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Match fixing
Canada Yanbo 
Just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on the topic. I've been betting on csgo for some time now and I enjoy doing so win or lose. I consider it as a form of entertainment similar to how one pays to watch a movie. However, there have been many instances where what takes place in a game is just difficult to believe. I understand cs is a volatile game and I'm accepting of the result regardless of the outcome as I only bet what I can afford. Avoiding the low tier games tends to lessen the likelihood of questionable results yet as of late I continue to see outcomes and in game play that make a csgo player like myself (I'm not good by any means) go wtf? I'm not one of those ppl that cry fixed and mafia when I lose a bet yet the lack of consistency is very questionable especially for 'pro' play. I wish there was some way to prove whether a team is profiting off their games. But there rly isn't. Even if you watch their bank accounts, they could have friends and family know the outcome they decide on and have them make bets for them. Gameplay can't be evidence either because regardless of how questionable it is there can always be an argument that they were trying a new strat or simply agressing on the CT side. Poor aim? Oh he's having a bad day. Innocent until proven guilty gives these players the option to do whatever they want due to it being impossible to prove.
2019-12-19 22:30
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2019-12-19 22:31
United States EmperorTrump 
ence nip
2019-12-19 22:34
Bangladesh ss^.^  
There is actually a instance that controls the esport betting market it is called esic. In most cases people are just delusional and tend to just flame bcs they lost money /e and its very easy to make money off cs go betting
2019-12-19 22:37
Canada Yanbo 
As much as I want to believe that, I had once bet on a low tier coinflip match where all oddsmakers released the odds at around ~1.8 and the closing odds were under 1.1. Feel like odd fluctuation is the closest they can come to as proof yet a site as reputable as pinnacle did not change the result. Just think everyone profits regardless of the result as these sites get their ~5 % juice
2019-12-19 22:40
Bangladesh ss^.^  
yeah but this happens once in 200 matches and for lower tier matches the bookmaker has basically zero information so sharpers "sharp" the odds /e believe me im basically monitoring all csgo matches 24/7 the last known throwen match was this:
2019-12-19 22:44
Oh for low tier matches like that I'm sure it happens all the time cause as I said there is no way to prove it. You can see odd fluctuations in those games but consider games of a higher caliber. There will never be huge odd swings in t1-3 games if you understand how odds work. The amount of collective money on a game of a higher magnitude will mean that a few thousand $ will only shift the odds slightly. If you bet on pinnacle you can see how much the odds shift exactly after the amount you bet. Additionally, the odds would instantly shift back due to ppl that bet the arbitrage on the new value with the old value on other sites. That's why there's no such thing as proof, therefore giving players the freedom to do whatever they'd like
2019-12-19 22:59
do you have inside information about matches?
2020-01-17 00:12
Bangladesh ss^.^  
sure men))) you wanna buy
2020-01-17 01:33
After iBuyPower happened and the ban hammer was thrown down I don’t believe any team has thrown games, at the top level. Why? 1. Not worth your career or the money 2. There’s always people watching/dissecting your play 3. I just have a naive belief in the top tier teams not to do bullshit like that. I know in America it isn’t but I know in some countries match fixing is illegal and can have criminal consequences. Like in South Korea: Life, a Blizzcon champion and one of the best Starcraft pros ever went to jail for match fixing.
2019-12-19 22:47
I mean as much as I agree, I don't think that incidence affects ppls decision to fix games. They would have never been caught if not info being leaked which was just unfortunate. Repurcussions are not taken seriously if there's no way to prove what you do yknow?
2019-12-19 23:01
Oh yeah, I'm convinced that plenty of match-fixing is going on but like you said, there is no way to prove it so you just kinda ignore it. The iBP-guys would never have been banned if the evidence hadn't been leaked and they just had the worst luck in the world.
2019-12-19 22:47
Canada Yanbo 
That's exactly my point. I doubt that incidence prevents others from doing the same because the only reason they were caught was due to it being leaked
2019-12-19 22:55
In small leagues i believe in match fixing, but in big one's- no.In my opinion about 90% players lose passion to the game very fast and after that they just take money and travelling around the world for fun. Second thing cs go scene very weak its not a lot many stable players or big competition.
2019-12-19 22:59
Ive been watching CS matches for a little over a year now, and alltough people keep yelling bout matchfixing all the time, alltough the match seems legit, there are still some odd things happening around. There was one Skade match prior the new year, that had very weird odd changes, before the match. Then there was also this one match couple of weeks ago, with some chinese players (maybe one of the Tyloos matches?) that had odds flipped just minutes before the match. Then I have witnessed some very weird buyrounds from some teams, that just dont make sense. And the ugliest match fix Ive seen was, when I was watching some low tier new zealand teams playing (Im really sorry, cant remember the names) about a year ago, when there was only one guy alive, and he needed to defuse the bomb. He went next to the bomb, but didnt just push the button to do it. The commentator went silent, he couldnt say anything for a few seconds, then he just sayed "apparently some problems with the keyboard or connections". And due to that round, they went and lost few rounds more (weird echos and stuff) and lost the map. I would also like to see and hear more on this matter, you know guys, what teams do this, in what kind of tournaments this happen, which players are doing it? Maybe some pictures or video, of weird things happening In a match, or In odds. Maybe we could start recognizing these players and teams, for our benefit, if no-one cares to do anything about this.
2020-01-15 21:52
Today, Dreameaters (rank200ish) vs Skin Ogres (unranked), Ogres odds have come down from bout 6 to 1,3-1,5. Tournaments prizepool 20k. First match in tournament for both teams. Group match.
2020-01-16 12:40
For example tournamets with CIS teams.
2020-01-16 12:42
I think the higher the prize pool the chances of fixing is high.
2020-01-17 16:09
France LeTruQ 
Skade vs Crazy - nuke last 2 rounds before OT. Pure fixing mierda.
2020-01-20 01:35
Id rather bet on low tier matches.
2020-01-20 16:29
I've noticed lots of match fixing last year as well.
2020-01-20 17:45
I wouldn't risk my bet to these fixed matches.
2020-01-21 10:43
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