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Device top 1 confirmed
coldzera | 
We all saw HLTV top 10 frag highlights. I'm sure many of us will agree that the device's AWP play on inferno wasn't that great to be in top 10. It was good, no doubt, but not really a TOP 10 play of the year. The only reason I can think of is that HLTV doesn't want their no.1 player of the year not have a top 10 highlight.
2019-12-31 23:49
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Could you speculate a little harder?
2019-12-31 23:52
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It doesn't make any sense otherwise to have devzera's highlight
2019-12-31 23:56
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Yeah... it was a great play in a big moment.
2020-01-01 00:13
problems in your logic: 1) Device had more than 1 highlight in the video 2) S1mple and ZywOo also had highlights in the video
2020-01-01 15:54
God | 
Poland henlo
forsaken ez
2019-12-31 23:52
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He's G0D. He doesn't need ranking
2019-12-31 23:57
2019-12-31 23:59
yuurih | 
Brazil tavin
But he had the pistol ace on train already wtf
2019-12-31 23:59
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yuurih | 
Brazil tavin
4k actually
2020-01-01 00:01
Oh yes, I missed it somehow xD. Still, the inferno clip doesn't deserve top 10 imo.
2020-01-01 00:25
8 replies
Ehh thats not really the worst clip in that video lol like nafs pistol round there been lots of great moments there as well
2020-01-01 00:44
5 replies
NAF round >>>>>> Dev1ce round
2020-01-01 15:41
4 replies
2020-01-01 15:55
3 replies
Nt zonic
2020-01-01 16:31
2 replies
ty Alejandro Valverde
2020-01-01 16:38
Nt mixwell
2020-01-01 16:41
Yeah it wasn't that insane
2020-01-01 02:55
Denmark RednaxZeto
It was top 1 btw. Says in left corner of video
2020-01-01 16:47
sheeple will believe device is top1 just because hltv cucktards said so ppl that cant think for themselves s1mple was clearly the best by a LOOOONG shot
2020-01-01 00:27
8 replies
I don't want device to be #1 either. s1mple was indeed better and I hope he retains his rank.
2020-01-01 00:31
4 replies
Neither s1mple nor device
2020-01-01 00:34
2 replies
delusional flair checks out
2020-01-01 00:39
1 reply
zywoo top 1 elige top 2 device top 3 s1mple top 4 mens im nostradamus
2020-01-01 02:21
Omegalul simple over zywoo? Delusional
2020-01-01 02:14
there is 0 chance s1mple get rank 1 its either zywoo or device , s1mple has 25x odds to get rank 1 not even a option
2020-01-01 00:59
Nope ,simple is not top1
2020-01-01 16:41
lmfao. U better go and check stats. Zywoo has more maps against top opposition, zywoo has the best stats in the world. Zywoo is the best opening fragger in the world. Zywoo is the best support player amongst star players. Zywoo outclasses simple in every stat category. Zywoo has 3 trophies this year and 5 mvps with evps as well. He will get top1 for sure. There is no way simple will be higher than top2.
2020-01-02 00:13
United States IdolaMochi
stop with this already device wont get the #1, its impossible, i will suck my own dick if it happens
2020-01-01 00:27
14 replies
Noted. Cya on 20th Jan xD
2020-01-01 00:30
Does anyone actually think device will be 1st? Delusional people
2020-01-01 00:34
12 replies
I hope he isn't. But just incase xD
2020-01-01 00:31
3 replies
There is literally no fucking way he gets 1st
2020-01-01 00:33
2 replies
He is 1 for sure, 2 Zyw0o 3 Elige 4 S1mple
2020-01-01 15:43
1 reply
You crazy
2020-01-01 17:53
As much as it sucks, he will be. S1mple dropped of a bit this year and vitality always sucked in big events. Hltv would give the #1 to device last year but s1mple was on god level so they couldn't justify, this year they will give it to him.
2020-01-01 00:38
7 replies
Thanks mens. Atleast someone understands that HLTV is a Denish website xD
2020-01-01 00:42
1 reply
wasnt the case in 2018 year. Will not be the case in 2019.
2020-01-02 00:14
I dont care if hltv is a danish website or not. This award is for the best player in the year. I would say device wasnt even the 2nd best, let along the best. Zywoo was by far the best all year, he is untouchable
2020-01-01 00:46
4 replies
yes and afaik the top is made taking into consideration stats, evps and mpvs so it can be as "objective" as possible so imo the top 4 will be zywoo, elige, device and s1mple
2020-01-01 02:23
The only thing I don’t understand is that in 2018 S1mple was clearly the best and was far away from other on the next level. He was 1st in almost every important category but there were people who thought that device will be top 1. And now people think that device won’t be top 1 although zywoo wasn’t so insane like S1mple 2018. ( Pls note that I didn’t say that zywoo was and this year).
2020-01-01 02:23
2 replies
because top1 players were picked only from the top1 teams at that time. Team achievements were counted before 2018. And now achievements are not that impactful at all.
2020-01-02 00:17
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2020-01-02 13:27
As much as i think that device does not deserve to be top 1, that play on inferno deserves to be top 10 bro cmon.
2020-01-01 00:36
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Netherlands NahT_
top10 yes but 1 ewww idk
2020-01-01 00:45
Brazil hugoooo
ZywOo has it locked. By far the best player of the year. In fact, we always had a clear 'best player' in every year of CSGO so far.
2020-01-01 00:36
In that case, Pashabiceps will be player of the year because he had no highlight clip in any 2019 compilation.
2020-01-01 00:38
7 replies
Explain "In that case"
2020-01-01 00:41
6 replies
In the case of applying your logic all the way
2020-01-01 00:42
5 replies
2020-01-01 00:49
4 replies
that players with less highlight videos get the no.1 spot
2020-01-01 00:51
3 replies
Read my post once again please?
2020-01-01 00:57
What I meant is the opposite. It won't look good to have a player ranked 1 but not having a top 10 highlight. Which is why device's not so impressive highlight is included in the top 10.
2020-01-01 00:58
1 reply
your argument makes no sense since Device has both his usp clip and his awp clip
2020-01-01 02:06
Yes it is
2020-01-01 00:40
Netherlands NahT_
unfortunately it is a danish website but i hope they don't rob zywoo
2020-01-01 00:46
1 reply
Ikr mens. Last year they couldn't do it because s1mple was clearly the best. But this year, they can justify if they want to.
2020-01-01 00:50
Monkey | 
Poland $o$
Sorry but im drunk
2020-01-01 01:03
Has to be ZywOo, he has a much higher rating in the Player Stats.
2020-01-01 01:03
5 replies
S1mple has best rating against top 20 teams
2020-01-01 15:44
4 replies
Oh ok. When i looked at Lans & Big Events ZywOo was top :/
2020-01-01 18:00
Ahh but if you go to Top 10, Top 30 or Top 50 it's ZywOo. If you go vs Top 5 Teams its Dev1ce... So do you rank it by Top 20 only or by Top 50?
2020-01-01 18:05
2 replies
Well HLTV usually use top 20 so It seems good for me, i thing top 1 should be device btw
2020-01-01 20:12
1 reply
Fair enough, if it's Top 20 then yeah it's S1mple, again ! I guess a lot of people will now scream blue murder over it :D
2020-01-01 23:59
>"It was good, no doubt, but not really a TOP 10 play of the year. The only reason I can think of is that HLTV doesn't want their no.1 player of the year not have a top 10 highlight." >Device 2 top 10 highlights in that video (inferno awp + train usp) -IQ lmao
2020-01-01 02:05
tHm | 
Denmark tHm
dev1ce has a better rating, has more MVPs and has won more tournaments. How are people arguing that zywoo is winning this?
2020-01-01 02:08
2 replies
Stopped reading at better rating lmao. 👌
2020-01-01 02:17
1 reply
Brazil bandicoot
top1 just tells you which good/great player got setup to produce the best stats. Doesn't necessarily mean its actually the best player of that year judged by those who looked at the games and not only stats.
2020-01-01 02:13
"I'm sure many of us will agree that the device's AWP play on inferno wasn't that great to be in top 10." I'm sure many of don't. "The only reason I can think of is that HLTV doesn't want their no.1 player of the year not have a top 10 highlight."" S1mple in 2018 didn't have any highlight in the top10. why do you kids have to make up shit all the time just to support your fantasy theories? S1mple had no clips in the top10 last year, flusha and niko both had 2, chrisj had the clip of year, was chrisj ranked above simple? Was Flusha?
2020-01-01 02:39
1 reply
But but you don't understand hltv is danish so biased bla bla big conspiracy bla bla, I've also heard rumors that hltv pays Astralis opponents to throw that's why they stay ranked 1. Somehow they have never made a danish player ranked 1 dunno why, my tiny brain is very confused.
2020-01-01 16:13
Portugal joaosenra
everyone know that ZywOo will win its done just need confirmation ... why talk about device? yes great year but everyone knows who is gonna win
2020-01-01 03:08
Lmao no everyone knows top 1 is GOD HUNDEN
2020-01-01 03:24
No only brainwashed people believe that. ShoxieJESUS is the clear number 1 of 2019
2020-01-01 15:46
his 3 hp 3 bullet 3 kills highlight was on there aswell
2020-01-01 20:14
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