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chrisJ | 
United States matteyo11 
Do people in their 20s date less now than they did in past decades? Tinder is utterly useless and I am too beta irl. How the hell do you find someone to date? Should I give up and spend thousands upon thousands on hookers? This thread is cringe don't reply
2019-12-16 06:17
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Denmark sexiestuser 
ok i dont reply
2019-12-16 06:23
Do people in their 20's date less now than people in their 20's did in past decades?
2019-12-16 06:24
people date more now but the dating period is shorter.
2019-12-16 06:25
i could not resist :(
2019-12-16 06:24
They probably date more, at least women Most people meet online nowadays
2019-12-16 06:24
Denmark Gomer_Pyle 
Go mgtow.
2019-12-16 06:24
oBo | 
Korea Moms_touch 
Stop playing video games thats the only way
2019-12-16 06:25
Wrong, I stopped playing video games three years ago.
2019-12-16 06:30
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
One of my Tinder matches went further than just a notification that I got a match. I wrote to her, she quickly replied, talked for a while, I set up a date, a few days after we met in the city square, she was waiting there, I walked up, through a dozen layers of awkwardness, I walked around town with her, sat in a bar, ordered tea, talked a little about things we both didn't really care, a few hours after, she had to go, briefly mentioned that there'll be another one and there was...
2019-12-16 06:26
Tinder is great btw
2019-12-16 06:25
I'll try tinder more. It seems like I have to say the secret password to get the other person to meet up with me irl. I don't know the fucking password, can we just meet for coffee?
2019-12-16 06:29
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