have absolutely no idea what's going on behind the back of China and the technology that keeps growing day by day. People like you really need to stop underestimating this country as it had the most potential, even Trump is worried about it, they don't want China to overtake them, they don't want China to become world's number 1. As I said before, China might not be able to Win in a 1 on 1 battle with America right now, but very soon.
2019-12-16 02:51
China already is dominating the world economically, including U.S. Just because China literally controls the world in everything doesn't mean they have to be anywhere close to U.S in military might. Canada is insanely wealthy and Brasil has a better army than Canada. Im not a fan of Trump, i find U.S Americans in general to be fucking disgusting, but facts don't care about my feelings boo. Ain't nobody coming even close to U.S in 1v1, China one day may outclass it, but this will be due to a serious derank in U.S' side, China aint EVER overcoming the massive gap that there is today between U.S and China military might.
2019-12-16 02:54
Australia Kerry_ 
Ain't nobody coming even close to U.S in 1v1, This is the sentence you are trying to tell people, but it's wrong in every single way. You saying that if the two countries started a war, it would be a piece of cake for America? You are way too overestimating America and I don't know the reason for that, I don't want to. I am here just to tell you that America isn't as strong as you think they are, they will take Severe damage if the war actually happens right now.
2019-12-16 03:11
It would be a piece of cake for U.S indeed, im not glad about this, i was in denial like you as well a few years ago, good thing you aint in a position of power to make military decisions ufffff. Not talking shit just speaking the truth. Have a good one roo.
2019-12-16 03:15
"U.S would NOT have a tough time beating China" lol wtf I mean, I agree that US army is far better than Chinese army, but still. They will never start a war against each other, the damages on both sides would be much higher than the benefits. I think that you are vastly overestimating US willingness to fight and sustain losses - they are not the GI generation anymore. Attacking goat fuckers in the Middle-East is one thing, but a war against an opponent with actual technology and ressources is another thing. Even if they manage to kill 20x more Chinese, the US population would probably give up earlier.
2019-12-16 03:00
Have you ever seen a comparison chart of what we have vs what they have? You should look into it before talking out your ass some time.
2019-12-16 02:43
Australia Kerry_ 
I have, but America's Military growth right now is worst than eating dog shit compared to China. Americans think they are the best just because they have been world number 1 for Consecutive years. But they really got to watch out soon.
2019-12-16 03:03
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
UK power
2019-12-16 02:35
You dont need the #1 Army when you're the #1 country in the history of this fucking Universe mate.
2019-12-16 02:45
Make the royal navy great again!
2019-12-16 04:53
Czech Republic JakamanCZ 
No methodology, no dataset, no user manual ... seems very reliable ;
2019-12-16 02:36
Poor Denmark, I guess IRL is a little different than CS:GO...rofl
2019-12-16 02:45
The scandinavian countries are a joke, they rely on NATO too much except for Sweden.
2019-12-16 02:51
Denmark GenericPilot 
Its almost as if... quality of life for your citizens is more important than an international pissing contest. Militaries were made irrelevant to the western world when the atomic bomb was developed. Educate yourself.
2019-12-16 03:22
its not changing the fact
2019-12-16 03:28
Denmark GenericPilot 
This ranking is just a ranking of smart and dumb countries... some realize that armies are irrelevant and spend money on useful things while some are either too stupid or bribed by MIC to realize it.... I guarantee no country in this thread will ever need to use their armies to defend their country... its all to line pockets of weapons manufacturors.
2019-12-16 03:32
Germany Bundeskanzler 
but it doesnt matter at all if you attack denmark you are gonna get fucked by the EU and Nato.
2019-12-16 03:44
im talking about 1vs1. then if u attack turkey you will delete from NATO.
2019-12-16 03:50
Germany Bundeskanzler 
1vs1 is not realistic in modern times, so it doesnt matter
2019-12-16 03:51
yeh yeh I know its not realistic but I just talked about 1vs1.
2019-12-16 03:53
Im not a militaristic pro-statism person, you're preaching to the wrong siner pimpim. You're very uneducated if you believe that you dont have an army because of intelligence or peace though, if you got out of NATO you'd have to get ready for a bunch of expenditure cuts on your repugnant assistentialism to finance an army, no doubt.
2019-12-16 03:47
Denmark GenericPilot 
It is not just military that is outdated... its the concept of war, as capitalism runs the world, war is irrelevant everywhere outside the middle east, the western world will never see another war as long as their ideology remains the same...
2019-12-16 03:54
There's so much you don't understand hahahahah, cute meerkat. "Western First World" countries may indeed never go into war, but countries in which people and politicians have the absolute opposite view on life will use whatever force they can get to hurt us as much as possible. So U.S , Canada and other countries can't afford to go armless, because the millions of people that hate them would do whatever it takes to take out all that hatred and if you think that wouldn't happen then i hope you don't ever have to leave your beautiful little bubble pimpim, cuz the real world is gonna eat you alive.
2019-12-16 04:21
Denmark GenericPilot 
condescending me wont change the truth... think about the world powers that AREN'T controlled by capitalists behind the scenes. china, russia, us, uk, all of them oligarchies headed by the super rich. no matter what the people of the country wants only the top 1% matters, only a faraway endless war so as to preserve the MIC and preserve domestic business... Only dissenting countries are relentlessly embargoed and sabotaged until they inevitably fall...(venezuela, cuba, bolivia, iran)
2019-12-16 04:36
Venezuela Cuba and Bolivia.... OH GOD...i talked with a bunch of retarded leftist from Scandinavia, but you're the first one who defends without knowing what is going on in those 3 countries. The Venezuelans, Cubans and Bolivians dont want your repugnant equality dumbass, they want freedom and capitalism, it is Russia and China who are keeping the dictators in place over there, but the citizenship, at the cost of thousands of lives, defeated's only a matter of time for Venezuela and Cuba to fall as well. You piece of shit.
2019-12-16 04:40
Finland Teukkasd 
2019-12-16 02:51
mexico 😎
2019-12-16 03:29
Mexican gang members > Mexican soldiers ez
2019-12-16 03:31
Mexican gang members > every army
2019-12-16 03:32
2019-12-16 03:32
Myanmar aligholiz77 
China numba wunnnnnnnnnnnnn
2019-12-16 03:29
Israel geturlolon 
but what about imperial fists?
2019-12-16 03:31
Poland gonna have small nuclear firepower ("nuclear gravity bombs") together with newest F 35 block 4 , so we are going to be higher now.
2019-12-16 03:35
Germany Bundeskanzler 
who cars? why does it matter if brazil is #15 or #13? imagine being happy about that lmao
2019-12-16 03:40
Norway FACEIT_LVL_10 
im so happy we're #36, now i can rest assured that both bhutan and iceland dont have the capability of invading my neighborhood 😌👍
2019-12-16 03:47
You beat us by 3 spots retard shut the fuck up wtf??? Germans so grotesque as always.
2019-12-16 03:48
Germany Bundeskanzler 
you dont get what im saying dumbass, no one cares where you are ranked. Its china,russia and the US everyone else is irrelevant a good army doesnt make your life better you weirdo
2019-12-16 03:50
yeah that's true (big 3 being the biggest players). Though you'd be stupid to believe that a good army doesn't make your life you seriously think that Israelian's lifes wouldn't be any different if they didnt have an army? Syrians? U.S Americans??
2019-12-16 03:53
2019-12-16 07:12
Finland Smoonah 
the US amount of aircraft carriers is insane
2019-12-16 03:43
2019-12-16 03:52
2019-12-16 05:00
why is that "dick" D:
2019-12-16 05:50
United Kingdom Megamo10 
Sad that this even has to exists
2019-12-16 03:57
Somewhat agree...but humans are animals never forget...we're just the absolute best animals in this planet.
2019-12-16 05:55
Norway 36? How
2019-12-16 04:39
Finland Autisthicc 
bribed the site with oil money ofc
2019-12-16 10:30
Russia ToughGuy 
Who cars?
2019-12-16 04:54
Japan has army? I thought USA protect them.
2019-12-16 04:59
Asia ElemeNt4ffff 
My country is 14 though they dont count our 2nd army which is more powerful than 1st
2019-12-16 05:02
Australia SenzuBean 
This doesn't include alliances, the UK/France/Russia alliance is the strongest. America better be careful, bitches be jumping on the war train thinking they cool... bitch we been doing this shit for centuries!
2019-12-16 05:11
2019-12-16 05:16
Russia Islademuerto 
WAIT HOL DA FUK UP HOW IS NA TOP 1? They were trash in 2019 and wtf did Tyloo do, that china is 3rd?????
2019-12-16 07:16
Czech Republic wonderhead 
Hell ye brother kkona
2019-12-16 07:18
China Manchu 
China <3
2019-12-16 10:04
Chad Turkish Military vs Virgin Turkish Economy
2019-12-16 10:06
finland 63st lol
2019-12-16 17:30
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