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You know God exists
Brazil You_Knows_That_God_Exist 
2019-12-30 06:32
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I don't know and no one does but everyone is free to believe
2019-12-30 06:33
I know you know God exists
2019-12-30 06:33
I know you know that I know that you know that I don’t know that god exists.
2019-12-30 06:46
The bible states that you know that God exists
2019-12-30 07:26
How do you know?
2019-12-30 07:53
The Bible also states that God sucks dick, cuz he made us to His image and is all knowing and all powerfull That means he knows all dicksucking techniques, and probably can do it better than anyone else
2019-12-30 07:59
Hmm so he only needs to remove the beard and we can go
2019-12-30 08:16
Senegal Rinko 
i'm surprised you didn't post some shitty video this time
2019-12-30 06:33
are yo u my fan? You know exactly all my threads
2019-12-30 06:34
Senegal Rinko 
because you spam the forums everyday
2019-12-30 06:35
Senegal Rinko 
this is what i'm talking about
2019-12-30 06:37
Just a no.
2019-12-30 06:36
Mongolia bozgor 
do you think mother nature exists?
2019-12-30 06:37
2019-12-30 06:39
Mongolia bozgor 
then how do you call everything which surronds you and not built by humans?
2019-12-30 06:47
Serbia KaLuOP 
Papa nature
2019-12-30 06:53
damn, I dont know why but I laughed so hard on this XD
2019-12-30 09:40
Nature, why mother nature. Why should Nature be a person?
2019-12-30 07:11
Mongolia bozgor 
calling something mother or father doesnt make it a person, it means you simbolically acknowledge an attribute which can be related to the word you use, like nature giving birth to you and every other living being, hence she is a mother
2019-12-30 07:17
It's Just Nature.
2019-12-30 07:18
Mongolia bozgor 
are you autistic by any change men(((
2019-12-30 07:24
Are you?
2019-12-30 07:54
Mongolia bozgor 
next time just time "no u" 👌😎
2019-12-30 07:59
Wtf is this 2018?
2019-12-30 08:16
Read #3
2019-12-30 06:37
No scientific Proof --> god doesnt exist
2019-12-30 06:40
United States vip3r_k1ng 
Watch "I'll Mind Of Hopsin 7" (I believe in God, I'm Catholic)
2019-12-30 06:40
Georgia cleve 
nt bishop barron
2019-12-30 06:47
I know god doesn't exist because the ghost that never lies told me so
2019-12-30 06:42
Belgium Miiyata 
I believe in Odin
2019-12-30 07:19
North America TL0 
actually I know he most likely doesn't exist
2019-12-30 06:45
Burden of proof is on the person trying to prove god exists and so far none of you morons have done even close to a good job especially when so much evidence goes against the idea of there being a god.
2019-12-30 06:45
Canada ProvexPyker 
What evidence that goes against the idea of a god?
2019-12-30 06:58
Depends on what you call a god. No gods exist that fit known religions. If im a god, then gods exist.
2019-12-30 07:38
the universe being billions of years old and not 5,000, the fact that everything has a rational explanation we know animals weren't just placed on earth and that they evolved from single cell organisms, the fact that there has been no evidence provided that a god exists. Especially when you talk about the god of the abrahamic religions of the hindu gods or the greek gods or the Pagan gods these gods do not exist as the people that made them up said they did things that we know they didn't do, We know the sun isn't pulled by a chariot across the sky, we know the earth rotates and also rotates around the sun. we know the rain god doesn't make it rain and that rain is evaporated water from oceans, land and rivers that condenses as it gets higher turning back into water. we know the earth isn't 5,000 years old as we have carbon dating and radiation dating that can accurately measure the age of carbon and so on.
2019-12-30 08:17
again the burden of proof is on the one making the claim that there is a god
2019-12-30 08:11
Georgia cleve 
I don't know actually
2019-12-30 06:47
Georgia Broozman 
It's false
2019-12-30 06:48
Vietnam tat96 
who ?
2019-12-30 06:53
AmaNEk | 
Taiwan FH| 
Just invent your own god and religion
2019-12-30 06:54
You know God exists Brazil You_Knows_That_God_Exist title
2019-12-30 07:10
Fan of ZywOo CIS Cum2k
2019-12-30 07:13
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
2019-12-30 07:51
Sweden Mohammedsson 
Ofc he exists
2019-12-30 08:11
God does not exist but Satan does.
2019-12-30 09:42
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