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As some know.. I had a rocky year. I was almost kicked out of school and put in jail ( ) (No I didn't rape anyone; I physically threatened someone via text message. It was only labelled as ""sexual"" because we had briefly dated). I was also threatened with several felony charges at one point. The police called my mother in the interrogation room, and I heard her cry over this fact. I have been all alone in my apartment for about 5 months reconsidering my life. I have hit the gym and fixed my diet. I meditate and study my religion regularly. I am re-enrolling for classes next semester. But I have still felt empty inside from the shame of my actions. But I had a very good Christmas, and that changed everything. I was very anxious about coming home because at least some of my family (idk how much) know about what happened. But everyone was very loving to me. My grandmother even commented she could feel my muscles when she hugged me which was cute. My soul fills full again for the first time in months, HLTV. I had a very good Christmas and feel mentally ready to finally move on with life. How was your Christmas? TLDR: Good christmas yay
2019-12-25 15:48
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Also I know no one cars, so I very much welcome any "who cares" "too long didn't read" etc etc
2019-12-25 15:49
I spend my christmas alone, and very happy :)
2019-12-25 15:49
I wouldn't mind spending it alone, either! Have a very good day <3
2019-12-25 15:57
I don't give a fuck about christmas I treat it like any other day
2019-12-25 15:49
Germany Sonnabend 
Nice bro💪🏽 Happy that you are doing better
2019-12-25 15:50
Thank you bro, hope you had a very good year and a happy holiday 💪🏽
2019-12-25 17:15
new mehico
2019-12-25 15:51
Next time don't physically threaten someone please Merry Christmas 😎👍
2019-12-25 15:53
What about vague threats? Have a very merry Christmas! Or else! 😃🤪🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 <3
2019-12-25 16:01
Czech Republic Xedys 
Very cool
2019-12-25 17:19
United Kingdom Megamo10 
2019-12-25 17:48
Russia Ypp1 
In my ebannaya country there is no celebration 25th December... but still, good Christmas, bro))
2019-12-25 17:54
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