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G2 will bounce back
Germany Normal_hltvuser 
Np men's Only 3 months for this lineup just wait they will win events like mouse sports as far as I remember mouz also lost to bad teams
2019-12-16 09:27
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They are jet lagged also
2019-12-16 09:27
Everyone were jet lagged doe
2019-12-16 09:33
2019-12-16 09:36
I kinda saw it as a joke but never too sure I always eat bait mmm nice worm mmm tasty
2019-12-16 09:37
It is the excuse EG fans used for DH Masters Malmö. They didn't think that about half the teams had the same travel days.
2019-12-16 09:41
Yeah its kinda amusing actually
2019-12-16 09:42
Yill Kourself
2019-12-16 09:51
I will not Yill myself, nor anyone else.
2019-12-16 09:52
Netherlands meneertjesem 
You going to hell now men(((
2019-12-16 09:52
Nah, not yet. And my ticket was sent to me long time ago
2019-12-16 09:53
This is not reddit you idiot
2019-12-16 10:24
Panama FUN4ENCE 
Go back to reddit
2019-12-16 10:52
2019-12-16 14:00
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flippee 
G2 in 2019: lost WESG to Windigo lost DH Tours to Valiance lost a 4vs0 by forgetting the bomb vs Astralis (Major) lost to AVANGAR & Renegades while 2-1 at the Major lost to MIBR with a coach lost to ATK after being close to 2-0 Astralis lost to mouz with a stand-in and a coach
2019-12-16 10:21
Jesus christ the amount of chokes lmaoooo
2019-12-16 10:29
Avangar were major finalist but ook
2019-12-16 13:10
Romania decis1ve 
if g2 would have won imagine their place in the major tho
2019-12-16 14:58
5-6th at Dreamhack masters dallas. Beating nrg etc. 2nd in epl where they beought liquid to the edge Ok at new york. That's it. Very sad indeed
2019-12-16 13:53
Finland Cloud9_1_Major 
No they wont, they suck (at least with this roster)
2019-12-16 09:28
C9 fan talkinh :Ppppppp
2019-12-16 09:28
Finland Cloud9_1_Major 
C9 doesn't have a roster at the moment, imagine judging that
2019-12-16 09:29
They have Mixwell
2019-12-16 09:37
Always remember at least they are not cloud9
2019-12-16 09:28
rain | 
Lithuania Planum 
Yes, atleast they didn't win a major
2019-12-16 09:30
true but i was referring to the fact that c9 sucks since
2019-12-16 09:30
at least they don't put a dead player that they've honestly never heard about before his death as their flair. May this guy rest in peace but you're plastic and fake as fuck
2019-12-16 09:31
ok edgy teen
2019-12-16 09:33
It’s not as if G2 did terribly anyway. I have plenty of faith.
2019-12-16 09:29
2019-12-16 09:32
They did good until round 13 last map
2019-12-16 09:38
Rewatch map 3 of the grand final, notice their demeanor, unless they fix that they won't go anywhere long-term.
2019-12-16 09:32
I loved it. One of the funniest maps I've watched Such an amazing storyline which were well executed from the casters. They were memeing about until round 19 or something when Rejin got a double or tripple kill and everyone were like "is this even possible?"
2019-12-16 09:46
Yeah it was hilarious .. if you aren't a G2 fan
2019-12-16 11:06
OG first tournament almost beat mouse when they had karrigan
2019-12-16 09:33
G2 destroyed mouz in groups but ok
2019-12-16 09:34
that is true, I also have high hopes of the team, maybe they just need to bootcamp
2019-12-16 09:35
But mouz don't have woxic. In the EPL, woxic destroyed Astralis almost alone
2019-12-16 10:19
shox | 
India iejesus 
We suck tbh
2019-12-16 09:36
France FrighTyyy 
I wouldn't be that confident...
2019-12-16 09:40
Plastic fan
2019-12-16 09:41
France FrighTyyy 
Based on what? I have been always cheering for them since 2016. Just the results are not promising at all. You have no reason to call me a plastic fan.
2019-12-16 09:53
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Khronov 
He's not plastic fan he's just not delusional like you
2019-12-16 10:20
16-1 16-2 16-3 against mouz 16-3 mibr 16-2 vp and a couple of 16-8's or whatever Those seem to be pretty good results. After Christmas break I hope they fix their choking and mentallity issues in the first few months. I have hope for G2 in the mid part and later part of 2020.
2019-12-16 10:36
France FrighTyyy 
Yeah, indeed some good results. But to be a top10 team you need the consistency. And as you mentioned they cannot close out the games. When they hit 15 points, they rarely get the 16th right after. I really hope the they will fix something, because summit was their biggest chance to win something in the end of the year since there were so many stand-in and they missed it. Well, it's not over, Champions Cup Finals this week, but they have to turn on the god mode in 3 days if they want to win.
2019-12-16 10:43
imo Champions Cup should be a win for G2. I hope the summit loss hasn't put their emotions at rock bottom. They already proved that they can beat furia. They most likely can beat ence. And also showed they can beat BIG. Despite losing to tyloo which was a fluke on tyloos behalf they can still beat them and they can also beat movistar, spirit and hard legion.
2019-12-16 10:49
France FrighTyyy 
But their wins against FURIA were against the coach :/ But I doubt that they will lose to any team except FURIA and ENCE. They may win against them as well.
2019-12-16 10:52
They will bounce back like all other times they've been close to winning events. That's why the org have so many LAN wins and doesn't just kick players every 5 months because of poor performance and bad team spirit.
2019-12-16 09:44
You can see I replied to that comment as well. And I commented as a joke. Thry haven't won anything of significance since 2017 and only win since then was Good Games
2019-12-16 10:38
Russia nobody_cars 
Im G2 fan now men, check flair
2019-12-16 10:12
yes men they had a good run
2019-12-16 10:15
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flippee 
Good run... lol lost WESG to Windigo lost DH Tours to Valiance lost a 4vs0 by forgetting the bomb vs Astralis (Major) lost to AVANGAR & Renegades while 2-1 at the Major lost to MIBR with a coach lost to ATK after being close to 2-0 Astralis lost to mouz with a stand-in and a coach
2019-12-16 10:23
men :(
2019-12-16 10:23
JaCkz | 
France Bubuche 
Exactly, but when they will have more experience together, better commucation = very good team that will lift some troffies i guess
2019-12-16 13:15
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flippee 
How many months will they need, they have already had time.
2019-12-16 14:55
JaCkz | 
France Bubuche 
they have 3 month together man ....
2019-12-16 14:56
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flippee 
ye, which should be enough to prove that you can win. FaZe didnt need that long after thery added olof and guardian to become good, astralis didnt need that long until they added magisk, fnatic didnt need that long after they added golden and flusha
2019-12-16 14:57
JaCkz | 
France Bubuche 
Maybe. But faze today is a huge joke. Fnatic is a full swedish team. Astralis is a full danish teams. You can't compare man. They are still young, jackz need to improve the communication. Nexa and Hunter need to learn to fit with french players and coach. When communication will be better, they will focus more on the aim and the game. Finally, they are still good ranked world, they almost ALWAYS reach playoffs. Compared to other teams in the same HLTV rank. If you think they can beat Astralis, Liquid, Fnatic, after only 3 month with this team you are just not realistic
2019-12-16 15:01
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flippee 
3 months is plenty. also faze was no.1 in 2017 for the latter part of the year, they won 3 tournaments in a row in just a few weeks
2019-12-16 18:20
Asia ILHY 
Said that since the 'French' superteam were formed
2019-12-16 10:28
JaCkz | 
France Bubuche 
I really think that this line up can do great things If they all play their A-game at the same time, and have some more experience (Nexa, Hunter and Jackz don't have big experience in the pro scene) they will win tournaments Moreover, they seem to live very well together and that is very important for a team ....
2019-12-16 13:14
"If they all play their A-game at the same time," yes thats the theory and you can say that about every top 15 team. "if everyone plays on the best level and the sun is shining they can do great". the crucial point in reality is to actually do it. that`s part of the game, not a requirement.
2019-12-16 13:22
JaCkz | 
France Bubuche 
Yes I know, What I meant is that with G2, it is almost ALL THE TIME, that there is someone AFK in the time, while other teams have sometimes when they all play very well. I think that this is one of the biggest problem for G2 atm Cause If Amanek, Jackz or Hunter is AFK (Which always happen) they can't win easely games
2019-12-16 13:59
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