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Parasite - Movie
Frankie | 
Switzerland HansZimmer 
Did anyone see that movie ?
2019-12-28 13:33
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No, is it good?
2019-12-28 13:34
Many critics said it was the movie of the year, and I can agree, it's really good.
2019-12-28 13:36
Well, for me that movie was waste of time. Especially last scene was pure dogshit. Dunno why people like it.
2020-06-02 15:25
2020-06-02 16:02
Namibia Joek1Ng 
Not bad btw. Recently in Korea make a good movie. Passukun, tiger tail, i saw the devil, Kingdom, 1987, 18 of May, Human class.
2020-06-06 13:13
You got bad taste
2020-06-02 16:07
I agree. I also like 3rd film of matrix. What did u expect?
2020-06-02 20:14
2020-06-06 13:37
2020-06-03 11:04
China KoreanFan 
Idk, but it won a few Oscars.
2020-06-03 11:05
Estonia VatusNincere 
Oscars doesnt mean shit
2020-06-07 22:54
Netherlands Gosharu1 
yea was a good movie. first you think it is a comedy and then it turns really dark quickly
2019-12-28 13:34
2019-12-28 13:37
+1 was pleasantly surprised tbh
2020-06-02 15:13
Same here 🙂
2020-06-02 16:07
+1 and its unexpected which is kinda unusual in movies. Often you know exactly what will happen
2020-06-02 16:07
pm | 
France ProfNori 
+1 I got brainfucked along with all my friends
2020-06-06 13:23
that's actually kinda normal in east Asian horror films.
2020-06-07 20:48
2020-06-07 20:49
Junior | 
United States FiNa 
It definitely worth a watch imo
2019-12-28 13:35
2019-12-28 13:37
is it too scary? i don't wanna poopy in my pants
2020-06-02 16:15
pm | 
France ProfNori 
I watched it and I was ok so definitly not scary
2020-06-06 13:24
fluke | 
France Urzqor 
Not too scary at all. But it was .. Disturbing ? I think that's the best word to describe it.
2020-06-08 08:23
its a very very very VERY fucking good movie. seriously after all that okja bullshit this was a very nice piece by bong joon hoo
2019-12-28 13:38
2019-12-28 13:38
Iran Shia 
It was great.
2019-12-28 13:47
2019-12-28 14:21
It was good but just a little bit too long for my taste
2019-12-28 13:48
2h is the average movie length.
2019-12-28 14:23
depends. a standard feature film length is 90 minutes, but up to 2 hours is also quite normal.
2020-06-07 20:49
Nothing special, but not bad either.
2019-12-28 13:51
2019-12-28 13:54
2019-12-28 14:21
Anyone from Canada find a place to watch/strm this?
2020-02-10 16:01
Serbia K4bby 
I think its on Hulu. It should also come on Prime Video in a couple of weeks.
2020-06-02 15:16
zorte | 
CIS ye6ok 
download stremio. add some addons there and you can watch any show/movie for free in 4k/fullhd
2020-06-02 15:27
Learn Russian.
2020-06-02 16:13
Romania brp 
Good or not?
2020-06-02 15:12
2020-06-02 16:02
Romania brp 
Ok, i trust your taste! I will watch now.
2020-06-02 17:37
good movie, but a bit overrated
2020-06-02 15:13
2020-06-02 16:03
2020-06-02 16:04
Portugal xxxruixxx 
+1. My opinion too.
2020-06-02 16:14
fluke | 
France Urzqor 
It depends on what you heard about it. If someone said it's the best movie of the century then I agree. But saying it's one of the best movie of 2019 and you think it wasn't then I don't agree
2020-06-08 08:25
Same with godfather 1,2 in top 2, 3 imdb. Retarded movies like interstellar, inception superoverrated
2020-06-08 08:36
Serbia K4bby 
I really liked it. Its good.
2020-06-02 15:13
Yeah, nice movie, won't be my fav but still good.
2020-06-02 15:19
CIS hornerbros 
surely. they called mr. 5 star on letterboxd
2020-06-02 15:20
I haven't watched it but most people will like it anyway, when a movie has very good reviews from the critics, 90% of the people will say it's good because they can't make their own opinions about movies, they just wanna go with the trend to feel like like they know anything about cinema, or they're just influenced and will force themselves to like it.
2020-06-02 15:21
Personally, it's the best movie I've watched in 2019 and it's probably in my top 10 fav movies. I recommend it to you
2020-06-02 16:05
I'll definitely watch it soon Just need to see 1917 before :D
2020-06-02 16:06
I like 1917, not the greatest story or best action but the athmosphere and style of it is something unique. Parasite is good too, although there are better korean movies
2020-06-02 16:13
Which korean movies are better ? I'm looking for some.
2020-06-02 17:04
Usually watch action Korean movies. The last was "Memories About Murder", "Cop, Gangster and Devil" and "I saw the Devil".
2020-06-02 17:32
I love "i saw the devil" its very different to hollywood movies (pretty dark) Memories of murder and oldboy are also great
2020-06-02 17:52
Oh, you're not like everyone, I see.
2020-06-02 16:14
What I'm saying is true, just send 100 people watch the same movie, tell 50 of them the critics praised it, and tell the 50 others that the critics said it was garbage, ask everyone's opinion at the end, and compare. The first 50 will almost all like the movie, the last 50 will almost all hate the movie.
2020-06-02 16:18
Yes, even if they told you that critics accepted it well, you won't follow the other sheeps because you're different.
2020-06-02 17:28
I have rated more than 900 movies on imdb and from my experience the imdb rating is pretty accurate except for horror (mostly underrated) comedy (many underrated) and disney movies (mostly overrated). But i can tell you every movie rated below 6.x (except comedy and horror) isnt worth to watch (unless you want to see a bad movie). And every movie with a 8.xx rating on imdb is worth to watch (except some movies before 1980 and some disney movies) But i agree, i dont care what critics say, i have the feeling most of them are beta males and tend to overrate musical and underrate alpha male brutal and masculine movies or comedies who make fun of minorities
2020-06-02 18:15
It was very good , interesting story and good mix of comedy , drama and some horror .
2020-06-02 15:27
2020-06-02 16:05
watch the handmaiden better than parasite and oldboy imo
2020-06-02 16:07
Boombl4 | 
Brazil ricca 
hellboy is the best korean movie
2020-06-02 16:06
instant in my personal top 3 after Oldboy and Drive saw it 3 times in cinema
2020-06-02 16:06
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
you have good taste in movies my friend
2020-06-02 17:38
cus of drive? cmon
2020-06-07 20:52
Don't ususally watch or like movies that aren't english, but Parasite was one which i acutally cared to watch and liked. Amazing. Definitely on my top-10 list
2020-06-02 16:07
+1 not a movie you want to rewatch like you can do with some top 10 movies but still one of the best I have seen
2020-06-02 16:09
fluke | 
France Urzqor 
2020-06-08 08:27
I haven`t seen it yet, but I heard that it is really good, so I want to check it out one day.
2020-06-02 16:10
2020-06-02 16:19
yes ?
2020-06-02 17:04
2020-06-03 11:02
roger that
2020-06-03 11:49
I did and i didnt like it. There are too many senseless scenes in the movie... ps rich people are not that dumb lol
2020-06-02 17:33
it's for comedic effect since the wife is shown to be very gullible and clueless and is probably on drugs, idk abt the dad tho, i think he's just ignorant to how poor people live and smell(when he said that the poor person's dad has a smell that crosses the line, like a subway radish or smth), he also doesnt really care about the storm that forces them home, he thinks it is just a minor setback while many in the poor community had to take refuge in a gym
2020-06-07 20:42
Asia LoveCakeRusk 
The stabbing franzy was out of nowhere
2020-06-02 17:36
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
Parasite is fantastic, and it really deserved all the awards it got.
2020-06-02 17:38
2020-06-02 18:18
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
It's a masterpiece. I personally didn't like it that much but that's cos I hate social dramas. Still would give it like 8/10 cos it's made insanely well and works on so many levels.
2020-06-02 17:38
India Smartest_mens 
nothing very special. good direction. slow start gets too dark in the end. still worth a watch. i personally wont give it an oscar. 8/10 overall. spoiler - that sex scene was just not needed.
2020-06-02 17:57
Nepal sasukeee 
If you wear that cheap panty, it will make me hard lol 😂
2020-06-02 18:03
"that sex scene was just not needed." +1 It's an asian movie, so it explains it.
2020-06-02 18:20
J1rah | 
Sweden txshirx 
Anime Parasyte > Movie Parasite
2020-06-02 18:00
Movies > Anime
2020-06-02 18:21
2020-06-07 20:54
id say the control over production, direction (literally everything) and duration you can have in anime means a good anime is probably better than a good movie. but since the majority of anime are trash and childish then id say in reality there are many more good films than there are anime. which is sad considering anime isn't much younger.
2020-06-07 20:57
China SwooksarV2 
Yes. I've watched it 3 times. It's a great movie. Really deserves the awards it won imo. The execution of a "common" theme was amazing.
2020-06-03 11:04
2020-06-03 11:50
Smix | 
Europe Lv1_Crook 
its very good movie actually 9/10
2020-06-06 13:13
2020-06-06 13:34
Europe Vallon3 
I keep postponing watching it...
2020-06-06 13:17
Go watch it now !
2020-06-06 13:34
Europe Vallon3 
Now I sleep, but I promise later.
2020-06-06 13:36
Ok sleep well :)
2020-06-06 13:36
Europe Vallon3 
I watched it, man. Loved it, actors were great, plot was great, really liked how they portrayed wealth and how lower classes just aren't meant for it. Ending was pretty depressing (assuming that was his imagination, not the future) and FeelsBadMan for the sister ;( 8.5-9/10
2020-06-07 06:45
big +1 :)
2020-06-07 09:47
fluke | 
France Urzqor 
Glad that you didn't postpone it again
2020-06-08 08:29
It is really entertaining, I recommend 10/10
2020-06-06 13:18
2020-06-06 13:34
Europe twitchy_ 
Best movie of the year by far. It's really hard to direct a movie with so many different characters and at same time make all them relatable. This is not what you would expect from a movie, since most of the ones that try this, fails miserably.
2020-06-06 13:23
2020-06-06 13:35
Really god movie
2020-06-06 13:37
2020-06-06 20:44
good movie, did not know it was a thriller when i was watching it, thought it was just comedy / you know i was shocked lmao
2020-06-06 20:50
I didn't know aswell, that's what makes this movies so good :)
2020-06-07 09:49
OK | 
South America TheJuan 
They never show the parasite
2020-06-06 20:51
bait ?
2020-06-07 09:50
OK | 
South America TheJuan 
+1 Movie tittle biggest bait of the 21st century
2020-06-07 15:08
I was asking if you were baiting.
2020-06-07 15:33
OK | 
South America TheJuan 
I NEVER bait
2020-06-07 15:34
Ok because maybe the parasites are the poor people who "take over" the house. Or maybe the rich people are the parasites of the society.
2020-06-07 15:37
OK | 
South America TheJuan 
2020-06-07 15:46
2020-06-07 16:00
Korea Abisusilojr 
It's really good m8, like the comedic and horror parts of the movie was just a bonus. The real banger about this movie is the storyline and how it reflects our real life society.
2020-06-07 06:49
yes I agree
2020-06-07 09:50
huyak | 
Ukraine 30m81e 
not yet but now I want it
2020-06-07 09:51
Go watch it dude, you won't be disappointed ;)
2020-06-07 10:23
huyak | 
Ukraine 30m81e 
maybe after watching I'll have another favorite South Korean director in addition to Park Chan-wook
2020-06-07 11:23
What are your favorite movies from Park Chan-Wook ?
2020-06-07 11:56
huyak | 
Ukraine 30m81e 
actually I'm just started his filmography with The Vengeance Trilogy but he's already one of my favorite
2020-06-07 15:53
2020-06-07 09:52
It's a masterpiece
2020-06-07 10:25
2020-06-07 10:29
Trash. All characters are disgusting.
2020-06-07 11:26
flair checks out
2020-06-07 11:54
What's with my flair? If you empathize with any characters in the movie then you're trash too.
2020-06-07 14:01
o k
2020-06-07 15:32
India samsnow 
Definitely one time watch, a solid 8/10, but thats about it. All the things that everyone claims that this movie conveys has been done several times and in much better ways before. Its good but it does not live up to the hype it has gathered.
2020-06-07 11:28
Italy AlCapone1925 
2020-06-07 14:03
Good movie, not your typical comedy at all. Most people are gonna like it
2020-06-07 14:05
2020-06-07 15:33
its very good
2020-06-07 14:06
I agree
2020-06-07 15:33
I saw it, its a great movie but the only reason why its the best movie of 2019 is because 2019 WAS FULL OF SHIT MOVIES
2020-06-07 15:34
like ?
2020-06-07 15:38
2020-06-07 15:43
"2019 WAS FULL OF SHIT MOVIES" give examples
2020-06-07 15:59
2020-06-07 20:37
So every movie besides Parasite I suppose. You have no tastes. Joker was really good imo, same for 1917 or even The Lighthouse who was really original. French Cinema also had a great year with Les Misérables, J'accuse and Le Chant du loup.
2020-06-07 20:46
How can you know if I have no taste ? im saying MY opinion, so if i dont follow yours, i have no taste ? how old are you ?
2020-06-07 20:48
I think I hit a sensitive point. Sorry.
2020-06-07 21:46
No, I'm just surprised that people still have that kind of thinking in 2020, you missed your target tbh
2020-06-08 07:43
I'm sure, either: you haven't seen many of the great movies that came out in 2019 or you're just a hater who some times, says things out of "anger". But flag checks out, that's why.
2020-06-07 21:50
Why are you talking about my nationality? It has nothing to do with the discussion. Also you're wrong on everything, i saw lot of movies in 2019 but this wasnt a great year for movies for me, if you cant accept other ppl opinions, dont make a thread
2020-06-08 07:40
You know, people from your country..😏 And you probably would have other opinions if you weren't angry or insecure idk. That's something you need to find out and accept it. But it's totally ok ;)
2020-06-08 08:11
Not angry or insecure either? I've seen many great movies and i have a big list of favorite movies. What is hard to understand with "its my opinion"?
2020-06-08 08:17
How can you hate so MANY movies that came out this year ? It's something people would say out of "anger and insecurity". That's why I don't understand your opinion. But I understand your feelings.
2020-06-08 08:24
Because the other years were better? You're trying to do some psychology on someone that is just saying his opinion "you didnt like omg i cant understand you" like i said above, dont make a thread, you're lacking maturity to discuss such topics. I've seen many great movies like those Mr. Wolff Upgrade The Last Samurai The Truman Show Heat Fracture Prisoners Zodiac Fight Club Mystic River A Most Violent Year Déjà-vu Mr.Nobody Green Mile Les évadés Slevin Usual Suspect Snatch 6th sens Devil's advocate Once upon a time in America A bronx tale Training Day American Gangster Bone Collector The Revenant Welcome in Gatacca Whiplash Downfall Gone Girl Gone Baby Gone Shutter Island The Prestige Silence of the lambs The Hunt Lost in Translation Memento Forrest Gump Boy in the striped pajamas Dogpound Unbreakable Split Jacob's Ladder Drive Baby Driver Edge of Tomorrow 21 grams And way way more movies, this year was trash because i couldnt find a great movie that could leave me like "duh" in front of it, sitting and thinking about how deep it was, or how great the scenario is etc. For me a great movie is not only one of these criteria but a mix of them. For exemple I saw Upgrade a few weeks ago, it is the most underrated movie of 2018 for me, the acting is great, the ambiance is great, but there's "that thing that i cannot spoil" that make this movie excellent, you should check it out. So if someone doesn't agree with you, why are you trying so hard and talking about my french nationality which has nothing to do in the discussion, then talking about my taste while you know nothing about me, and then trying to do some low tier psychology? Question yourself,im repeating myself over and over again about : this. Is. My. Opinion. Cant accept it, then get off forums, don't make thread and keep being angry in your corner ;p
2020-06-08 08:38
I heard about the movie Upgrade. I think I will watch it. Btw nice list.
2020-06-08 08:44
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
all trash films, 2019 was a terrible year (except parasite) best film was once upon a time in hollywood, after that i literally can't remember any good films, marriage story overrated af
2020-06-07 20:57
I forgot Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I loved it. And for marriage story, it's the same, I really enjoyed it. Adam Driver was excellent in this film and if Joker wasn't there, he would have won the Oscar imo.
2020-06-07 21:48
say whaaa. started slow sure, but LOTS of great movies
2020-06-07 16:05
2020-06-07 17:41
Not my opinion, this year was full of trash for me. Except Joker that was alright, Parasite was "okay", i was waiting for Ad ASTRA but this movie is a complete mess, and so on. Lighthouse is kinda great tho, amazing acting. But Parasite is way too overrated for me.
2020-06-07 20:40
parasite jojo rabbit joker uncut gems once upon a time in hollywood crawl midsommar the art of self defense john wick 3 dark waters the lighthouse Us peanut butter falcon honey boy marriage story the irishman (a bit long tho) knives out dolemite is my name doctor sleep I agree ad astra was slow and boring, but for me, 2019 has been the best year for movies in a while
2020-06-07 22:51
Quantity =/ quality, this year was trash for me.
2020-06-08 07:41
H4RR3 | 
Norway NoeNOR 
Yep Ive seen it. It def one of the most interesting movies i have seen
2020-06-07 20:47
for me too
2020-06-08 08:12
arT | 
Brazil logzera 
Very good movie.
2020-06-07 22:55
2020-06-08 08:12
nice movie
2020-06-07 23:16
2020-06-08 08:12
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
Holy shit that movie turned dark real quick. Such a sad ending too.
2020-06-08 01:44
Yes It was unexpected.
2020-06-08 08:12
The movie plot was amazing, actors played a good part. Had a lot of different emotions when watching the movie (shocked, laughing, etc). I really recommend it, and I usually only don't watch movies if it doesn't contain English.
2020-06-08 08:21
+1 Honestly there are a lot of great non english movies.
2020-06-08 08:29
Yeah, seen couple, I don't know why in the past I didn't like them, always went for the Hollywood stuff, now I have expanded more :)
2020-06-08 08:49
I'm interested to know what your favorites are.
2020-06-08 08:54
friend said it was good
2020-06-08 08:22
He is right. You should watch it. :)
2020-06-08 08:30
China FazeIsNoob 
overrated----the script is naive I will recommend this one, Burning, also a Korean movie.
2020-06-08 08:44
Seems interesting, thanks.
2020-06-08 09:10
God director what did you expect. Ye its amazing.
2020-06-08 09:22
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