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Denmark Kon10R 
I've seen a few attempts to shuffle around our beloved superheroes at the top of the CS GO scene. Apparently/obviously the ultimate CS GO team of all time has already been created and is right here and right now. Individual skills? Always someone better ... May Zywoo or S1mple win all the prizes in the future. But as a team ... The discussion is over at this point. All the "boring" or "lucky" stuff about Astralis begins to sound a little ... Well ... Since Marseille 2018 - except from a strong performance by Liquid by adding Stewie for a brief moment - There is NO point in discussing the "ultimate CS GO team" of all time.
2019-12-26 07:01
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2019-12-26 07:05
Sweden fantaoskar 
TLDR: astralis never had an era but nt irrelevant country
2020-05-25 13:52
I don’t understand the point of your post.
2019-12-26 07:08
Flair check
2019-12-26 07:09
How? Like what is he trying to say with this post is what I’m wondering. We all know Astralis is GOAT team, and everyone accepts that.
2019-12-26 07:15
dude alistar is so shit right now dont play him, I mean it depends on elo, what division are you currently?
2019-12-26 07:10
I agree that 47% wr hurts
2019-12-26 08:39
I can't understand people's define of 'skill'. What was skill and why the best team in the world don't have best players. Skill is what make you win, not flicks
2019-12-26 07:13
Brazil gtaube 
2019-12-26 07:51
Denmark white_sheep 
2019-12-26 08:37
India TheSuspect812 
2019-12-26 08:46
Xyp9x | 
Iceland Fridd 
2019-12-26 10:21
Albania Number1awper 
this guy is 40+ years old. Don't listen to his delusional boomer ramblings. Go take care of your kids old man!
2019-12-26 10:22
Sweden jimmyryd 
Fnatic 2015 would rek those noobs
2019-12-26 10:28
fnatic 2019> fnatic 2015
2019-12-26 11:12
2019-12-26 11:13
It's true 👍, the game is harder now
2019-12-26 11:14
sdy | 
Sweden god_sdy 
honestly hltv top20 ranking is pretty dumb in a team-oriented game. s1mple/zywoo can have those prizes, their respective teams would be better if they didn't have two players baiting for individual stats. Astralis is basically 5 top tier players that work together. No weak link, no baiting. Pure teamplay. Difference between a successful team and teams that only win tournaments Astralis don't show up to.
2019-12-26 10:34
Rofl,good luck being a top team with apex,rpk,alex and shox.There is no player that would make this team better than what they are now.There is no way Zywoo alone can make 4 other players this bad or average even if he is set up as the main star.
2019-12-26 11:04
-RpK +Jackz ?
2019-12-26 11:08
I will prefer ever Pronax Fnatic over Astralis cuz it was successfull and it was fucking entertainment. Astralis can win how much they want, if I can't remember a kill i dont care and forget it.
2019-12-26 11:07
Who tf cares about your memory wtf? astralis GOAT team
2019-12-26 11:12
I watch csgo for entertainment not for other bullshit
2019-12-26 11:19
Go watch gla1ve demos, entertaining nade kills and smoke kills.
2019-12-26 11:21
so boring
2019-12-26 11:26
Exprcted from a S1mple fan
2019-12-26 11:13
S1mple fans expect highlight plays
2019-12-26 11:19
No one is arguing against that so reported for irrelevant post
2019-12-26 11:08
Ok boomer
2019-12-26 11:26
Nice story Boomer zoomer
2019-12-26 11:42
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